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  1. BenjaKeating

    U.K. > U.S.A. // MK4 > MK7

    Sadly nothing too exciting to share. Car is booked in for its APR Stage 1 (including DSG). I did order some carbon fibre paddle extensions but sadly they sent some for a MK6 and so they don't fit. I might see if there's a way I can make them fit though. Looking at the suspension at the moment. Torn between air and coilovers. We can get up to 6ft of snow overnight here in Colorado so it needs to be something reliable and useable in all weather conditions. Wheels have been chosen, just awaiting next payday. Next few updates should be pretty big.
  2. BenjaKeating

    U.K. > U.S.A. // MK4 > MK7

  3. BenjaKeating

    U.K. > U.S.A. // MK4 > MK7

    Haha! I have a cousin that lives there and he said depending on where in SF you go there is definitely mean wearing strips of leather and not much else!
  4. BenjaKeating

    U.K. > U.S.A. // MK4 > MK7

    So, after moving from Cambridge to the US late in 2016 and saying goodbye to my MK4 APR Stage 2 R32... I recently picked up this. 2016 MK7 GTI S, 3DR, DSG. Flew out to San Francisco to pick it up and drove it 1200 miles back to Colorado. Standard for now but 20mm spacers have been ordered and looking at damaging my credit card for some KW's. A change of wheels are most likely on the cards now. Some quick photos after a wash:
  5. BenjaKeating

    The 'sensible' daily - B7 Avant

    Easily my favourite car on Edition.
  6. BenjaKeating

    Angry Black Birds On Mars

    This has come along crazy amounts dude since I last saw it! I may of even had the polo and not the R32 when I last saw this? On a sadder note, I miss you.
  7. BenjaKeating

    2015 US Jetta

    Yeah someone mentioned VW offer an expat deal so it may be something I look at. I'll be moving to Boulder, Colorado so I'll definitely need something 4WD as the snow can be pretty brutal. Looks clean though, wheels suit it really nice.
  8. BenjaKeating

    2015 US Jetta

    Looks a good base, I'm currently in the Visa process now for the US (Embassy interview next week!) so I'll be looking for something to get into once I'm out. Any further plans for some coilovers/air etc?
  9. BenjaKeating

    MY 07 B7 3.2 FSI Quattro Avant

    Had some bad bubbling on mine, no matter how much I shook the can! I ended up leaving it in a bucket of really hot water and then applying it. Seemed to do the trick!