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  1. Got mine booked into KW restorations. Keith is the man he based just outside Sudbury. After lots of miles towing my car around and speaking to plenty of body shops. I was really impressed his work. (he's a a mk1 Scirocco man and part of the uk register). So plenty of rocco's down there for metal and paint. But i really liked his attitude, he makes all the right noises. He's got a face book page so you can see the work he's done and doing. Worth a chat. really nice chap.
  2. Malky

    snapped bbs rm bolts

    If you have 9 bolts with the heads sheared off. I presume the rest have been removed. Can you not separate the lip from the barrel, leaving the sheared bolt in the barrel after its separated, there may be enough shank sticking out to be able to get hold of with some decent mole grips. Failing that i would get a Snapon extractor (The type held by a socket) and correct drill bit. Drill the shank centre nice and straight (not to fast as you will burn out the bit). tap the easy out into the shank then use the easyout to wind it out. I would defo use the Snapon ones they in my opinion the best and it won't be shagged out after its used on the first bolt. Hope this helps.
  3. Malky

    Counter sunk socket M6x16

    Many thanks. Will get some ordered.
  4. Hi can anyone confirm that the front disc retaining screws for a mk2 golf are m6x16 counter sunk. Cheers.
  5. It's a clean break about 12" off one end fits together perfectly along the break. Would Scotch weld, p100 epoxy resin or anything similar work???. Inside looks like a lightweight dense foam type material. Would a would a plastic weld actually work. Thought it would need plastic to plastic like the repair of a cracked bumper skin.
  6. I've just received a mk4 Anni spoiler via parcelforce. Arrived in 2 pieces (snapped). Parcel force will not compensate or process claims for among other things car parts. Can the spoiler be repaired???. What can I do to join the 2 halls before having it painted. Your help and knowledge is much appreciated.
  7. Malky

    mk2 k04 20vt

    Just read through this and the old build thread. Love the car it looks perfect. Who did the respray was it Local to you in the ipswich area?.Looking for a recommended painter at the mo.
  8. Malky

    M2 golf rear panel replacement.

    I'm based east of Cambridge. ( bury st Edmunds, Suffolk).
  9. What sort price should I be looking to pay to have the rear panel replaced. Got some corrosion on the panl that meets the chassis rail holes both sides. Looking to have the panel replaced and finished as original. I see that original repair panel is available from vw heritage, or would patern do.
  10. Malky

    body kit adhesive removal

    Its a mk4 golf boot spoiler. I will give it a go as per your responce. No idea what type of bond it is. But i"m really hoping no to have to refit it.
  11. Can you tell me the best method for removing the adhesive/sealant that is holding my spoiler on. looking to clean the area after removing the spoiler. without damaging the paintwork underneath. My boot spoiler is becoming dis-bonded so would like to remove completely. Cheers.
  12. Malky

    Golf G60 steering rack

    Is a Golf G60 steering rack any different to a standard LHD golf PAS rack. Are there any other useable options and where can i source one from??. Thanks.
  13. Malky

    type 19 1.3 clutch

    Hi. I need a new clutch or an 87 1.3 golf. it would have originally been a 4 speed but has had a 5 speed box fitted. Whihc clutch do i need as im un aware of the origins of the 5 speed. Is there any info i can get off the gearbox to figure out which clutch is needed?. The engine is original. Any help would appreciated.
  14. Malky

    G60/rallye radiator

    I had the same issue looking for a 580mm cored rad for my Golf G60. Only real option i found after much trawling of the net was a company called Pro Alloy. They can make you an alloy rad to the same dimensions and fitting point as the original with a thicker uprated core. The price was about £400 but absolute works of art. They have drawings stashed away. I believe a good few years ago they produced and sold them as uprated units to some of the tunning companys. they are based in Haver Hill, Suffolk. They produce a lot of rads, intercoolers, tanks and pipe work for race teams aswell as supply to people like Forge. Realy nice guys to talk. They will be able to help if you fancy going down that route.
  15. Malky

    Mk2 golf slam panel bonnet catch spring

    Your correct they are opposite hand. My car is a G60 so is correct for my needs.