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Found 6 results

  1. Evening everyone, I thought i would start a build thread for a car I have really enjoyed messing around with. This was initially bought to be a run around for Avril as the RS4 was just a bit OTT for her to use with her work and I didn't want excess mileage being put onto to it lol. So here we have a MK5 R32 in United Grey. 5 Door with every optional extra fitted from new. Some of the spec includes Recaro Heated Bucket seats, DSG, Auto everything, Sunroof (Tilt and Slide) and the fact it was owned by a 79 year old lady! Yes, SEVENTY NINE!!! So the car was near enough immaculate. Well maintained, dealer only, every bill from new. Just a nice and much loved car. We came about this through a friend. This lady had bought a Scirocco R for her 80th Birthday so this was being sold, well part exchanged. So before the dealer got their hands on it, Avril spoke to her and bought the car cash. Win win as Avril got something to use and the lady preffered the car to go to an enthusiast who would love it as much as she did. Here are some pictures from when we collected it... The car had only a few minor issue, 2 car parking dents which were removed straight away and just in need of a good detail. We did find some minor corrosion on the front wings after a few months, barely noticable unless your a jeweller with the eye of an eagle Hope you all like and enjoy this thread! Thanks for looking Vick
  2. GurpalD

    GurpalD's Daily Mk5

    Hello everyone! So I guess it's time for what you could call another installment lol! .. So then, after accepting a university place that required me commuting on a daily basis, it meant I needed a sensible and practical daily car to get there and back in. As you would imagine, the VR6 wasn't the best car to be doing major miles, down to the pure fact that a 2.8 12v VR6 is never going to match a diesel on economy, and I didn't fancy ruining the VR6's paintwork either. So I was on the hunt for something diesel, something that kept me in the "scene", custom but daily friendly too. It just happened my good friend Bally had come across an Imola Red E46 M3 convertible that he wanted, which meant he was looking to sell his Mk5 Golf GT TDI: I couldn't pass this one up. So after a few longggggggggg whatsapp convo's and several phone calls later (Bally will tell you lol!), a deal was agreed and the car was mine later on in the week. Now this is what the car looked like when I picked it up: And a few more when Bally was running it on the RS reps: So, some specs: 2004 Mk5 Golf GT TDI 140 6 speed manual 115k 2 owners FSH Boring stuff done. The proper specs.... 4 way Accuair E-Level Air Suspension set up Chassis notch GTI front bumper 3M matte grey wrap (originally metallic grey) Tinted windows Digital dual zone climate control So all in all, a good daily car. Ticked all the boxes for me and most importantly, I loved it from the first day I saw it! I followed the basic procedure that most people do after picking up a new car.. WASH IT .. Also had a play round with the air ride : Now after 115k and 10 years post-production, the car was starting to show signs of wear both cosmetically and mechanically, both internally and externally. There were also a few things that weren't quite to my taste on the car too that I wanted to change. First thing on my hit list was the center part of the dash. It was in a pretty poor state, with scratches all over and just generally looking tired, so I sorted that out first. Before: After: Bally had the E-Level controller mounted in the ash tray, but I didn't like the way it lit up the inside of the car at night time, and wanted to locate it to a more discreet part of the car, so used the small compartment under the headlight switch: I then had an offer on the standard wheels, so I got shot of those because I absolutely hated them and then put the VR6's winter wheels on temporarily: Bally also had a sound setup in the car, which I wasn't very fond of. It consisted of: - Bosch multi-channel 600w amp for the door speakers - Orion D5000 amp - Orion 15" HCCA - Pioneer MixTrak headunit Now I'm quite fussy when it comes to doing mods to a car. If I'm gonna do something, I like to take my time and do it properly. I had a feeling that the audio setup hadn't been done this way. So out came the interior: The audio was set up just how I thought it had been. OEM wiring cut, wire's stripped then twisted and taped together. The worst possible way of doing it. So, I headed down to Maplin's, bought a crimping tool and a big set of crimps and go to work on crimping all the wires back into the OEM wiring harness and doing things the right way. At this point, I also replaced both woofers in the front doors as they were showing signs of being passed their best in the way they sounded. So, OEM phillips replacements were ordered and riveted into place. I removed all the excess speaker wires and RCA's, as well as the single DIN headunit, which looked awful in the dash. My vision with this car is to go OEM+ as much as I can without sacrificing too much on looks and usability. When it came to finding a replacement headunit, I considered all options. RNS-510's, RCD-510's. I still wanted to be able to run a subwoofer too, so needed something that had RCA input's but still remained OEM. After reading through forum after forum on what would be the best option, the answer I seemed to get was that running a subwoofer off a standard headunit wasn't a good idea, however, there was an alternative. The Kenwood DNX was offered by VW as an optional extra. It has bluetooth, TV tuner and sat nav capabilities, as well as 4x50w power output, and RCA inputs. Its also a direct fit with no battery drain issues on the Mk5 platform so it was a no brainer. I trawled the internet night after night looking for a good deal on one. One came up, a few eBay messages later and it was mine, along with all the accessories: Fits like a glove and sounds great! Couldn't be happier! I stuck all the interior back together and was then on the look out for a set of wheels, as the 16" Merc wheels were not doing it any justice! Again, I wanted something OEM+ to go on the car and to keep with the theme. Super wide dishes were not an option as I didn't really want to run a big stretch on a daily car. All my friends kept saying to go for Bentley Mulliner wheels, but 20" wheels would mean too low a profile tyre on a daily car, so I put that option to a side for now. Then a friend of mine, Parm, happened to be selling his 19" BBS 2 Piece split Speedlines. I went to go see them: Hashed out a deal, and brought them back home: Then, like a kid at chrismas, I started fitting: The wheels will be getting split, blasted and powder coated soon but when funds allow. Haven't decided on a colour for the centre's yet but the lips will definitely be getting polished. Now to spruce up the exterior, I sanded the headlights back as they were damaged by UV, before: After: I also repainted the front VW badge as I wasn't keen on the red inserts: Also fitted in the inserts that were missing: Also fitted some 10mm spacers on the front today as the wheels seemed to be fouling the struts, so picked up some extended wheel bolts from STS too: Driving ride height: And a quick snap of the air set up: All hidden away under a false floor in the spare wheel well. Much happier with the way it is sitting now and how it feels to drive on the 19's. Ride is sublime and the interior feels like a much nicer place to be. A lot more planned for the car yet, with some subtle performance modifications, nothing to extreme that side as it's gonna be a daily whip! Well, I appreciate it if you have stuck with me thus far lol! Many many more updates to come, so keep tuned! Comments and criticisms are welcome and any idea's for the wheel refurb would be appreciated, perhaps some photoshops if possible from people with the skills Thanks for reading! Gurpal
  3. Does anyone on here offer 3D printing services? I'm toying with the idea of 3D printing a pod for my E-level controller. I've knocked up a design in Sketchup, though I'm a bit of a newb at this, so don't really know if my model is drawn correctly for printing etc etc. Also, I've not really got any idea of what's a reasonable price? I've just sent it off to a couple of places to see what they say, but keen to get input from you guys on here.
  4. This is my 4th thread now previous builds… Vw Bora slammed on TT Comps Vw Polo slammed on BBSs Vw Bora slammed on Bentley conts So at the start of the year I decided I wanted to start a new build, been saving up the past few months for a decent car and was looking at a few different cars, Vw Jettas, Bmw 3 series or Audi A4, I went to view a couple and in the end I decided on a black Audi A4 B7 2.0L TDI body was tidy and paint was good, full Audi service history and 98,000 miles after taking it for a test drive I loved it and brought it home. Same day I ordered a cheap set of JOM coil overs to get it low and ordered everything to do a full service apart from brakes as they were newish , also had the rear model badges and rear wiper deleted. Had my plate put on. Mounted a set of DRLs in the foglights I then finally had some time to get working on the paint g3ed,clay bared, swirl removed, polished and waxed, then detailed, then cleaned all the engine bay out and came up nice few tiny little dinks in places that will be removed soon enough. One of my mates (stearch) started splitting his car and brought a set of front Porsche boxster seats of him that he recently had retrimed in black leather and black alcantara centres, And one day got round to trail fitting them, got a friend to make me some brackets up to make them fit and eventually got them all bolted in and they look good for now till I fork out on some rs4 sets or something. One weekend I started on the coil overs fronts went in a treat but rears were a bit of a ball ache but got them in after an hour or 2 and adjusted them to set nice wasn’t happy with the back as it wasn’t low enough so I began looked at airlift suspension After realising the price of air I was put off and began to look at wheels was looking for a set of Rotiform INDs for weeks then gave up and I seen a set of Rotiform SNAs 19x9 all-round with 235/35 tyres 50 miles old and decide to get them. First day they arrived I had my car up on the stands and was testing them couldn’t wait, they sat nice and was happy with them for a while but then I wanted more lows! So I got bored an ordered an airlift v2 autopilot kit from plush and picked it up, 400c compressor, 3/8 airline, upgraded valve check, 5 gallon Accuair skinny tank, couple of 3/8 bulkheads and a few meters of copper hard-line. First time fitting air I was nervous but after reading thorough all the instruction manuals it looked easy so I decide to have a go fitting it myself. After a few days thinking it through and how I wanted it I wanted to be able to access the spare wheel still so I had to think of a way to get the wheel out and also be able to maintain the air wires etc. Started by building a step up out of MDF for the tank to sit in as the tank does not have legs and bolted it down using 2 fixing points, next I positioned the compressor and manifold block. My plan was to use copper hard-line were it would be seen but when it came to it the pipe looked a mess from where I used the pipe benders and in the end decided just to use the 3/8 soft line for now. After building the entire step up I started to turn all the management wiring to the battery so had to take out all the interior side panels and parts to hide it, then had to tank out the glove box to find an access point to go through to the engine bay. I found a big bung that I could drill a hole in and push the wires through and taped them up and put them to the side till the end. Next was the wire to the control, I decided to do a neat little holder for my iPhone and the controller were the ashtray was mounted and then trimmed it and the gear stick surround in black alcantara.
  5. One day on the way to work my previous MK3 died a horrible death. A log in the middle of the road ripped the sump to bits and ripped the brake lines out. Not knowing if the engine would be okay after being starved of oil, the cost to fix it was more than the cars worth. I decided to strip it and scrap the shell. So for about 6 months I was without a car until I purchased this Golf MKV. I've owned the car for 4 months now and have only driven it a handful of times. It sat for a month while I was away with work which was fine because it let me make my first purchase.
  6. Llea_Lowsocial

    Llea's Mk6 Golf

    Hi All i thought id start a post in readers rides seems im soon to be purchasing an Accuair E-level/I-level kit and just share really everything ive done to the car so hope you all enjoy . So to start heres the car the day before i picked it up (i bought a 5door because i wasnt interested in the car scene this was just ment to be left standard) So i ran around for a good few months like this whilst at the time my friends were going to meets and shows all over the UK i was really happy with everything but then one weekend i went to a meet (cant remember off the top of my head which one) but i caught the bug from that day on...... So that day I bought some AMG stytle alloys and some FK High sport coilovers along with some HIDs. The HIDS got fitted first along with some LED sidelights Then it was time for the wheels and coils to be put on shortly after Mudflaps were then removed for more lows.... I ran this set up for a while, well till the start of februauy 2013 I got quite Bored of this set up after a few months and i had fallen in love with some Mercedes Alphards so i started digging around waiting for the right set to appear, After months and months of searching i found the right set and bought them off a guy from this forum I was well happy with the purchase i just had to wait for the bad weather to go so i could get them on!!!!!.. I couldnt wait so one weekend i decided to give them a test fit i loved the look of the mk6 sitting on them and it killed me taking them off, but i waited just about long long enough to get them on for good. I ran the car like this just untill the roads cleared up then the next thing was to LOWER HER MORE and get rid of that arch gap! So Heres a Before And heres the after Big improvement and the car looked 100x better Then it was time to get that awful number plate recess smoothed out and getting the front end like it should Now the car for me looks amazing it was just missing something............. Thats right a Full ACCUAIR I-LEVEL setup that im purchasing tomorrow I'll be updating this when the I-level is fully installed and my cars sorted.. This will be After UltimateDubs in March 13. I hope you all liked the thread and just keep an eye out for me this season, a few local boys some already with air will be attending.