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  1. Evening all! Can anyone me a car stereo fitter in Northamptonshire? Ta!
  2. westie

    Detachable towbar question

    I can do all of that mate but nothing then happens? Should the tow bar drop out from the fitting or does something else need to be done?
  3. Hey guys - so I've just picked up a Merc with a 'detachable' tow bar but I can't get the pesky thing off so I'm wondering if any one can shed any light on it for me! This is going to sound like a carry on film but here goes! I don't know what make it is (not very helpful sorry!) but it's got a knob on it where you insert and turn a key, then pull the knob out and turn upwards. The knob has a green line on it and when it's turned upwards a red block appears. I assume the tow bar would then drop out of the fitting but it's not unfortunately. I think there could be another step in the process? Any help would be epic! Thanks
  4. westie

    American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    Well done mate, massive achievement and the hard work is paying off!
  5. Hi Guys - Can anyone recommend a mobile mechanic in Northamptonshire? My Mk3 Golf isn't starting at home (no power getting to the starter so an easyish job) and I need a mobile mechanic to fix it for me. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys - So I'm picking up an Audi A6 tomorrow which has a crack in the windscreen. I can claim on my insurance and pay the excess to get a new screen but I was wondering how it worked on a car that I will only be covering on my policy from tomorrow and if there is normally a period of time that you can't claim for due to this? Thanks
  7. Guys any ideas of how I can get around this? The heads on the longer bolts that came with my wheels spacers aren't as big as the original wheels bolts and the centre caps on my g60 steels don't fit on. Ideas? I don't want to buy more bolts and then I don't really want to change my centre caps? Sam
  8. As above guys, I've read mixed messages about non hubcentric spacers but just wanted to throw it out there for some input. I want to run spacers on the rears of my MK3 Golf and have found some non hubcentric FK 14mm spacers with bolts for a good price but just not sure about the safety aspect of them?
  9. westie

    S reg Mk3 Golf

    Thanks Steve. I've lost the front mudflaps as they kept scraping but might run the rears for a while. I'm going to keep it as standard looking as possible but not sure how long that will last ha ha!
  10. westie

    S reg Mk3 Golf

    Cheers buddy. I can't remember seeing an S reg MK3 before. I'm going to lower a bit more tomorrow!
  11. Guys I've got a spot of lacquer peel on my mk3 golf and I'm wondering if there any ways to fix and repair? I'm thinking maybe wet and dry paper to get rid of the crusty edge and then cutting compound?
  12. westie

    S reg Mk3 Golf

    Hi guys - So this is my latest purchase. 1998 S reg Mk3 Golf 1.6cl, 1 owner, 70k miles in Dragon green. I bought it one week ago and had it serviced, coilovers fitted and g60 steels fitted yesterday. I'm not planning on doing a lot more, just want to enjoy it but would like to change the interior as the cl seats are fairly poop! Look forward to your feedback, especially regarding the mudflaps which I don't mind too much!! This is from the advert.... This is now...
  13. Anyone fancy helping me fit coilovers to my Passat? The coilovers I am getting are all built up and ready to fit and come with shortened drop links so relatively easy to do I think but many hands make light work! Cheers Sam
  14. westie

    TDI Tuning Boxes

    Mate you don't fancy knocking me up one these do you for a few quid?!
  15. westie

    TDI Tuning Boxes

    This is great news but I'm clueless where to start!