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  1. Eric

    Ericccccc's Oak Green

    Its been a while. Small update on engine and bay. Had to take a breather due to money and new job Pretty much everything is brand new. Had the webers completely stripped, ultrasonic cleaned, bead blasted and had most of the internals replaced edit: images won't upload. Never mind
  2. Eric

    Top fill rads

    The main issue is mounting and plumbing. The E36 radiator has 3 ports. Top Left = Outlet Bottom |Right = Inlet Bottom left (bottom of expansion tank) will need to be T'd into the Outlet pipe
  3. Eric

    Top fill rads

    You can use an E36 radiator.
  4. Eric

    Golf mk2 R36

    There has been some really special builds on here over the years and this is definitely one of them. Makes me a little jealous I don't have access to the room and tools you have in order to build this
  5. Eric

    BBS RA Centre caps

    No, 56mm https://pwmotorsport.com/pr,108,4x-bbs-centre-caps-carbon-with-silver-logo-bbs-56mm,shop,bbs-products,bbs-centre-caps.html Application: BBS CH(PCD 5x100), RX(4x100, 5x100), RA, RK(4x100), BBS Montreal (Golf Mk4), BBS RW(5x100) also BBS SR Part number 09.24.281
  6. Eric

    BBS RA Centre caps

    You just need 56mm centre caps. Centre caps are size specific rather than wheel specific
  7. Eric

    Audi A6 Build

    Still looking awesome James. Glad you got it back?
  8. Eric

    Ericccccc's Oak Green

    Cheers D. Like-wise also mate. Glad to see yours getting some Sun also.
  9. Eric

    Ericccccc's Oak Green

    I realised the before picture of the above was half way through prep and didn't show the true state of the engine bay. So below is an example side-by-side I tackled the gear box. Originally I wanted to keep the 020 box from the mk2 but I found a huge leak in the main GB seal between the bell housing and gear housing. I wanted to replace the seal as I was adamant on keeping rod-change. But the seal replacement was a bigger job than I expect after doing some research. I had a spare 02a box from breaking the MK3 (thank god I didn't sell it) so I decided it would be best to use that. The only thing is not running a hydro set-up, you need to use a SEAT Actuator with clutch cable bracket. Years ago these were readily available from SEAT for pennies. But as these are obsolete from Seat and after much failed ebay attempts on getting a used one, I had to pay way too much for a Brand-new actuator and cable/bracket kit. It nearly made me cry hitting the pay and confirm button. But hey! at least its new I suppose. All new components for the subframe and suspension. The Subframe is the original mk2 that I cleaned and painted. It was in really good condition, so there was no need for a new one. The spots are actually water after I washed it down after I waxed it, just a little beading I promise . I decided on new wish bones as the originals weren't great. Whilst I was there i thought it was time for new Balljoints, ARB, engine mounts, drop links and a few other bits like all new bolts that aren't not pictured. I also tackled the Brake Servo as the surface rust was quiet bad. I Put 80grit down on my sander and began on the rust, so I could have it primed and painted. Then I decided to remove my plastics and I found this nightmare hiding away. Its amazing the amount crap the GTI trims hide. I've been under the car a hundred times and never spotted the sill being this bad. Unless it just rapidly deteriorated in the last 6 months. However, its quite possible it was damaged from it being jacket up on the sill, as you might noticed some areas are out of shape. Not only that there is two random screw holes in the sill which is just brilliant. The floor pan seems solid enough though. I will have to take away some of the sealer to truly inspect. So that's another spanner in works. But I am way on target for it being ready for March 2018
  10. Eric

    Ericccccc's Oak Green

    Okay, the bay is finally painted. I really debated about going all out and getting rid of the seam sealer but I decided against it. I wanted to keep this as factory as possible. I need to let the lacquer harden now so I can get some 2000 on it to polish. Next will be getting the subframe back in and ready for resintalling the engine Before After
  11. Eric

    Clutch help

    Keep an eye on ebay mate. I picked up a brand new sachs VR6 clutch for £35 as some guy just didn't want it. Also, LUK is another super brand to look out for.
  12. Eric

    Clutch help

    Regarding clutch after some reading, the 8v clutch would do by the looks of things
  13. Eric

    Clutch help

    Are you running standard ABF management? Any 1.8 mk1 or mk2 flywheel will do as they're all 210mm
  14. Eric

    Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Hey mate, Can I ask how to tackled the Brake Servo? I've removed mine and there are some areas of rust . I'd like to flatten the rust down/back so I can paint with a smooth finish. However, I am not sure the best way of doing this? I'm worried a grinder would be too strong as the servo wall isn't exactly thick, and I'd be worried I'd make a hole with a flap disc.
  15. Eric

    Muggers mk2 jetta coupe

    I mean is it even a proper car if it doesn't cause unnecessary inconveniences