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  1. c6hut

    Project Rado VR

    This car will make a lot of folk, including me, want a corrado.
  2. c6hut

    Project midlife crisis

    I liked your last wheels because I'd never seen them on anything, but I have to agree these new rims make it look a lot classier. Having 2nd thoughts about selling now?
  3. c6hut

    Project midlife crisis

    Good to see something different for a change. I think you've nailed it with the interior colour and style against the wrap. Well done sir.
  4. c6hut

    I did a buy.....

    I'm sure this ran 9.5 all round when Chris Pearson had it, it was blue with holstens back then, but sat great.
  5. c6hut

    I did a buy.....

    I kept on looking at this for sale, a lot of car for little money. I remember this up in scotland when it was blue on holstens, it was awesome then. Looking forward to see how this goes.
  6. Most perfect rallye ever, lucky man.
  7. c6hut

    My mk3 VR6T

    Worth the wait, looks brilliant dougie. Brave with the colour, but worth it.
  8. c6hut

    Audi TT 225 Quattro

    This is so fresh and different, top marks sir!
  9. c6hut

    Project Fresh As Foo - Black Mk5 GTi

    Wouldnt change a thing, perfect,well done.
  10. Great colour choice, subtle but classy. Can't wait to see it all built back up.
  11. c6hut

    Zeee MK4 1.8t

    Nice colour combo
  12. c6hut

    Ian's MK4 Anniversary

    Absolutely spot on, great car, great mods, well done
  13. c6hut

    Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    sits so much better now the front is down, well done that man
  14. c6hut

    Mk3 Golf VR6

    Excellent find on those wheels, look forward to seeing those on.
  15. c6hut

    My new old mk4

    Small job for today was to paint the bumper grilles, dont understand why this wasnt done at the factory, I think it cleans it up a bit. Should have done a before and after.... Good shot of showing off the colour when well polished looks like 2 totally different colours