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  1. Adehas

    Staskes mk2 GTI 2.0 ABA

    Really like this! Paint looks stunning and some nice touches!
  2. Adehas

    Mk4 hub bearing question

    Just fit what ever Hub flanges and Bearings are listed for your car. As Courts has said there interchangeable. I know 5Spd 1.8T's use a hub nut, where as I'm sure 6Spd anni's etc... use the bolt the same as a R32. Not sure about diesels though
  3. Adehas

    Early Edition 2017

    Early Edition 2017 New Venue and New Date! Sywell Aerodrome NN6 0BN 14th May 2017 Our great new venue has loads more space and we have some indoor spots for the show stoppers! Don't delay get your show and shine applications in, to make sure you've got your spot!! Email us some details and pictures of your VAG vehicle to showandshine@edition38.com
  4. Adehas

    My little mk4's complete rebuild

    If the engines from Wilkymk4's car than yes it was originally Branty's. His was a 4mo that he owned from new, converted to a R32 years back. Car was later owned by Steve Denton then Paul Simms (stylehaus's painter) who both redid the car.
  5. Adehas

    LY1B crew...Audi B5 Avant

    Lol I have a feeling I've got some S4 lower door blades knocking about if saloon and avant ones are the same?
  6. Adehas

    Orange dot on show and shine sticker

    Clrrk - it may have fallen off or I may have not put a dot by mistake but I can assure you it was judged as I did it on Saturday. Sorry for any confusion!
  7. Adehas

    Orange dot on show and shine sticker

    Clrrk was yours the Purple Mk5 on the I love bass stand? If so I judged it so no it was done on the Saturday! Think I had Green dots though!
  8. Adehas

    Another MK4

    Looks ace bud really does! Trim is stunning! Was hoping u were gonna be at early last weekend!
  9. Adehas

    My reeses piece..

  10. Adehas

    TYP19 16v GTI driveway ornament.

    Whats latest with this then Rich?
  11. Adehas

    1st VW show for a show virgin?

    Slightly biased but Early Edition in April and then of course the main show in September!
  12. Adehas

    Another MK4

    Trim bits are looking good mate!
  13. Adehas

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Really love the new trim! :wub:
  14. Adehas

    JasonB's MKIV GTI Anni...

    I think it looks ace bud! A shame you've had issues with the paint etc... But the wrap look awesome!