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  1. Paul thornton

    Car Covers

    Scott doesn't even own that car anymore!
  2. Paul thornton

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Awesome work mate. Well done!
  3. Paul thornton

    Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    How come it got an advisory for engine covers and undertrays being fitted? Is it because they are not allowed to remove them to check for oil leaks / egr valves etc?
  4. Typical mugly car - looks like it's on air when it's not! Don't know what it was with those 90's alpine units. They always sounded miles better than any other brand.
  5. Paul thornton

    Danz - Black mk4 GT TDi

    Where's Shammy's car these days?
  6. Looks incredible. So different to most corrados but different in a good way!
  7. They look more like 20's for some reason! Awesome!
  8. Paul thornton

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    That's one cool daily
  9. Paul thornton

    Audi A1 by mgpdoc ••

    Brilliant mod on the headlights / bumper. Looks really good.
  10. Funnily enough I was thinking earlier on what happened to your Jetta. Look forward to the updates.
  11. Paul thornton

    N3 DUB - Silverstone blue 1.4 - VR6 PVW Cover car

    Still the best mk3 around. Glad its still alive!
  12. Paul thornton

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Awesome! They almost look too good for winter. Quick question, what did you use to remove the laquer from the wheels?
  13. Paul thornton

    Airlift issue

    My old Skoda used to do the same thing. If I left it aired out for a few days then both front tyres would go flat. They were 215 40 18 on a 7.5inch wheel so no stretch really. I resolved the issue by removing the air and going back to coils but as Matty said, the bead will be breaking on the tyre ever so slightly .
  14. Paul thornton

    1992 corrado G60

    You feeling ok? Lol