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  1. Hahaha that letter is incredible. Looking fresh. Couple of bits, the oil filter housing - mk4 only uses one oil sensor mk3 has 3. Low, high and temp. Take the sensor out and the blanking plug next to it and run a T piece in to one of them. It's going to ruin your fresh paint Also - the middle cambelt cover, get one from a car with a longitudinal 1.8T and it will get rid of the big hole in the cover for the normal mk4 based engine mounts. Throttle body can remove that breather nipple with a TB from a 2.7T. MK3 loom from any manual mk3, don't necessarily need a 16v. Get it running prompto
  2. I'm in Surrey man, Reigate way.
  3. Thanks mate! appreciate it. When you get the old girl out in better weather we should do a pub run to some where with a few of us
  4. Are you from Surrey way, Mark? Once the roads have cleared be great to see this. Still looks solid after all the years, real testament to the hours and effort put in. Good work. And yeah, curse at polishing mine. Done one over Christmas and stared at the other 3 before knocking it on the head.
  5. Luke mk3

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Thanks chaps. For the front engine mount i used the larger MK4 starter bolts, but cut the threaded nut off the ABF bracket and stepped the hole up. Then just a large nut instead. Pretty sure that's what i done. MK3 starter bolts are skinnier... I bought a spare mk3 loom, as well as the original, and then at least one spare engine side and one spare dash side MK4 loom. Only one join in the loom, no mismatched colours etc. I got a lot spare but most of it has been de pinned and bits and pieces taken out etc. You can pick up the MK4 loom pretty cheap. Thanks for the compliments, the key thing for a proper finish is details. The more you take away from an engine and its surroundings the more crap you uncover that needs to then look pretty. You skip the details, and it just doesn't look good. Unfortunately there are a handful of proper good bays, the rest are meh in my opinion and most of them don't work consistently like a car should.
  6. Thought you'd have done this by now. Can't adjust castor unless you got adjustable top mounts. If the camber was in tolerance or if he was unhelpful, at least even side to side he'd have just done the toe. Just raise it up a bit with larger wheels once the engine is in. Racey.
  7. Luke mk3

    Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    This is more like it. Echo Marks words above, i'd actually attend more shows and stay longer if cars like this were there. Unreal mate, love it.
  8. Luke mk3

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Thanks chaps! Appreciate it. Adam, Thanks man. Joe @ Trim deluxe done a great job on the interior in general. Minimal looking but a real nice place to be, and comfortable!
  9. Luke mk3

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Forgot again, no ones reads this stuff these days but it's nice to have a log that isn't just pictures on a phone. Car has covered about 1500 miles, trouble free motoring. VW days, Players Classic, Fitted UK, London Cartel, Westside shows done. Next year we are doing Worthersee, Players Classic, Fitted and Westside. That will probably be all, UK shows if i'm honest is the same stuff, full of divs in hats. Fitted was probably the best show for me, i went the first year and loved it but never returned until now. Great time in Manchested lucky enough to get an inside spot so we could park up, clean and not return until 3pm on the Sunday Couldn't believe i won a top 30 here too! London Cartel i got best engine bay, and Westside got runner up. I don't care much about trophies and it's certainly not why i built the car, but it's nice to know people appreciate your work to that extent. On progress side, just been using it and enjoying it. It needs to be mapped properly, probably head to Storm for this as no one seems interested in doing it or they just don't want to. Installed Elevel, best thing i've done even if it took a while fitting correctly. Need to tidy up a few things, a couple bits need painting but other than that just prep for the long drive to Austria. Few pictures below after my mate had spent 12 hours polishing the crap out of it and from various shows.
  10. Luke mk3

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    Put bluntly, other like minded fliping morons thinking its cool to be an inconsiderate cockeral womble. That's all it boils down to. The same bunch of bell ends that use words like "lit" "doing bits" and "killing it" with their dog poo Polo's, roller paint and sick styling. They're so famous they have to have a personal and car account with the bio header "Public figure." Public bell end. I'd love to see how these clowns act in front of their mum. It seems the UK car kids are spreading like the plague, it won't be long before they ruin European shows also. Frankly, they can all go and die in a ball of a fire caused by their own stupidity and followers.
  11. Luke mk3

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Rubbish at this. Car is together and done about 6-700 miles trouble free so far. Small pin hole in the weld, purely down to crappy cast ali coolant pipes. Easy fix though. Pictures from VW days and Players
  12. Luke mk3

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Car was almost done, then the brake servo turned out to be knackered. Simon @ wheelworks sorted out paint on my spare quick time, then it's a rush to put everything back together and make sure the brakes work to hopefully get an MOT. In the mean time the interior went back together and audio all wired up and working. Few pictures from The Wheel Specialist Spring show; VW days next week...
  13. See last page on my build thread, not sure how much is on there though, and my insta luke_mk3 Forge cooler and Direnza VR rad. Plastic rad panel always has the rad sitting at an angle (on the gti anyway), we cut the plastic out to pretty much the whole recessed bit where the rad sits, bar the mounting holes on the deeper side. Then you can use the original deeper mounting holes as normal, and make a simple 90* bracket for the other side and bolt into the plastic. Pretty sure that's what was done. Minimal cutting on the slam panel to fit the IC, and its not small either, again small tabs welded to slam to bolt that up. Zero cutting to the bumper. Drop me a PM can get you plenty of pics man