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  1. supadoopa_82

    Golf Mk2 16v GTI Monza Blue Type 19

    Thanks mate, That is where these are reportedly from! But I think I got these at a far better price than what they would charge, from looking at their site!
  2. supadoopa_82

    Golf Mk2 16v GTI Monza Blue Type 19

    Bought me some wheels and so the predicament begins!! These are current 16x8, et0. From conversations I have had, wheels at et0 need major arch work! Now i was always planning on arch work but nothing too drastic. Question is, 1. If I fit these at et0, will I be limiting my wheel choices for the future as body work will be modded for et0 fitment? 2. I did want to run 8j on the front and 8.5j rear but with et0 there'll be some serious poke...is it worth going wider? 3. To have the wheel widened and et changed (to et20) is £100 a wheel, is it worth it?! https://www.dropbox.com/s/pbz89qjr438tl37/wheels.PNG?dl=0
  3. supadoopa_82

    Golf Mk2 16v GTI Monza Blue Type 19

    The drop box links in my initial post, show where the car is at right now. hasnt been must change, its booked into the bodyshop for mid june. I'll definitely be getting more pics at that point
  4. supadoopa_82

    Golf Mk2 16v GTI Monza Blue Type 19

    Not much to look to be honest. Its all boxed up in my shed...the parts I have bought anyway. But where there is some visual stuff(!) to see...I'll gladly share some The car is booked in for welding to the exhaust in a couple weeks, I'll get some pics of the car in the air with before and after
  5. supadoopa_82

    Golf Mk2 16v GTI Monza Blue Type 19

    **Update** Since my initial post I have - replaced the fuel pump - fitted Miltek four branch manifold and scorpion exhaust with all new gaskets and clamps, although the exhaust is slightly blowy and needs some rewelding (MIG) (booked in for the 9th May) - new manual window regulators on both sides Bought: - Hella rear spoiler with high level brake light - various trims that are missing - G60 steels that will be blasted and sold - 16" steels which will replace the TSW's on it at the mo...after being banded to 8 and 8.5j - roof gutter mouldings for a reasonable price! - electric side mirror kit Soon to be bought: - front and rear small bumpers with red stripe
  6. supadoopa_82

    Lacquered Steel Wheels

    Can anyone advise if its possible to lacquer steel wheels? Without colour or primer. The thinking behind straight lacquer is to give that high shine and to prevent rust.
  7. Hi, Can someone help with telling me the size of the bolt for the manual window regulator on 3 door mk2 golf? I known there's 6 in each door and some very useful videos on youtube but none I have seen state the size. Thanks
  8. supadoopa_82

    MK2 16v

    Very nice. Good to see you have kept some original aspects of car.
  9. supadoopa_82

    Golf Mk2 16v GTI Monza Blue Type 19

    Thanks buddy! Funny how life gets in the way of the good stuff hey haha
  10. supadoopa_82

    Golf Mk2 16v GTI Monza Blue Type 19

    Thanks Craig I did think about a brakes upgrade but haven't researched enough to know which direction to go in, but i think you have done that for me!!!
  11. After a long wait (got married, bought a house and had kids!!!) I have finally jumped back on the mk2 golf bandwagon and very recently bought a Mk2 Golf 16v GTI Monza Blue. It came with a boot full of goodies which I haven't had time to go through as yet. It looks like a half finished project so needs some love from the spray booth and parts desk!! I have already spent half the morning adding bits to my VW Heritage wish list... Not looking to veer too far from the OEM look, so some subtle tweaks. Just looking to make the car reliable and get it back on the road for me to enjoy! Plans for car, which are currently fluid: Monza Blue respray Wideish wheels, possibly 16x8 Small bumper Flowed head Bike carbs (maybe) I did think performance cams too but from my reading the 16v GTI cams are pretty cammy and im keen to preserve its drive-ability Crystal clear lights all around with HID conversion. G60 door handles (I think they're called), unless I find something nicer! I am not crazy technical so I will be attempting/learning some bits myself but otherwise will be down to the experts. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vhnp4edb29kf5n/Photo 26-02-2019%2C 8 50 53 am.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/emh2s7c6nzxrnzh/Photo 26-02-2019%2C 8 50 41 am.jpg?dl=0