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  1. Wayn082

    Pd130 judder

    I'm pulling off my gearbox weekend it's the dmf im sure cars shaking on idle and terrible at 20-30 This won't be cheap.. Anyone know best place to go? It's mapped to 170 but not a speed freak so don't want expensive parts and hardly use it also
  2. Wayn082

    Pd130 judder

    Yeah was thinking that I've read a few posts this morning.. It's not too bad doesn't shake the car just a ticking noise.. Can you do bearing without stripping out box do you know? Cheers for reply
  3. Wayn082

    Pd130 judder

    hi guys help needed!! Over past month I've had a knocking noise from front end.. Now discovered is arb bushes Now I've got a judder on acceleration at low speed upto high speed.. Un drivable over 50 I've stripped down drivers side shaft re greased and no play in joints. If I go around a right hand corner it's perfect but to left judders. Could this now be passenger shaft cv? I get nothing on over run just when accelerate I'm thinking either wheel bearings or cv on passenger.. What's wierd is the traction control light keeps coming on/off flickering also like its losing drive slightly.. Only other thing is I hear a rattle from gearbox area in idle which goes when press clutch.. Could it be gearbox giving up maybe? Any tips to diagnose etc. Please any info would be great.. I've put poly top mounts in recently wishbones drop links and ball joints I just need the car right again to enjoy.. Don't think it matters but running 180bhp on an amd map cheers guys
  4. Wayn082

    Brake pedal hits the deck after bleeding!

    I was nearly sick with anger mate.. What a school boy error! Rushing gets you nowhere what so ever.. Lesson learned and 3ltr of brake fluid later. I must remember start with what you last touched keep it simply dam it
  5. Wayn082

    Brake pedal hits the deck after bleeding!

    Callipers were on wrong side with bleed nipple facing down haha all sorted
  6. Wayn082

    Brake pedal hits the deck after bleeding!

    I've used a pressure bleeder tonight and is much better.. But after using this I noticed on my inlet manifold to the right on my 8v a clear vac hose that goes to the bulk head. The black rubber hose that's attached has a valve and a jubilee clip. When I tightens the jubilee clip it felt much better and can slam on now at low speed. But excessive movement still so need to re bleed I think, pedal just drops a bit it keep foot on while starting up. So maybe will be okay and just air from loose pipe
  7. Wayn082

    Brake pedal hits the deck after bleeding!

    Why master cylinder si.. I thought I had pressure enough untill I started up and hit the deck again
  8. Wayn082

    Brake pedal hits the deck after bleeding!

    It's got me baffled to say the least.. She hates this car she's no help, I'd get two pumps and she'd get out
  9. Wayn082

    Brake pedal hits the deck after bleeding!

    No I've not bled the master cylinder I can't undo any of the break pipes only flexy ones. I had it on two stands before and cable tied.. Half way through the stroke with my foot I could feel a rough feeling.. Not too bad a feel but something.. Feels like I'm taking the pedal past it's usual stroke. And was a hissing noise.. That's all stopped as they feel better than yesterday after bleeding more tonight. The front calliper was sticking on the front drivers but took it back off and sorted it.. I'd put the pads back to front as could see old calliper marks as used cheers for response
  10. Hi guys.. I've just removed my engine and subframe from my car to paint the engine bay due to surface rust. I've re built the car now fully bit for the life of me can't bleed the brakes! I've had some air come out but constant fluid.. Although the only thing I've noticed is it takes a few pumps for it to get to the back sometimes. I've also cable tied the bias valve under axle. If I pump the pedal it gets a bit better. I know your all gonna say pressure bleeder but enough fluid has passed the nipples by now surely! I can't help but think it's something to do with me painting the brakes maybe?? If someone presses the break it holds the front wheels and not the back at all I'm not bad with cars but I'm stumped.. Friend is borrowing me his pressure bleeder tomorrow.. Could it be master cylinder? That why rears not getting much oil cos loads out the front callipers but weaker at the rear. Any help would be cool cheers Wayne
  11. Wayn082

    Mk2 gti 8v sounds like diesel

    Yeah was thinking this I'm going to have to start from scratch I think. Cheers for that.. To be honest the manifold looks ok think it needs better timing but the marks are right and and it's set to 6deg.. I even changed the idle screw seal as I thought that might be why the idle screw is all the way in nearly.. It's not lumpy or anything and never over heats like an engine running really rich
  12. Ok people so here's my problem.. Checked timing marks and was out a tooth.. Re adjusted belt and set up timing with a timing gun to 6degrees Now to get it running right I've had to wind in the idle screw all the way in nearly which seems odd and even more so to make it run smooth the maf screw is wound all the way in to max which tells me it's too rich!! I changed the blue temp sensor before hand.. Now the car drives really smooth no bucking at low revs but I just think it sounds like a diesel on idle but no missing anymore and re checked marks and are bang on.. It's been serviced in three month three times to flush put the crap! Cleaned all hoses throttle body isv etc.. Pulls really well and power is there.. Anyone any ideas? These digifant engines seem over the top in terms of timing to me
  13. Wayn082

    setting timing on my 8v gti digi correctly

    Simeon that's fantastic mate cheers i will pm.you and make arrangements with you, jinsta yeah ive read them all but i just would like to do it with someone experienced with these motors.. I only need to be shown once its just good to learn how to do things bang on.. Its using a timing strobe in in experienced with to be honest.. But ive done belts before. Its better to do it with someone once than me going over and over things again and again. I appreciate your advice and cant wait to finally get rid of the kangaroo like experience ive learnt to drive with..
  14. I think by removing wheel i will be able to access the area but might fibre glass it for now untill can remove tank.. Just cut out the Rot