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  1. Here’s video sharing my tips and tricks I use when washing my car and van during the winter months! Be sure to share yours below. Joe
  2. Joe Huntley

    VW Golf GT Pre-Sale Deep Clean

    Great work! I like this post Richard as it shows that detailing isn’t just about 99.9% defect removal in show car paint. It’s about the restoration on any car. Clearly this one was neglected. Great detailing dude, keep it up as it’s these posts that inspire others. Happy new year to you and your company, all the best for the forth coming year. Joe
  3. Here's a video not from me but by the guys at AM Details that I subscribe to. A useful watch, and I'm sure you'll pick up a tips or trick somewhere https://youtu.be/wGuiIkyChOo Joe
  4. Joe Huntley

    Audi TT Ultra Detail

    Real nice motor that. Also a little thing but I like your number plates. Most just go for the standard plates but I like how you've done yours Keep it up and keep developing. Joe
  5. Cheers dude! I just use iMovie. It's just a free software.
  6. Thanks. Means a lot
  7. Joe Huntley

    EVO X FQ360

    Nice work dude. I only come on this forum every now again but always check out what your up to. You seem to be doing well for yourself and got a nice little unit! Keep it up pal. Joe
  8. Joe Huntley

    Polo 6R lowering issue.

    Thanks, I had a look around and awesome GTi did some shortened drop links, so I brought some. The drop links they send are from a form a ford Mondeo III. I'm not sure what price you'd be able to buy these for else where but ther where about £35 from awesomeGTi. Joe
  9. Joe Huntley

    Polo 6R lowering issue.

    Evening guys and girls. I've recently purchased a 6r and lowered it. By no means is it silly low. The backs still has the adjuster cups in and the fronts still could be wound down another 30mm of thread. However... The anti roll bar rubs really quite bad on the driveshaft which is causing issues. I'm guessing the standard drop links are too long? Any help would be awesome. Joe
  10. Joe Huntley

    Sam's Lupo SE (Cambridge) CLEAN OEM GOODNESS..

    Great work dude! Keep it up
  11. Great question, and as above loads and loads of people have matte paint on the vehicles now days. Personally I would use a mixture of products to get the right result for me. For example Auto Finesse Citrus Power and Lather work perfectly on matte and gloss finishes. In addition you could pick up a small bottle of Tough Coat by Auto Finesse. This would be perfect for a motor bike as its spray-able! As for protecting the matte areas as Ashley said about Chemical Guys do a JetSeal for matte finishes, and again I believe you can buy a small bottle to save on the cost! In the past these products have worked wonders for me on a number of motorbikes. Here's one I did with the AutoFinesse products I mentioned. Joe