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  1. ginge08

    Mk5 gti dump valve?

    Forge do one. But it isnt cheap think they are around 200 pound. I just replaced mine with the revised oem part and couldnt believe the difference, at a fraction of the price.
  2. Hi Guys, Just wondered if any of you have had the same issue im having. I know there is a few posts on the internet regarding this one but was looking to see if any one has had the issue and got it repaired and if so what was the fault. Car 2005 GTI When i first start the car from cold it sounds perfect as soon as the temps get up then it sounds like its taping from the right hand side of the engine bay. Some posts about this problem on the internet and forums say that it may be the cam follower behind the fuel pump and others say the cam chain and tensioner. It is due a service and is booked in for this coming Tuesday so gonna get them to have a look at it while its in there, but would love to know if some one on here has had the issue resolved and what it was. Thanks Sam
  3. ginge08

    Static Mk5 Golf - Now Bagged on RF's

    Looking good mate, will be nice to see it when finished.