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  1. Sparkyyyy82

    My long awaited Mk3 Golf

    I'll try the Flickr thing in a mo!! Think i have a small mental imbalance as the thought of repairing the rusty bits is part of the appeal!! Found a small oil leak from the distributor seal so pulled that replaced the seal and will time it back up when i do the cambelt. Never tried a Mk3 cambelt change so might be interesting!! Annoyingly one of the wires snapped where it attaches to the hall sender plug so will have to add that to the list! Fortunately they are fairly standard and used on VW and Volvo's. Anybody shed any light on keeping or removing the carbon canister thingy? It looks a state and I'm sure it leaks as there is a strong smell from that area when the engine ran
  2. Sparkyyyy82

    My long awaited Mk3 Golf

    Nothing worth doing is ever easy! Its going to be a labour of love and time isn't really an issue as its happily living in my garage. Stripped off the front bumper and slam panel along with the radiator, thermostat housing, stat and sensor. The front fog lights were a joy and full of green algae....yuk!!. Also removed the air box and throttle body ready for cleaning as well as pulling the plugs leads and distributor cap being careful to lable!!. Have found the obligatory manky drain holes/floor as well as questionable sills but nothing a grinder and welder cant fix!!! Struggling to upload pics???
  3. Sparkyyyy82

    My long awaited Mk3 Golf

    Hi All!! First of all I'm getting in an early apology as during the next few days, weeks and months i will be calling on you immensely knowledgeable folk for help! So i found my newly acquired Mk3 Gti just slowly rotting away on a driveway. The chap who owned it was getting on in years and had no way of looking after it anymore. So it had been sat all lonely for the best part of a decade nothing more than a garden ornament. A quick look around it, a promise that i wouldn't break it for parts and it was mine for the huge sum of £150! Turns out the guy was a retired mechanic and had owned it from new, 1993 to be precise. He gave me a boot full of spared, odds and sods and i happily trailered it away!! She's an 2.0 8v Gti 100,000 miles and full history, well up untill 2009 when he stopped driving. Not perfect by any means but very solid and the interior is immaculate!! Only downside so far is the dodgy towbar and the sun roof which I'm scared to even try!! Body work wise other than some lacquer peel and some dodgy colour stop chip repair she looks ok!! Obviously not yet removed the trim which could be hiding some pain but for £150 i can't really complain too much! Had a scan on the underside and its not all that rough, quite a bit of surface rust but nothing major, the only area of real concern is a mastic patch on the front passenger foot well that may need more in depth looking at!!