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  1. NiceGuy

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    I haven't been to any of the shows in about 4 years now, pretty much for the reasons stated above. I actually think ED38 have lost control of it completely.
  2. NiceGuy

    Nobuig's 04 R32

    Lovely! I personally wouldn't do a single thing to it, they look fantastic stock.
  3. NiceGuy

    Diesel Audi A1

    Lights cleaned and taped up I then placed the un-cut tinting film over the masking tape and drew around it cut it out (you can still see the marker pen marks, later removed with a little cleaner) aaand done. You'll also notice I've de-wipered the rear window, looks much better just not happy with the rubber bung, wanting to get a glass one which I'll order soon Car is being dropped Thursday and I need to get some spacers on order. Not 100% sure what I want yet but looking to get some new wheels. Definitely 18" and fairly wide. watch this space..
  4. NiceGuy

    Diesel Audi A1

    These arrived today... going to fit them and see what spacing I need, will be around 15/20mm rear and 10mm up front. Anyone got any 5x100 hubcentric spacers for sale before I splash out on some new ones? Also wiper bung arrived today, going to be fitting it in the next few days Wanting to tint the clear and orange part of my rear lights red, what's the best way to do this? Not really wanting to do anything that isn't reversible. Was thinking of just cutting a piece of red tinting wrap but just feel it's a bit of a bodge..
  5. NiceGuy

    Diesel Audi A1

    Hi everyone, recently purchased a Audi A1 S-line. I previously had a mk5 golf FSI which was fairly poo + unreliable. Gearbox went bang and I'd had enough of it. Family member works for Audi so I got sorted out nicely Picked the car up 9am March 1st. I do mega miles so something reliable and good on fuel plus I liked the A1, all made sense. Car is currently stock (well, debadged) but I've ordered some 35mm K&W springs which are going on may 1st then I'll see what spacing the wheels need. I know it won't be 'slammed' but it will look OEM low, which is cool. Future plans are to de-wiper the rear and possibly some new wheels but I want it to be subtle. No sumps, arches or subframes will be killed during the process! Here she is at the moment..
  6. NiceGuy

    Small resto on my mk2

    I would just like to take the time to write a short poem about this car. What smoke, that is choking us The people ask, nobody knows what it is An old car that is honking With tricycle tires and a motor that is backwards I wait in the corner Like always his faithful girlfriend My friends are laughing Whispering things about him Old car, step by step Don't stop coming Old car, little by little Don't you leave us Old car, step by step Don't stop coming Old car, little by little Don't you leave us Look girls, I'm not sorry And I'm not ashamed of my man Even though he is poor and has an old car He treats me like a queen, a man of truth And even though he has an old car What's important is that I'm going with him He isn't the most handsome But he's my faithful boyfriend Old car, step by step Don't stop coming Old car, little by little Don't you leave us Old car, step by step Don't stop coming Old car, little by little Don't you leave us