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  1. Keeha

    Idle at 8000rpm and jittering

    I think any engine would shake if it was idling at 8000rpm
  2. Keeha

    mk2 PCD and Adapter help for BBS RS 5x114.3

    Go to a local engineering company and ask them...
  3. Keeha

    Bike carbs - Outer 2 running rich?

    I'd try making the existing ones a bit leaner first, it's what the screw is there for. And yeah they nearly always have odd sized jets from the factory
  4. Keeha

    Tailgate Struts (Heavy Duty)

    All I see is your username on my phone...
  5. Keeha

    Tailgate Struts (Heavy Duty)

    You should just be able to measure what you've got and get some that are higher pressure, or go to the scrap yard and get some off something much heavier. Can you use MK5 ones? Who knows, you haven't told us what car it is.
  6. Keeha

    91 MK2 Golf Driver 280mm brake conversion

    I had to modify the wishbone on my MK2 to accommodate MK3 ball joints because MK2 ball joints don't fit MK3 hubs. That was a while ago, I can't remember exactly what the problem was.
  7. Keeha

    Mk1 golf gti offset question please.

    17s on a MK1..? Tell him not to bother. Also a ruler is a very effective tool to work out what width/offset to go for compared to your old wheels.
  8. Keeha

    Help help help engine swap

    You waste a shed load of money on a car you could have bought ready made for around £1k? In fact you'll probably need said car as a donor for the bits you need
  9. Keeha

    Quick Release battery terminals

    Or get an isolator switch and pretend it's because race car like I did for the same reason
  10. Keeha

    will audi s2 brakes fit a mk2 golf?

    Have you literally just dug up an ancient thread just to turn it into a mini build thread? Nobody cares
  11. Keeha

    Help help help engine swap

    Then even considering this as a project is a complete no brainer, sell what you've got, buy what you want, don't p.ss money away paying someone to build a car you could just buy?! It's not like there's even be a sense of achievement for you at the end of it, just a big dent in your bank account.
  12. Keeha

    Help help help engine swap

    Don't build a car you can buy, massive waste of time and money and you have to declare it as modified forever more. If you want a VR just buy a VR, it's not like they're rare or expensive?!
  13. Don't bother with a solid front mount, they cause more problems than they're worth.
  14. Keeha

    et help

    Do you know how to work a ruler?
  15. Keeha

    Random drivers side knock?

    Is it knocking or not? Does it only happen at certain revs or not? Not really any grey area to these sorts of things But as above I'd be looking at engine mounts, easiest way to check it bonnet open, handbreak firmly on, 1st gear and get to the biting point on the clutch and see if the engine moves excessively while you (or preferably a helper) do so.