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Found 1 result

  1. DC!

    Vento V6

    Hello everybody, I want to share the story of my Vento with you but first of all, I show you my previous cars: My first love, the red Vr6, got it nearly ten years, then i parted it out. But the shell is still alive by another owner. After this car I bought a 97" VR6 Highline Syncro... decent car, sold it a year later The Daily... And the "Pritsche".... I thought I will be happy with a aircooled car.... but that wasn't so So I was back in the watercooled buisness and I wanted to build something that suits me... I was looking again for a MK3. I would love to get a mulberry Highline, but there was no good car on the market. The same thing with the Vento VR6. I had to find a good shell and swap the engine by myself. Here is the car I started with: It is a 95 Vento 1.8 with power windows and sunroof, great body exapt a dent in the rear wheel well. It hat 95.000km on the oddmeter (about 59t miles).