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  1. holburn

    HELP WANTED FOLKS has anybody done this?

    Which Indy is quoting £220? Mine wants pretty much my local OPC price of £300.
  2. holburn

    1.9 or 2.0 TDI?

    I'm looking at a couple of Octavias this weekend, both a similar age being 2007 cars, one is a 1.9 105PS tdi, the other is a 2.0 140PS tdi. Neither the extra performance nor the extra economy will make a lot of difference as all things being equal I'll buy the better car, my question is, is one more reliable or has less issues than the other?
  3. holburn

    the new daily mk3 vr content

    this used to be owned by a mate of mine around 4 years ago, he was responsible for the supercharger conversion. Before the charger it got 175 ish on Jabbas rollers.
  4. holburn

    mk2 8v issues

    Spark at the coil but not at the leads points to a faulty cap, rotor arm, leads or even a weak coil. Quite possibly a combination of one of more things.
  5. holburn

    Oil filter arhhhhh!

    no, just start the car and run it for a few minutes.
  6. holburn

    Oil filter arhhhhh!

    the spark plug - try with the engine warm.
  7. holburn

    Mk2 Golf/Kw coilovers, Mk2 Scirocco fitment?

    Mk2 scirocco is fundamentally the the same chassis as a mk1 Golf, so I don't think your mk2 ones will be suitable.
  8. holburn

    Filter king bowls

    I thought mk2 Digi only had the intank one? 36psi sounds a bit much.
  9. holburn

    Filter king bowls

    The too much pressure argument only applies if your car was originally K-Jet, was it? Even then my moving the T-Piece like you have in theory it will work, but the joints connecting the T-piece and regulator won't be up to the pressure. And you're not intending to run the guage permanently are you?
  10. holburn

    Filter king bowls

    Glass one I assume? probably an outside influence. I've never trusted the glass ones, always used the alloy bowls.
  11. holburn

    fitting Oil pressure gauge

    of course, your assuming its an electronic gauge. If its capillary then you'll need some pipe.
  12. holburn

    Possible breather problem..

    I'd guess if its breather related then the gauze in the rocker cover is bunged up, try cleaing it out with a blow torch.
  13. holburn

    mk3 16v incorrect abs unit?

    Dealer confirms that current part number listed for my car is 1J0 698 117A and that does superceed 1J0 614 117C (my pump) Info on the link I posted suggests my abs ecu should be 3A0 907 397E, however that is for cars with EDL which I don't think mine has got. Vagcom scan gave my ecu part number as 3A0 907 397 which they don't recognise. They list the current number as 3A0 907 375 for my car but can't cross ref back.
  14. holburn

    mk3 16v incorrect abs unit?

    I have the following part number on the pump unit (black cylinder) of the abs on my 1996 P reg 16v GTI - 1JO 614 117C, can anyone confirm if this is the right unit? Basically the abs doesn't work (fault light and handbrake warning light) and the rear brakes lock easily. Vagcom test shows no fault codes, all wheel sensors working fine, pedal position switch fine, and output tests suggest valves are working fine. I cannot see a part number on the controller but I recall the number was not suffixed with a letter when the controller was found in vagcom (I think it may have been 3A0 907 379 but I'm not 100% sure) and posts here http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=33022&page=2 suggest that it should have a suffix. Can anyone find out what units I should have fitted?
  15. holburn

    mk3 Golf, non working ABS and airbag lights

    yup, plug was out, so I've reconnected and got a flashing abs light, although vagcom doesn't find any faults stored.