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  1. Doakley

    Audi A6 Build

    Looked good on the M5 near Catshill today James!
  2. Doakley

    Project A1NGRY - 2011 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

    Awesome write up! Car is really coming on. This is one to follow.
  3. Doakley

    Bonelorry's Steel Grey MK6 Golf R DSG...

    Your attention to detail is great! The 1.2's really suit the car, reminds me of Hurdys old 6r!
  4. Doakley

    Reflex Silver 6R

    Loving the progress of this mate! What else you got planned? And apologises if I'm sounding rude but how much did you pay for the grille and was it straight from vw dealer? Dan.
  5. Could I use their Ultra Glaze and apply it before I then apply a wax coat? I have just read up on it and it would benefit me as it have slight swirling on the paint work !
  6. Will keep that in mind mate, will definitely have to get some AF products on order once I'm back off hols!
  7. What are people's thoughts on the Soul Wax kit (Auto Finesse)? Anyone used Soul? What are people's thoughts on the durability and finish? Also the car has light swirls marks, can anyone recommend a product to remove them or fill them (Apply by hand)! Would Rejuvenate (AF) that comes in the Soul kit do the job of filling them as they are light and it's a pre wax cleanser? Thanks again, Dan.
  8. Thanks. I will have a look out of curiosity but I think I might go for some of the Auto Finesse product range as the kits look good and are reasonably priced and the reviews for them are good also!
  9. I will definitely be picking up some of their 'Poor Boys Wheel Sealant'! I have heard and seen some great reviews about it and it's good value too! Thanks for the reply bud.
  10. Thanks for the reply, I will have a look at their products as I have heard good things about Auto Finesse! And as for clay lube I was just under the impression if I bought it, it would suit the clay better than water and reduce the chance even more or marring and scratching whilst claying. (Again I take it my logic is stupid?) Thanks again.
  11. Never thought of that, at least that way I could haggle a little bit Cheers mate
  12. It was mainly to do with the kit, it seemed to contain the basic products that a new starter would need, or so I think... Also I thought it was good value for money and I thought Swissvax were good products but I would like to hear people's thoughts on their products and what they use before I commit as I might be making the wrong choice. Also with the clay and clay lube I thought keep with Swissvax as the other products are made by the same company (kinda lame logic but hey haha)