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  1. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    Alright cheers apparently the loom been adapted aready so will see how that goes lol possibly getting the mk3 fuel pump wiring saturday and a pump hopefully it'll start next week maybe
  2. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    Do all the mk2 gti ecus have the same code on them in green? Just got the car and its the same code as one i found on facebook? Cheers @rubjonny
  3. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    Okay thanks for all the info been super helpful! Car should arrive wednesday hopefully be running in a month or two
  4. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    Is that run in series with my normal 1.3 pump and pick up or do you advise to get rid of all that seen people do both so not sure? Okay quite a few on ebay so that should be easy enough!
  5. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    Thats perfect thank you! Theres an 8v close to me being broken so i could go steal the fuel wires out of that will they go from the fuse box right back to the fuel pump? I guess the next steps finding the ignition loom! Will it only he 1.8 16v i can take that from then?
  6. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    Ahh right okay makes sense and its on the steering column so will i need to buy anything other than a kr spark loom wiring wise (any idea where to look found one on ebay but its an entire engine loom for 120) will i have all the other stuff from the original loom and the 16v loom?
  7. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    So would the kr ignition be easier than just using the abf loom? And its a 1.3 carb shell 2.0 abf and a kr head r1 carbs was just going to go with an r1 fuel pump too thanks for all the help been doing a lot of reading over the past few days and i still feel somewhat clueless lol @rubjonny
  8. Mk2Aowen

    abf + bike carbs

    So if im using a 2.0 abf the best way is to go kr ignition loom and ecu? Anyone got any advice or point me in the right direction for wiring up the bike fuel pump too cheers @rubjonny
  9. Mk2Aowen

    Abf carb conversion

    Could anyone point me in the direction of a thread about wiring a bike pump up for an abf carb conversion would be a great help cheers also if anyones got any pics feel free to post them