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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, after browsing through numerous threads on here and seeing some insane projects. I thought I would share my current car and my plans for it. This will be nothing like most the other build threads going on in here thats for sure... So this is my 3rd mk3, after looking for a mk4 i came across this on pistonheads. 62k genuine miles backed up by MOT certificates, no major rust and looked like it had been well maintained. So i went down and looked at it that night. Young guy owned it who had brought it off his best mate that moved to Australia, it didnt have any service history papers but the guy said he was always working on it and keeping it in good condition. Test drive there was a few things like rear wheel bearing (included in the sale) tracking was out and a possible very small exhaust leak but it passed its MOT that day with one advisory, being the track rods and ends. We agreed a price and off I went. Got it home and done cam belt n tensioner, PAS belt and aux belt. Engine and gearbox oil. All the ignition had been replaced recently by the previous owner. Then ordered up a few bits like plastic trim clips, track rods and ends ect Not pictures of it when I picked it up unfortunately but here it is after a bloody good clean, if the guy had given it a proper detail before i brought it i would have been alot more impressed! yellow lamin-x'd fogs and smoked indicators and blanks Me and a friend stripped the interior to run audio cables, whilst it was out it was hoovered, all plastics cleaned, the seats were also cleaned and treated. I ordered up a load of fibreglass stuff to sort the audio side of things out as i do love my music. I started with Tweeters in the Sail panels... They now have been sprayed black until I get them covered in faux leather to suit the dash pattern. For any one thats interested the stuff going in will be a Pioneer headunit (soon to be a p99rs or similar) Focal k2p 2 way speakers, crappy Alpine type R sub (to be replaced at some point) Genesis profile 4 ultra and profile sub ultra to match, QED rca, autoleads powerflex cable. All running fully active from the profile 4. Still need inspiration for door builds if anyone has suggestions? On my old golf I used the old speaker bin and fibreglassed into into a box and that bolted onto the door card, i stupidly chucked these with the old car because i had plans to get a mk4!!! Went to the scrappy to find some arch liner bolts and retainer clips to put my arch liners back in, Found some CL rear lights aswell that I may get round to doing all red at some point. Fitted these along with arch liners, and also got some red pinstripe in the front and rear bumper for the anniversary look...i wasnt keen but its growing on me. Lowered the coilovers a tad all round (need to do rears a bit more) Tool arrived to fit new rods and ends so cracked on with that. Then a week later i went to get it tracked, all was well...i went up to see a mate at his work to ask him if he could quickly do my rear wheel bearing as I didnt have a press, and then as i went to leave CRUNCH. Clutch release bearing gave in Wouldnt go in or out or gear whilst engine was started, start it in gear foot off the brake and it just starts moving on its own. Typical, So now have just got a new Sachs clutch and bearing and a genuine VW self adjusting clutch cable. Dont have the time to do this so got it booked into the garage it broke down outside, and there it has stayed since saturday. Fingers crossed its getting done tomorrow morning. So there we have it, plans for future are to get the small patches of rust sanded down and resprayed, along with the whole drivers side. The front wings have been rolled, pulled and sealed. The passenger one has been recently replaced as its fresh, however the drivers side is a different story, i poked my finger through the very bottom the other day. How much are genuine wings from VW? and where is a reputable spray shop in surrey? New wheels next month, something shiny. Then get the stance sorted out. Along with the completion of audio install. C+C welcome, let me know what you think
  2. AlexHxC™

    Pearl Grey B*****D

    Easy now Picked this up a few weeks ago and I've been debating weather to start a build thread. Sat here bored out my mind so thought sod it lets get involved. Here's a bit of a back story Previous job required me to do a lot of miles so I had a mk5 gt170 which I had the guys at plush automotive deck out with some serious air ride goodies from accuair, namely elevel with performance struts twin compressors and all the extras you could want. Looked like this Had it for a few years and even though it drove really nice and never gave me any bother it was boring as hell. Fast forward to the present and I have a new job which is near enough on my doorstep, within a week of starting I was on the lookout for something a bit more interesting. Was after something pre 90s leaning more towards a mk1. Little did I know since I last owned one the prices have gone up quite a bit. So I narrowed my sights on a mk2 gti 16v. Many an hour spent on the toilet, during break times, in bed or being shouted at by the Mrs looking for something I liked the look of. Well this appeared on gumtree local to me, now I'm not a huge fan of gumtree as it's just full of tat or scams. Had a few sentences about the car nothing exciting other than the fact it said 1989 grey mk2 gti 16v with a 20vt. So I though hello cheeky what's your name, put in a call to the owner who gave me a bit more info and I liked the sound of it so popped over that evening and had a look. Spec is as follows 1989 gti 16v Pearl grey Electric mirrors and windows Recaros from mk3 gti Agu with a ko3s Fmic Remap to around 210 (no paperwork) Standard clocks Standard ecu Hydrolic clutch Came with quite a bit of history including original purchase order Here's how she looked when I saw her Well I got all excited as we took her out for a drive, it was a real nice drive and pulled really well. After a bit of haggling we agreed on a price and I picked it up the following week. For that entire week leading up to picking it up I was like a kid waiting to see Santa, instantly checking parts for sale threads and eBay for choice bits and the usual mods people make. The day rolled round to pick it up I rushed home from work and badgered my mrs to drop me round, after handing over the money, signing the v5 and receiving the keys from the now previous owner I got to finally drive my latest car. The drive home was amazing grinned like the Cheshire Cat all the way home, filled her up with vpower on the way back. Few more snaps Took her out again that same day maybe 2 hours after buying her on the way to the gym she just cut out on an island, wouldn't turn over at all, completely dead. Needless to say I was severely pissed off, after some help from 2 of Staffordshire polices finest officers I got it off the island and into a lay by. tried again to start it up and nothing. Well I got on the phone to the previous owner who was shocked at the situation as it was driving fine when we went out in it and offered any assistance he could give. In the end I got it towed home to where it still sits. A few friends have had a look and with a lot of help from rubjonny on here and clubgti it's an issue revolving around the fuel pump fuel pump relay. Spoke to vagtronics who's loom it was and they were kind enough to send me over their wiring diagrams for the conversion loom. So I've been collecting parts to see if replacing the inline pump would help. Here's what I've got so far Bosch 044 pump and carrier Mk3 fuel filter and carrier Mk1 cabby swirl pot New fuel lines and fittings Planning to fit all this when it stops raining sometime this week, justified it by realising is have to replace the 16v fuel pump if I went ko4 anyway so fingers crossed it works. As the mk5 is now provisionally sold I need this on the road as it will be my daily for a while, at least until we move house. If there's anything you could think it would be let me know Cheers for looking
  3. This project has been in the offing over at my mates place for roughly two weeks up until now and the progress that he's making on the converion is nothing short of amazing. The original Mk1 Caddy pickup had already been on the receiving of a 20vt engine swap, but the owner, Luke, found that he just couldn't get the traction he needed to make the most of the added ooompph during some hard launches at the drag strip. We're pretty sure you can sense where this headed judging by the title of the build thread and the first picture you can see below. The CAUDI TT will soon be born and hopefully it'll be tripping the timing beams in no time at all. Fundamentally the plan has always been to use the factory suspension pick up point from the TT and translate them onto the Caddy metalwork. Custom bosses were machined up in house that act as pick ups from the subframes and rear roll cage. Mounting the whole thing on a pneumatic rotisserie to begin with has made the whole process that much easier with no need to remove any of the traditional pickup bed, although that's occupied by something far more interesting than sand and cement now. Just like you lot we were most impressed by the eyebrows on the TT and have vowed that the Caddy won't leave the workshop without them When Luke dropped a TT and a totally stripped Caddy off at Harv's place we all knew there was plenty of cutting, grinding and welding ahead. Roughly two weeks after embarking upon the project it's making rather rapid progress. New suspension turrets, engine mounts, transmission tunnel, propshaft and plenty of other work has already been carried out, not to mention stripping the running, MOT'd, BAM (225) engine'd TT down to virtually nothing ready for the scrapheap (which is arguably the best place for them considering how much they weigh!) Luke started out making some enquiries with Harv a few months ago now and has slowly been reeled into the world of ever faster dubs, now that we've got him we doubt he'll be able to escape (mwoooaah, ha ha!) Both Luke and I know that when it comes to mad Mk1s it's difficult to go anywhere else other than Harv's, you probably all remember this ol' shed that he built a few years ago now as the youtube views seem to have gone ballistic of late - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xdks-j3yt0 With a jig already in stock at Harv's place to marry all of the factory suspension pick up points for a Haldex / Quattro 4WD system into virtually any VW or many other bodyshells, he's already turned around a couple of notable traction and power increases using all of the VAG gubbins beneath cars that are typically a bit poop and front wheel drive. A Ford Ka with complete TT running gear and 20vt and another tiny little VW (which you'll all see soon) are amongst two of the coolest he's worked upon. Will have a lot more snaps for you tomorrow as I can't be arsed to sift through Flickr image tags anymore. It's looking more drivable by the day though with the engine in place on the chassis mounted platform mounts, gearbox in place and the complete prop and AWD stuff slotted into underneath. Plan is to get it wired and fired as a trail run and then send it for paint, we think.
  4. Here begins my ambitious (for me anyway) mk1 golf 1.8t 4wd build. This is my first project, big or small, but diving in at the deep-end and giving it a go I'm a novice at fabricating and taking a learn by doing approach. I'm an Aerospace Engineer by day so hopefully I'll have a fighting chance, a aircraft is just a car till it takes off....right?? I have a fairly good knowledge of the mechanical side of things but little clues about ECUs, wiring looms, mapping, etc. I got a shell of a friend (Mark1) who had spent some time restoring it before I took it off his hands, I'm amazed at the condition its in for a 1983 shell. Only found surface rust so far, the clocks read 54,000 (probably not for the first time), 1 female owner.....maybe. Here's what I started with. Before the roll over jig arrived I finished stripping the golf and took an angle grinder to the engine bay, cleaned up some rust on the inside and got the sun roof functioning-ish (it'll do for now). Once the jig arrived I was got a good look at the underside and didn't find anything other than a little rust and what seems to be the original under-seal. Got hold of a decent donor car only covered 80k with full service history. This should provide the engine, transmission and drive I need as well as a few other bits. Then hoping to make my money back by selling what I don't need It's a 225 quattro 6 speed. After making sure it drives ok I set about dismantling this perfectly fine TT for my own selfish needs, I never liked TTs anyway. Starting to look bare now, lots of stuff sold for golf funds too. Not sure what to do with the shell... Audi don't make it easy, some of the major bolts were too hot to hold when they finally came off!! These suspension mounts take the win though...7mm hex and go-through ring spanner, who uses 7mm?! I wasn't about to but a go-through just for that hence... I swapped the cambelt tensioner for 2L ABF and trial fitted (it's close). Post man brought me some shiny parts to play with Started to de-clutter the engine now. Air compressor and air con system removed (no need for air con in the UK / I have a sunroof I'm looking forward to using). Power steering pump removed (either going for electric or non, not decided yet). Have found some good delete threads for the 20vt (EVAP, N249, SAI, PCV, etc) though I have read mixed views on removing some of these, could use some advice on what not to delete?? I'm not going for a smooth show standard bay or trying to be anal with weight saving but if it makes it simpler and I don't need it, it's going. Trial fitted the mounts and my OCD kicked in when I realised I had to keep the mounts for the ancillaries I had removed and the angle grinder made an appearance. Now I have started to line up the rear subframe, ghetto string and cardboard style, so I can fabricate framework for the mk1. Might need some spare grinding wheels. Had an idea for the front suspension as shown in the detailed technical drawing below. Idea is to make an adapter that moves the mounting points inwards, essentially a clamp welded some bar to go in the original clamp. I am wanting to keep the stance of the TT.
  5. ashjstarr

    20vt MK1 Caddy

    I have been a member of clubpolo and the vwcaddy.com forums for some time but both of them are quite quiet so thought i would come over to Ed38 as there seems to be a bit more action over here and a nice variety of rides. So here is my daily driver: Details: 1988 MK1 Caddy Pickup 1.8T 20V AGU Engine K03 Hybrid Peugeot 206 Torsion Bar Rear suspension Chequer plated lift out bed liner As i bought it: I have had it since July last year and have done the following to it: Carpeted rear bulkhead VMaxx Coilovers fitted to front Fitted MK1 Tarantula alloys Vinyl wrapped the tailgate in wood effect LED bulbs in clocks discrete stereo in the pocket under the steering wheel I like to go to as many shows as possible throughout the year and the first outing was at London Volksfest last year and took it on the 1/4mile. 16.38 @73mph 16.21 @83mph 16.34 @86mph not sure what i expected really but had fun none-the less. Didn't actually make any others after volksfest due to various work and personal commitments but this year im going to hit up as many as possible So yeah that's it so far, plan for the future include: Wiring Rev Counter - requires a tacho box which i will get around to ordering eventually Wiring engine Temp - have run the wire through and connected up but i think it needs a resistor. Boost Gauge 2.5" full exhaust system - currently on a 2.5" downpipe to a 1.75" system Remap (this one isn't urgent. until the exhaust is done there is no point and i want to ensure that any more power is able to be transferred to the road!) Lid for the liner - going to build one with my old man, thinking steel frame with waterproof canvas or vinyl. New seats bigger wheels, fancy some banded steels, or maybe some estorils.
  6. Built In A Barn: 4motion 450bhp Mk2 GTI With a few of my close friends telling me I should put some sort of build thread together for my little project here goes! What started off as simply having my Mk4 GTI remapped and a few little bits here and there quickly lead to the following. After deciding I’d quickly get bored of the 220 ish horse power on offer from the simple remap I decided to look at moving to a “big turbo” conversion. This would have meant replacing at least the conrods to cope with the additional power that would be available. One thing lead to another and the motor quickly ended up being more than just rods. The intention was to always drop the motor into my FWD Mk4 but I have always wanted a MK2 for as long as I’ve been into cars. A new job earlier in the year has/will hopefully give me the funds and time to now build what I have always wanted! With the sort of power I’m looking at I started to look at a 4 wheel drive conversion. Synco parts are now going for crazy money and my fear of breaking a syncro part and the car being off the road for months whilst I located a replacement drive shaft in the UK for example didn’t sound that appealing. My only feasible option was to look at using the 4motion/Quattro running gear from the TT/S3/R32 etc…. I will try and update this as often as I can. If anyone’s on Instagram just search @sa_engineering as I update that quite a regularly. So this is where I’m up to! Chassis: (Working on) 1989 Small Bumper mk2 Golf GTi Audi TT mk1 Quattro Subframes And Associated Parts Audi TT 312mm Front Brakes (For now) Audi TT Rear Brakes (For now) Suspension (TBC) Wheels (TBC) Engine Spec: Now Complete (Estimated 430-450hp) 1.8T Block Bored To 82mm (1825cc) AGU Crank And Pegged Pulley Integrated Engineering 20mm Rifle Drilled Conrods Wossner Forged Pistons 1mm Oversize AGU Big Port Head, Ported SuperTech Single Collet Valves, Springs, Titanium Retainers. Piper Cams All New OEM Oil Pump, Water Pump, Tensioners, Cam Chain, Etc Integrated Engineering Manual Cambelt Tensioner Gates Kevlar Cam Belt 02M Gearbox GTX3071 .63 Tial Hotside (Owen Developments Built) Part 1: From the beginning I located a crash damaged 20v Audi A3 for less than £200. The engine was removed, the rest sold on/scrapped. The car had done just over 145k before it had a car slide into it in the snow a couple of years ago. The owner began to strip off the bent and broken parts with the intention of repairing it himself. He quickly lost interest and it found its way into my hands for effectively scrap value. I quickly set to work with a friend of mine pulling the motor apart. It was in fantastic condition considering the mileage on it. It didn’t really matter what we found as 95% of it was going to be replaced. Bare Block: The head was the main deciding factor as it was the large port AGU version, ideal for what I wanted to build. Head Fully Stripped:
  7. Hi all. I'm currently converting my Golf with an AYP 20vt. Got to the wiring stage and..... Has anyone got tips or diagrams i can go through?
  8. Hi all! I'm just starting a 1.8t/20vt conversion on my mk2 golf, and wondered which engine mounts are needed. I've got my Mk2 stripped, and am picking up an Audi A3 donor car next weekend so need to get some parts ordered Apologies if this kind of question is asked a lot, but I've searched the web and found lots of conflicting information. I also want to uprate the engine mounts too, perhaps a vibra technic's mount on the front, and a g60 gearbox and rear mount? I wondered if somebody who has done the swap could give me a definite answer on which is the best way to go, in terms of what fits, and which would be the best upgrades. Also, I believe the Audi has an 02J gearbox if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!
  9. Does anyone know where i get hold of a 3mm spacer which is needed for the Cupra R brake master cylinder Upgrade?
  10. I currently have a Mk2 with an AGU engine originally out of an Ibiza Cupra with a KO4, Wossner pistons & ARP rods, TT coilpacks, FMIC, 4-bar fuel pressure reg, etc. I believe it has also been re-mapped. This I am planning on having re-done by Map-Tech in Brigg. He's done a few of my cars in the past and is very good. The trouble I have is that if I accelerate hard, or let the boost get high, it pops and bangs. If I am careful on the throttle and let the boost build gradually, it's fine. I've swapped out the coil-packs (C6 RS6 items) and turned the N75 round the other way (previous owner was unsure of the right way) and the problem is still there. So, could the N75 be at fault, or the re-map be really rubbish? All help is gratefully accepted!
  11. Hi, kind of a cap in hand forum. I will be starting an ambitious (for me) project to create a mk1 golf with an r32 or vr6 engine. I have a shell and most parts, though I doubt I can use most of them with these engines. Whilst I know roughly what I need to do, mainly thanks to forums on here, I don't know enough to anticipate issues that could kill the project. I am an aerospace engineer so I'm hoping to have a fighting chance, but I am not kidding myself and not expecting this to be easy, straight forward or even fun at times. I have a fairly good knowledge of the mechanical side of things but little clues about ECUs, traction control, anything dash related, etc. Initially I need help deciding the basics: R32 or VR6 engine (or other, open to suggestions)? 4wd or 2wd / easiest 4wd system that will take the power and fit? Any not so obvious tips about what order to do things? Any help will be greatly appreciated I will be happy to keep this up to date once I have started if anyone is interested.
  12. Braw10

    Mk3 Ibiza Cupra

    New to edition so I thought id say hello and a few pics of my cupra. Might have seen my old lupo sport about at last years shows. Here's a few pics of my old lupo. Cupra has the usual mods, FMI, Pipercross induction kit, forge dump valve, remap around 200bhp. Looking for some new wheels back to 16,s
  13. R32Matt

    1.8t awd gearbox choices

    Hi, I'm hoping to tap into the wealth of knowledge on here to help with my mk1 golf awd 1.8t build. As it stands I'm using a mk1 audi tt donor car for the vast majority of parts. I'm planning on upgrading the engine significantly, in stages, >400bhp eventually. I need help choosing the most suitable gearbox: 5 speed as I'm told the ratios are better / gears will last longer with high power from digging around I read some are better for top end - no idea how that works... do I want a gearbox of a diesel so it can take more torque - or is this a stupid question engine mounted transverse obviously grateful for any and all advice
  14. oomgaryee

    1.8t PCV setup with QPENG MBE

    Hi guys, so ive been tinkering over the weekend with my 1.8t (in a mk2 golf running MBE 992), and ive decided i'd like to ditch the PCV setup, id already fitted a catch tank into the system, but i'd previously retained the hockey puck valve and vented the gases back into the TIP (so it was like a standard system) however after playing on the weekend and having my boost pipes apart and seeing the vapours in there, i've decided id like to vent to air, rather than recirc back into the intake, ive seen people vent to air, and ive seen people that vent back into the intake, i cant seem to find a definative answer as to if it has any detrimental effects, other than someone mentioning that on a standard mk4 venting back into the TIP is best, due to the MAF and ECU needing to account for all air in the system, so venting to air can throw it out, however as im running qpeng, i have no MAF sensor, so can anyone think of any issues with this? other than the smell (ive run the outlet to the very bottom of the bay so this shouldnt be too much of a problem cheers
  15. TurboDeftzz

    What Diff?

    Afternoon, Its nearly bonus time at work and im just about finishing up my 20vt MK2 for the second time. Ill be running 270BHP and need an LSD for my O2J box, just wanted to see who is running one and what they would recommend? Any links etc would be appreciated. Cheers.
  16. chaoticreign

    Another mk2 golf gti....

    Hi all, So I thought i'd start a build thread and keep it updated as I went along. So last night, I picked this 1.8 8v gti with 117k on the clock for just over 200 quid, with tax and MOT, currently it needs a new headlight, a new rear light, and is currently overfueling/underpowered but hoping to sort all these issues this weekend coming. On the cards this winter, is to strip my mk3 Ibiza Cupra and stick the engine in this. get the bodywork sorted and get it all painted up. Will update as I go along. Thanks, Ant