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  1. EWC - Essex wheel company
  2. 330-Singh

    Steering Wheel Re-trim

    Here is an example I had done....before: After (Black nappa/black perforated with M tri-colour stitching:
  3. 330-Singh

    Steering Wheel Re-trim

  4. 330-Singh

    Golf Rallye - Graphite Grey Metallic

    Deliberately kept this a slow burning project but the Light Chassis resto is coming along nicely along with the following parts fitted so far: KW V1's fitted Powerflex Bushes all round
  5. 330-Singh

    Golf Rallye - Graphite Grey Metallic

    Yes indeed - not planning to sell this. Currently very slowly progressing with a chassis restoration, underseal, powdercoat a whole host of parts, polybushed, new refurbished brakes, suspension etc.
  6. 330-Singh

    Bbs ra. What should I pay for a refurb?

    http://www.essexwheelcompany.co.uk Speak to Andrew....if you don't get a response let me know I'll give him a nudge. Best to call or text.
  7. 330-Singh

    Bbs ra. What should I pay for a refurb?

    G.....up to £200 to sort them and I would powdercoat personally. I've got a good refurber in Essex I can put you in touch with.
  8. 330-Singh

    To DSG or not DSG

    DSG is fantastic, we have a 2008 Mk5 Golf GTI DSG and it drives so well and not like a typical lazy auto, the flappy paddles also mix up the driving experience significantly. Steer clear of the early DSG's as I have heard they are problematic. On our era of Mk5 GTI the Mechatronics unit is a common problem so try find one that has been replaced. We had our replaced under warranty about 8 months after we bought it and now it is completely faultless.
  9. Try get kW v1 inox if still available...a little over budget but well worth it.
  10. They have been swamped since starting up, can I recommend either sending a text message or email....you'll get a response I'm sure and always works for me. As for updates, none yet but that's my fault as I've told them to wait due to other financial commitments on my rallye. I should have them by next month though.
  11. 330-Singh

    Retrim Reccomendations

    I've seen some good stuff being churned out of lg trimmings Lgtrimming.co.uk
  12. 330-Singh

    UK Rallye Golf Show 2016 (new venue)

    So far north!!
  13. I've got a set of very tired Sebrings with Essex wheel co right now....I will post up the before/after.
  14. Yours were probably done by Andrew who runs Essex wheel company then....he churns out the quality work.