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  1. Ice Cream

    Convenience ECU just 'gone'

    Hi guys, 2003, 53 plate B5.5 passat saloon. Convenience ECU has just packed up, not interior lights, remote locking or electric windows etc, do these just 'go'? Pulled the ECU out, all wiring to it looks ok, no moisture, or water marks, car flow dry as a bone too. Anyone shed any light? We've plugged it in at work, which is an Audi garage, ad it can't even 'see' the ECU, but not sure if it has full capabilities on VW as we can't code keys etc, just after some advice, don't want to fork out on a new ECU and there be an obvious fault else where. Thanks.
  2. Ice Cream

    Revs sticking occasionally mk2

    Now and again the revs will stick on my mk2 Gti 8v. Just wont dip below 2.5k when I change gear so sounds like I'm riding the clutch.. But if I blip the throttle it normally goes back to normal. Led to believe its possibly an air leak? Or maybe sticky throttle flap. I KNOW the cable is fine. Any help?
  3. Ice Cream

    Power feed for sub on a mk6

    Hi guys, Asking on behalf of a friend, but what's the best way to feed the power feed to the battery for a sub on a mk6 golf? Is there any holes already in the bulk head that are easy to get through to feed it through? Thanks!
  4. Ice Cream

    The Low Morals Parts Runner!

    Looking forward to this now man
  5. Ice Cream

    My mk3 Golf Harlequin.

    Looks awesome, great ideas, and very well executed
  6. Ice Cream

    Audi 80 type 81

    That is very green isn't it looks awesome though man, love these!
  7. Ice Cream

    Corrado 16v running rough.. maybe...

    Geemna, this is what i thought.. will be the next port of call i thikn as I've heard its not uncommon for them to slip a tooth. Also, i knew the rado was heavier, but didn't think it'd make that much of a difference.. going to be a case of trial and error i think Thanks guys
  8. Had one of these exactly the same for my first car, but it was a horrible dark green. The gearbox is, well, less than impressive isn't it Great base though, and will look ace on RS's man
  9. Bonjour! Got my paws on a 9A (2.0 16v) corrado the other day, and i THINK it feels under powered I've been driving newer cars for about 12 months, but have had a G60, and a couple of mk2's previous, and i swear my old 16v mk2 felt quicker. Im going to do the basics, like plugs, oil and filter change etc but is there anything common to cause them to feel under powered? Also, it runs on a bit when i turn it off, is this bad news? Thanks guys
  10. Ice Cream

    Onepointeight turd - yet another build.

    actually in hindsight that'd be quite cool...
  11. Ice Cream

    Onepointeight turd - yet another build.

    mk4 escort estate... say no more haha
  12. Ice Cream

    Onepointeight turd - yet another build.

    Danny, please put it in something poop like an orion
  13. Ice Cream

    Grande Gti MK5 Gti page 119

    Looking good buddy Need to chat to you in the week about something, but ill bell ya up
  14. I believe he has positioned his car for a photo.
  15. Looking forward to where this goes mate Hope you are well as well