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  1. Hi mate interested in the sub, where abouts are you located in Berkshire? I am in Ascot.

    Regards, Joe

  2. i would like to post something for sale please unblock me i will adhere to the for sale rules.


  3. B4LJX

    VR6 Engine Missfire

    yeah it depends on falt code that comes up could be a miss fire from 1 cylinder or can be mutipal miss fire
  4. B4LJX

    VR6 Engine Missfire

    If it was coil pack engine would be missfire on idle, possible HT leads check them at night while some1 is reving the engine so you can see if the spark is leaking out of one of the leads. clean up the spark plugs if you have a vagcom it can tell you wat cylinder the missfire is coming from...
  5. B4LJX

    B4LJX - Corrado G60

    After being neglected for quite a while and tucked up in storage, gave it some attention over the weekend should have it MOT-ed and Taxed in a couple of weeks will get some pics up in a bit
  6. B4LJX

    R36 Rallye - freshened up for 2010

    you sir are a BAD MAN!! That is sick is there a build thread?
  7. B4LJX

    wheel bolt has broken in my hub

    had the same problem tried to drill it out but was a very very slow process, ended up taking the hub of and sending to an engineering place they charged me £30 to take it out , think i would have only messed it up further doing it myself
  8. B4LJX

    B4LJX - Corrado G60

    yes im at castle, hopefully i will be making it to alot more show this year round
  9. B4LJX

    B4LJX - Corrado G60

    gezza i've been soooo busy with work an stuff, i've had it by- passed for a good few months now im proper lazy, but i had the dash out last weekend so this weekend im on a mission to get it changed , and gonna need source a black dash got a grey one in there, thinkin of goin wider on the rear aswell
  10. B4LJX

    New Golf+ mag.......2.0 G60 conversion

    i'd be interested in hearing more about this details please
  11. B4LJX

    B4LJX - Corrado G60

    thanks for the comments guys, been working on it for quite a while
  12. B4LJX

    B4LJX - Corrado G60

    Thought it was about time I put some pics up
  13. sweet ride jus seen you driving around wrasbury area
  14. B4LJX

    My Mk3 GTi

    bal u silly fat wa*k*r!! I see u got ur bee sting back where the hells mine??