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  1. anthony

    75 marinogelb swallowtail

    thanks for reply
  2. anthony

    75 marinogelb swallowtail

    what else have you got for sale i do not need any panels any trick or performance nice bits cheers anthony
  3. anthony

    Bill - The Mk1 Golf

    hello great project i have a few bits for mk1s you can message me on 07988 50027 cheers anthony
  4. hello good luck with the project looking good so far i have a few mk1 bits lying round you can message me on 07988 500327 cheers anthony

  5. i have a pair of powder coated gloss blackĀ  front struts tel 07988 500327

    1. anthony


      if you watsapp me i will send you pics cheers anthony

  6. early audi 80 are the same aswell try deutchdoktors crazyquiff volksmainia bristol not sure mark is still trading obviously ebay

  7. anymore pics of the white mk1 above who owns it ?
  8. anthony

    75 marinogelb swallowtail

    any updates
  9. anthony

    Mk1 Golf Track/Race Car build

    got full alloy cage with side bars etc 3/2 inch tel 07988 500327 if you change your mind thanks anthony
  10. anthony

    Mk1 golf gti, 2L 16v , OZ turbo's

    how much for the oz turbos
  11. anthony

    Mk1 project

    where did you get your ramp from please call 07988500327
  12. anthony

    Mk1 Golf Gti - Project

    original colour alpine white paint code L90e
  13. anthony

    Lysholm charged Mk1 G60.

    company to do the loom
  14. anthony

    Lysholm charged Mk1 G60.

    have you got tel no for them please thanks anthony
  15. anthony

    MK 1 GOLF. Project ball ache

    ph sports porsche breakers derby tel 01332799298 ask for script handles