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  1. Cherry_Bomber


    Haha awesome!!, well that spiraled out of control quite quickly for a daily you could ''simply drive and not care about''. Dont worry I too suffer from the same condition..can't leave anything alone..
  2. Cherry_Bomber

    My 85' Mk2 Gti aka The DUB

    Thanks for all the kind words!! Well wanted to take the car out to an event a week ago and as you will have it the starter decided to die so ended up reconditioning it and now all is well, have also tracked down the cause of my cold start nightmares with the kjet down to a faulty plug on the cold start injector so will be sorting that out soon. I am also currently waiting for a spot to open up so that I can fit my 4branch and exhaust at topgear, going for a turn up single exit as I have always loved them. Also still on the look out for a decent early oem Gti interior but no luck as of yet (if anyone knows of one please PM me). Also got given a hood bra as a gift so will be trying that on to see if I like the contrast. Hoping to start saving up some money so that I can take her apart this winter and do a full respray again due to careless people opening their doors and stuff falling on my car, so I really would like to get her looking tip top again although my friends all tell me I'm just over the top when it comes to this stuff. And ofcourse no update is complete without a pic.. DSC_8817 by Nico Di Folco, on Flickr Cheers for looking!
  3. Cherry_Bomber

    Passat 35i vr6 US

    Speechless.. everything is just spot on!!
  4. Cherry_Bomber

    1984 PD130

    Love this..
  5. Cherry_Bomber

    Passat 35i vr6 US

    Wow those bugatti's are stunning!!
  6. Cherry_Bomber

    1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Beautiful..that is all!!
  7. Cherry_Bomber

    My first Golf. My 2nd VW. Mk2 Content

    Lovely!! Nice turnaround and really loving the bay as well as how the RM's look with the radinox dishes.
  8. Cherry_Bomber

    ....ClownCustom`z....Audi A4 B8 Airlift/Bentley`z

    Saw your car live at Worthersee this year.. super clean.. here is a photo I got of it. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=253634048110388&set=a.253630951444031.1073741827.120857041388090&type=3&theater
  9. Cherry_Bomber


    Sick polo!! Loving the TH lines!
  10. Cherry_Bomber

    The Bluesmobile! Illinois Edition mk1

    Left me speechless.. started the thread like oh no... and now I'm like oh my god... hat off to your fabricating skills!! Will def be checking up on this!
  11. Cherry_Bomber

    MK2 GTI Edition One LHD Digi Dash

    Lovely!!! Seeing all these edition one's makes me miss mine. You should try pouring some dry rice into your inner lights, gets them looking nice and clean again.
  12. Cherry_Bomber


    Lovely example!! Our interior's looks surprisingly the same Love that steering wheel!!
  13. Cherry_Bomber

    Fourseasons's '94 vr6 corrado (pic heavy)

    Stunner.. seen pics of your car on instagram. Just a quick question about the r32 oil pickup.. is it a straight swap or any modifications needed? I need to do this mod on my vr6..
  14. Cherry_Bomber

    Mk 2 Gti

    This is stunning!! Nothing but respect for keeping it clean and original!!
  15. Cherry_Bomber

    Corrado VRT

    What a stunner!! So I take it your going back to the 12v and going turbo? Would love a 24v for my mk3