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  1. Jamiehol

    Alternator Workshop Error

    Had this on the wife's Mk4 Golf turned out the voltage rgulatro pack was starting to die. Best bet would be to whip the alternator off and get it check out as the also have a one way pulley that can fail as well.
  2. Jamiehol

    VR stub axles

    I know Mk2 GTI stub axles have the same bolt pattern as VR6 ones.
  3. Jamiehol

    Bizarre Oil Leak on Front of VR Engine

    Is it coming from the timing chain cover ?
  4. Jamiehol

    vr6 engine NO SPARK

    Have you got the single red/yellow wire on the engine loom connected to a +12v source ? Also does the MAF and Injectors get 12v with the ignition on ?
  5. Jamiehol

    vr6 ecu

    In a word no. The main differences are that there is no ISV on OBD2 and instead there is a stepper motor in the throttle body to control idle, also I believe OBD2 is sequential firing rather than batch firing injection,
  6. Jamiehol

    Vr6 Fan control module.

    they are just for mounting it.
  7. Jamiehol

    fitting the heated loom on vr6 leathers!

    the grey and blue wire is likely to be for the illumination on the switch. The brown wire is most likely earth so I would just find a convienet place to earth it.
  8. Jamiehol

    VR6 Running issues - can anyone help?

    I think the air in take sensor is in the end of the inlet manifold near the fuel pressure regulator.
  9. Jamiehol

    Mk3 VR6 Fan circuit...HELP!

    There are a number of different Fan setups on the VRs, sounds like the original one on your car was the more complicated setup as found on cars with AC amongst others, and had a number of different speeds on the fan, and the loom you have replaced it with is off the more basic fan setup with only the 2 speed fans. Have you swapped the fan controller ? i.e. is the one you are using come from the car where the loom was obtained from.
  10. Jamiehol

    OBD2 VR6. Relevence of...?

    ODB1 engines come in both distributor and coil pack versions despite what a lot of people think.
  11. Jamiehol

    VR6 Oil

    yeah synta silver is the genuine VW semi sync that GSF used to sell, also use the Fuchs stuff in the wife's 4motion and it is fine.
  12. Jamiehol

    VR6 Oil

    There is a good chance they would have used Synta Silver in it. Always used that in my VR, and now running the Fuchs Semi synthetic that GSF sell in a raddo VR.
  13. Jamiehol

    Mk2 VR6 conversion

    You need to use the mk3 subframe, and you either need to remove the c shaped gropves where the rear wishbone bush fits or use mk3 bushes in your mk2 wishbones. You don't have to use a custom front engine mount if you get hold of a corrado vr6 cross member.
  14. Jamiehol

    VR6 info needed

    Not quite obd1 engines came as both distributor and coil pack versions. The main deiffernces between the odb1 & 2 is that ODB2 has a stepper motor controlled throttle body that does away with the ISV on ODB1 engines. I believ the odb2 engines run sequential injection rather than batch injection, and odb2 2.8s seem to produce a bit more power than odb1 engines