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  1. gagz36

    Mk2 TFSI

    wheel choice is perfect!
  2. Car looks lovely bud! love that you brought it back from what looked to be over, definitely shows your passion!
  3. gagz36

    Mk1 Jetta Restoration - Chop Chop

    Surprised I haven't come across this build thread - colour choice looks lovely and top work! cant wait to see it finished..
  4. gagz36

    Porsche 964 for y'all

    this looks lovely, cant wait to see it once the wheels are finished!
  5. gagz36

    Bonelorry's Steel Grey MK6 Golf R DSG...

    This makes me want one so bad, perfect colour and choice of wheels.. loving the ride height too... practical and looks lovely!
  6. gagz36

    Princess ANN

    Can't wait to see how the mk2 looks once the wheels are done, and loving the M5 :wub:
  7. gagz36

    Raj's Highline VR6

    I like that, must be fun to drive daily
  8. gagz36

    VINCENT 3.5

    Love that! the seats definitely set it off
  9. gagz36

    Project Pickfords - MK2 Caddy TDI

    really like this!
  10. gagz36

    Princess ANN

    Love the merc!
  11. gagz36

    Princess ANN

    this looks so nuts!! :wub:
  12. gagz36

    Audi TT 225 Quattro

    I'm really loving that! :wub: :wub:
  13. gagz36

    mk2 Golf Gti 1.9 TSR 16v

    This is absolutely stunning! :wub:
  14. gagz36

    Princess ANN

    This looks nuts!!! :wub: