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  1. Just had my Amarok detailed. Stage 1 paint correction and sealed before winter. Really pleased with the result.
  2. K81

    New (to me) VW

    I like the look of this but I think the mrs would leave me.
  3. K81

    Rns315 DAB

    Kenwood DNX520 are around £450 used on eBay. I think I’ll fit one of those. They look oem, have a bigger screen and retain all factory features and controls. Absolutely extortionate at £999 new in my opinion. At least when you drop £1k on a apple product it’s quality, even if the price is ridiculous.
  4. K81

    Rns315 DAB

    It does but I was thinking VCDS would let me know if I had it instead of dismantling my dashboard to take the head unit out and check for the aerial plug hole.
  5. K81

    Rns315 DAB

    I have a 2016 RNS 315 with Bluetooth, parking sensors and rev cam. Am I correct in assuming DAB is simple to code in? There is a local guy with VCDS on gumtree who will check for £15. I’m thinking that is easier than taking my dash apart to look for a fakra connector that I’m pretty sure will be there on a 2016? Thanks
  6. K81

    New (to me) VW

    I’m shocked by how well it drives. Much quieter than the vans I test drove and miles better than a ford ranger. Spec is as nice as my Volvo XC60 lux nav polestar lease which goes back next week. I went over budget by £5k but I really liked it. Trying to avoid buying the hertz components I’ve just been looking at. The rns 315 I’ve got lacks DAB which sucks too
  7. K81

    New (to me) VW

    I’ve not had a VW since I got a new 2.0 gt tdi golf in 2005. I needed a van so I had been looking at caddy and Transporters. I viewed a 65 plate caddy highline that I liked, but the lack of seats and small load area put me off a bit. If I put more seats in there would be barely enough room to carry my tools and generator. I started looking a t5 and t6. But the prices were really high for half decent spec due to there popularity as campers. Then I stumbled across a 2016 Amarok highline dsg with pretty much every option. I love everything about it apart from the speakers that I will need to upgrade.