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  1. jb93

    BMW 530d Detail

    Spot on as always
  2. As above, I found coatings to fair pretty well with it too.
  3. jb93

    Mk5 Golf GTi

    Loved your Anni, looking forward to seeing where this goes...
  4. jb93

    Bonelorry's Steel Grey MK6 Golf R DSG...

    Looks stunning! Do love keeping an eye on your threads...
  5. The same happened to me, but I never received an email or letter reference the renewal. Trying to get it back was like pulling teeth.
  6. jb93

    Detailing Brushes

    Love my Wheel Woolies too
  7. jb93

    Detailing Brushes

    Bought cheap (on several occasions). My AF ones are still going strong and will be my goto should I need to purchase again. Although going by the way they are lasting, it'll be a while before I shall need to do so!
  8. Not at all retro, but Lamborghini Verde Draco
  9. Nice to see someone else going to down on the cleaning front
  10. jb93

    Best tar remover ?

    Wouldn't think twice about buying from the above link, ebay or not. Nath is a good lad.
  11. jb93

    Small front plates, possibly metal

  12. jb93

    Audi A4 Allroad

    Yeh I'm from around your neck of the woods and was toying with the idea. Ran black and silvers on a mini with no issues but they don't exactly stand out like a sore thumb! Ahh well!
  13. jb93

    Audi A4 Allroad

    Love the look of this! Out of interest did you get pulled with tinted plates?
  14. jb93

    Facelift Audi A1 Progress Thread

    Not surprised! Was really undecided about the rear before it came down, but looks spot on. Be interested as to the response on DW haha!