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  4. Memory lane! I remember going to shows and seeing this in the early 2000’s. I used to see it around a fair bit as I’m from Croydon. Shows how well this was built as it still looks fresh today. Glad you’ve still got it.
  5. RICKY D


  6. RICKY D

    TT 3.2 V6

    That looks to be in superb condition pal. I don’t think I’ve seen one in that colour before - it’s lovely!
  7. RICKY D


    Thanks for the positive words guys....although nicest S8 in the UK is a very bold statement
  8. RICKY D

    My D2 A8 - the gentleman's cruiser

    You’ve Had a fair bit done mate! I’m liking everything you’ve done so far. I might have to get the rear camera install after seeing yours - looks very cool I've had similar thoughts engine wise for the future; B5 RS4 or C5 RS6....could be a pipe dream but I’m happy for now. Ive just had coilovers put on mine and my only annoyance is the rear does not go as low as I’d like so air could be a good choice if you want it really slammed.....I may still do that in the future if I keep spending ha ha keep up the good work - she’s looking stunning!
  9. RICKY D

    My D2 A8 - the gentleman's cruiser

    ^^^ Still time to get another . any updates on the build yet pal?
  10. RICKY D

    VW Golf GTi 1.8 Turbo

    More updates please! Great reading from the start. My interior is similar to yours and very creamy...you’ve given me ideas now
  11. RICKY D

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Great build. Enjoy seeing everything being done so thoroughly
  12. RICKY D


  13. RICKY D

    Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Excellent thread with great attention to detail and fastidious cleanliness. My aim is to get my 8 up to this level of immaculate-ness. You’re the sort of guy I love to buy cars from as they’ve cared for them like their first born Keep it up pal!
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  15. RICKY D

    Princess ANN

    Thos seats! your car inspires me to keep going on mine. Keep it up pal!