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  1. jamieprang

    Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Im pretty sure Neil said they came out of an A4 originally. But you'd have to ask him to be sure.
  2. jamieprang

    Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Ah... you bought it off Neil? Nice one. I saw some photos he had of it in black. Looks much better. No idea why all the photos have vanished on here, its the sites own platform but for some reason has stopped displaying them. I use Flickr instead now.
  3. jamieprang

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Sorry to hear about your dad man. Cant be easy, definitely good to have something to take your mind off it as much as is possible. Cars looking ace. Be great to see it back on the road.
  4. jamieprang

    T5 Day/Surf/Festival van

    All cupboard door hinges now fully beefed up. Fitted some mid level shelving to the big cupboard to maximise storage space and a cutlery rack in the small cupboard under the sink. Fairly happy with the results. Decided i had to box in the underside of the bed to tidy the place up and stash things away. Toyed with the idea of a drawer at the back but no matter how i designed it the loss of space wasn't cool. So i went for simple cupboard doors and then asked my graffiti artist chum to continue where he left off on the main cupboards. The graffiti interior might not be to everyones taste, but we like it and so far wherever we have gone its never failed to make a bit of a laugh and a conversation. It's a bit different to how everyone else is doing their interiors which is exactly what i was going for. Keeps the outside of the van looking clean and the inside is a bit mad and a bit fun. DSC_0176 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0178 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0179 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0182 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0183 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0184 by jamie simpson, on Flickr
  5. I see they very bravely made it an anonymous note... Top work man. Don't let the b@stards grind you down.
  6. Holeeee cr@p! A classic, and on tape too. Props!
  7. jamieprang

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Still outstanding work mate. Totally in awe of what you have done. And i know I've said it before, but almost equally in awe of the fact you are doing it in a single garage. Ballsy!
  8. jamieprang

    Jonezy's 2.3 20v V5 170bhp

    YOU'RE BACK... I was starting to worry. Aye they aren't great on fuel... can't deny that one. But... they do make a nice noise. Looks really clean man, well looked after. A good base i think.
  9. jamieprang

    T5 Day/Surf/Festival van

    After losing some artwork to the fitting of the fridge, i finally got around to getting my trusty graffiti artist to redo his skull where it used to be. Was a joy to watch him work and build it up in layers, finally adding shadows to make it pop out a bit. Fairly fitting to have a skull on the fridge i thought as i will predominantly contain poisons of some description. DSC_0163 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0164 by jamie simpson, on Flickr Next up i had to clear a code on the van. The starter battery had run down through lack of use. I had to jump start the van which i have done before, and it came with the usual issue of a flashing coil light and limp mode. Last time i was reset at my local garage easy enough but i wanted to be able to tackle this myself if it were to happen in the middle of nowhere. I had 2 code readers already but they only work on cars. So after some online searching of forums i settled on the Carista. DSC_0165 by jamie simpson, on Flickr DSC_0166 by jamie simpson, on Flickr I was sceptical it would work. Amazon said it wasn't compatible with my year of van. (which it is) and it only cost 15 quid. It has a yearly subscription of 33 pounds but is really easy to use and has a great user interface. I would highly recommend this little chap for taking away on camping trips where access to a vag com might not be so easy.
  10. A black mk3 VR6.... scuse me a minute, I'm away for some personal relief.... Lovely base for a project that. Love it. I used to have a very almost identical car years ago, lowered on black TT comps. I will ALWAYS regret getting rid of it.
  11. jamieprang

    T5 Day/Surf/Festival van

    Little bit more Boxed in the battery under the drivers seat with some MDF and black carpet. Made a lift off lid for the top and a mounting panel for the split charge unit itself. I found it had to be stepped out as the "key" when turned to on would foul anything it was fitted flush against, but this was ok as i wanted its own mountings to allow it to be easily demounted for maintenance and whatnot. So i made up a step out panel with vector straps to hold it down, they can be slipped loose and the unit easily taken off. IMG_3965 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_3964 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_3963 by jamie simpson, on Flickr Now i have to get on with beefing up the other cupboard door hinges and coming up with storage solutions. Also... no idea why all the previous thread photos have vanished. They are E38's own hosting system and still there if i go to my own profile.... weird.
  12. jamieprang

    T5 Day/Surf/Festival van

    Another small project is the door hinges... something that i regret a little is going for the MDF cabinets. They are ok, and do the job. But MDF being what it is isn't the strongest. So the hinges, the designs placement of them made for a weak point that i don't think will last. Came up with a way to beef up the hinge points so will see how that goes. Bought some 170 degree hinges for kitchen cabinets and devised a way to fit them.. IMG_3792 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_3793 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_3800 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_3801 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_3813 by jamie simpson, on Flickr IMG_3814 by jamie simpson, on Flickr Now just have to follow the same plan for the two remaining cabinet doors. I might only part cover the back of those doors with ply in order to same weight though. Lessons learnt and all that.
  13. jamieprang

    Golf mk2 R36

  14. jamieprang

    T5 Day/Surf/Festival van

    Today was dry and not cold. (Not warm... but not cold), so i thought it about time to have a crack at fitting the fridge. From a bit of online research i found that to fit my CRX50 the panel at the back of the cabinet would need cut out. Original door off. IMG_3760 by jamie simpson, on Flickr Some huffing, puffing, measuring and cutting later. IMG_3771 by jamie simpson, on Flickr That was significantly easier than expected. Plans now are to get the graffiti artist back to spray the skull from the door over the top of the fridge.
  15. jamieprang

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Not sure i could bring myself to own a Honda...Ive spent years making a point of hating them so my mate would never let me hear the end of it. Never been a Honda fan really. Ive had/have Kawasaki, KTM, Ducati and Yamaha over the years. But never Honda. You are right though, some stunning ones being made into cafe racers.