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Found 15 results

  1. GurpalD

    BMW E30 Cabriolet

    Hello people, some of you might know me from my purple Mk2 build "Princess ANN", which I am still very much in progress with. However, since that car is road worthy and pretty much a "driving project", I've decided to buy another car which I have always wanted. I'm sure you guys have worked out what it is from the build thread title lol! Anyway, here she is: A few details about the car then.. She is a 1993 K reg E30 cabriolet, 1.8 liter M40 4 cylinder engine coupled with a 5 speed manual gearbox. The car is diamond schwarz black in colour and had a grey sport leather interior in it, although it wasn't spec'd with the leathers from factory. It has an electric roof and come with 17" Alpina wheels too. The picture is taken from the first night I got it home. I bought it as a non-starter but was assured by the seller that it was simply a flat battery. These cars are going up in value now, but I paid a fraction of the cost of a MOT'd road worthy car would be but that is also reflected in it's condition. The sills need some attention due to rust and the car would benefit from a full respray ideally. Anyway, I gave it a wash the following morning to get the grime that had been accumulating on it over a year off and to see the true condition of the car I was left with. And one next to the Mk2: So I have got a few plans for the car, and my aim is to get it on the road in the next month or so as it doesn't require as much work as the Mk2 did in my opinion. I'll keep this updated regularly as I go with the work I do on it Gurpal
  2. radioworld

    Custom Fit Subwoofer Enclosures

    New subwoofer boxes in stock, Car specific custom fit, OEM look and fit. Please PM if you would like to order. Audi A3 8L - £44.99 A3 8P - £89.99 A4 B5 Avant - £89.99 A4 B6 Avant - £89.99 A4 B8 Saloon - £89.99 A6 C5 Avant - £89.99 Q7 - £89.99 BMW E46 Touring - £89.99 E60 Saloon - £89.99 Ford Focus Mk1 - £89.99 Focus Mk2 - £89.99 Mondeo Mk3 Estate - £89.99 Skoda Fabia 2 Estate - £89.99 Octavia 1 Estate - £89.99 Octavia 2 - £89.99 Volkswagen Passat B5 Estate- £89.99 Passat B6 Saloon- £89.99 Transporter T5 - £44.99 Universal 17" Spare Wheel - £89.99 See link for pictures of specific boxes and in the listings most have a picture fitted so you can see the fit http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/radioworld-online-uk/m.html?item=370790238349&_from=R40&_sacat=0&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&_nkw=custom&_sop=15
  3. I thought it would be good to show one of these jobs. This lovely M140i is 10 months old. The owner had only washed the car a couple of times since picking it up - which played in the car's favor - and brought it in to see what needed to be done to get the car looking fresh and protected. After being washed and decontaminated, it was clear that the paint work was in great shape and would benefit from a hand polish and some durable protection. The owner was keen for Auto Finesse products to be used, and as an Auto Finesse Approved Detailer, I was happy to oblige The order of the detail (Auto Finesse products used throughout): Full safe wash and decontamination Hand Polish 2 layers of Tough Coat Sealant 1 layer of Spirit wax Mint Rims for the wheels The car on arrival. 20171031_143607 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171031_143616 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171031_143637 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171031_143645 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Wheels, tyres and arches first with Imperial and Verso. 20171031_152001 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Avalanche snow foam to soften the surface dirt and grime before the 2 bucket wash. 20171031_152945 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr All of the tighter ares agitated with a soft detailing brush, 20171031_153017 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171031_153143 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Iron fallout and embedded brake dust removed with Iron Out. 20171031_160759 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171031_161127 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171031_160743 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171031_160734 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The gloss black pillars received a machine polishing set to remove some swirling. 20171101_095550 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_101052 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr There was a chip on the side skirt that was touched in. 20171101_094416 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_101401 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr M/Sport exhaust tips polished and protected. 20171101_132919 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_133153 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The rubber mats were cleaned and protected. 20171101_133439 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_140841 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The paint work was hand polished. 2 layers of sealant applied and topped off with a nice carnauba wax. Wheels waxed. Ruber trims and tyres dressed. Glass polished and sealed. 20171101_134329 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Lots of leaves living behind the grills were removed. 20171101_142131 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr And the finished car. 20171101_142401 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142308 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142418 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142448 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_150121 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_150134 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142148 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142206 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142244 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142302 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20171101_142155 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Thanks for reading. Richard 20171101_150127 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr
  4. I had this E39 BMW in for a single day enhancement detail. A new purchase for the owner - it looked great at first, but the car was covered in swirls and sun cream hand prints. It was cold so no wash shots, just one of the wheels... the owner took it to a hand car wash on the way over I guess they done a good job then. Once fully cleaned up and taken inside, the vulnerable areas were taped up and the car was ready for polishing. A single stage machine polish was all that was allowed for. Spot pad work first. After Before on the drivers door After Under different lighting Some lovely sun cream Removed Before After Tape off, ready for wax. 2 layers of Auto Finesse Spirit were used for some great protection. The tyres were dressed with Meg's Endurance Trims with Auto Finesse Revive Glass with Gtechniq C4 and C5 Wheels Protected with Mint Rims Finished shots Thanks for reading Comments or questions welcomed, as always.
  5. Here's an 8 month old BMW 640 diesel twin turbo Convertible which was booked in for a maintenance detail with the owner supplying his own LSP which was Gyeon Cure having a Gyeon sealant applied by another detailer previously. However when hitting The 640 there was zero hydrophobic behavior, zero sheeting. Basically no repellency whatsoever which I was very surprised about. Water literally sat on the surface like a mill pond. The car was also very dirty due to the winter's weather and road conditions. This was soon sorted with Auto Finesse Avalanche, Ctirus degreaser, and alot of TLC given to the bodywork and wheels which were caked in road grime. Two bucket method with Microfibre Madness mitts and Chemical Guys Glossworkz shampoo, with pat drying to finish took care of the lengthy wash stage. The BMW was then brought inside from the cold damp weather with the nooks and crannies blown out with an air line to rid water trails down the line. Gyeon Cure was applied to the paintwork wheels and glass. Tyres sealed, and the heating in the unit cranked up to help the curing process. Interior was wiped down with Chemical Guys Inner Clean, vacummed throughout and Auto Finesse Crystal for the interior glass. Luckily for the owner the sun came out to play so the fresh finish wasn't ruined 2 minutes down the road! Onto the pictures! Thanks for looking!
  6. I was asked if I could give this BMW a freshen up. The car had been up for sale for a while but the owner couldn't get a buyer. When the car arrived it was relatively clean, but covered in a variety of marks ranging from tiny blemishes to canyons. I began on the engine bay. It hadn't been discussed but it's one of the first places I start when looking to buy a car. Before. Cleaned up with Auto Finesse Verso mixed 1:10. Next, Auto Finesse Dressle was applied to all the plastics and rubbers. Left for a short time before buffing away. Done Onto the wheels, tyres and arches next. Auto Finesse Imperial mixed at 1:16 on the faces, Verso for the bare metal dishes and tyres. The dishes were badly oxidized and slightly pitted. I would've loved a day on these alone but unfortunately it couldn't happen. More of those later. The car received a 2BM wash, pat dried, tar removed using Tardis, Fallout removed with Auto Finesse Iron Out. Re-washed before a clay mitt was used to remove further contamination. I'm still not 100% sold that this is a complete replacement for traditional clay So one clean car, ready for some work. The main scratch on this panel was far too deep to remove but the edges were rounded off and the scratch by the handle removed with Menzerna FG400 and a Green Hexlogic pad via rotary. After. I tried my best to capture these marks on the rear quarter. Safely removed in 2 microns Not all of the car was machined, only the worst areas. These were all polished with Menz FG400 on a green Hexlogic pad and refined with Meg's 205 on a white Hexlogic pad via rotary polisher. To further cleanse the rest of the paint while adding some gloss, Auto Finesse Tripple was used. This includes door shuts. The aim of this detail was to bring some clarity back to the paint work, not any form of correction. A slight improvement, and a lot of dirt was pulled from the pores of the paint work! Auto Finesse Desire was applied to the paint to add some durable protection. Back to those wheels. Very stained and damaged. Meguiar's NXT metal polish was worked using 000 grade steel wool and then worked again using a foam applicator. A noticeable improvement but the given time, these would have been beautiful The trims were dressed with Auto Finesse Revive. Tyres with Meguiar's Endurance. Glass polished and sealed with G|techniq products. The exhaust is wrinkle painted so no polishing was carried out back there. Some finished shots. One very happy owner collected the car. Then I had a text the next day saying someone had viewed it and bought it straight away... Mission accomplished! Thanks for reading. Any comments, fire away!
  7. Its that time of the month again... 27 - 06 - 2014 Static car meet Beaconsfield Services M40 Jct2 A355 Windsor Drive, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2SE From 7pm till late German ONLY car meet Although all welcome, all non German cars please park in the non meet areas of the car park Usual rules apply No load bass No drifting or speeding No burnouts Car of the meet will be back up and running this month

    No £20 for me... :(

    But they did beat my cheapest quote by more than £20!! HIC once again coming out the cheapest on renewal. Covering mods, driving other cars, decent mileage allowance and hardly anything extra to cover for business use. Thanks alot to Lhotte and also James for running the quote and getting the best deal possible.

    Amplifying Components & Sub

    I currently have 2x 10" subs with 1 amp powering them. I'm looking to swap to a single 12" sub powered by the same amp. I'm then looking to add a second amp (if needed) to power the front components and the rear speakers. Would adding a processor be the easiest/best way to control the feeds coming from both amps into the stereo?? Thanks, James. EDIT: Something like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Audison-Audio-Signal-Interface-Processor/dp/B009NOQQF2
  10. Been a while since I did a NCP but here we go. This was a 2008 130k car, never been touched with the detailing "brush" before. As it wasn't booked in for machine polishing, it still could look better but that wasn't the goal. Products: Optimal Car Care Ltd Autoglym Meguiars Autobrite Valet Pro The interior was pretty well kept so no photos of that. Thanks, James
  11. GurpalD

    HOMEGROWN 2014

    Hi everyone, just wondering whether the Homegrown meets are on this year on the last Friday of each month at the Beaconsfield services? Is it on this Friday? Cheers, GurpalD
  12. Had this booked in late last night for a new car protection I offer. Products used: Bilberry Megs AC Optimal Car Car' "iron-x" equivalent (stinky stuff Mike!!) Autobrite Superfoam Kleenfreaks Shampoo (best smelling product on the market in my opinion :cool: ) AG Detailer 3M Claybar PBs Blackhole (Best thing I thought would work well on a white car given I dont own alot of polishes) Armourall Wheel Sealer & Sheild Wax (bought these for my own use to give them ago, not had chance so thought I might as well) AF Crystal AS Finish I won't post all the photos but here are a selection: 116i New Car Protection 3 by CJGREEN., on Flickr 116i New Car Protection 8 by CJGREEN., on Flickr After Bilberry: 116i New Car Protection 16 by CJGREEN., on Flickr Killing that stubborn stuff: 116i New Car Protection 22 by CJGREEN., on Flickr Scuffs on the sill from getting in and out corrected by hand with AG Paint Renovator: 116i New Car Protection 34 by CJGREEN., on Flickr 116i New Car Protection 35 by CJGREEN., on Flickr After blackhole was buffed off: 116i New Car Protection 44 by CJGREEN., on Flickr And after the wax was applied, buffed and wheels dressed: 116i New Car Protection 58 by CJGREEN., on Flickr Thanks, James
  13. The Po thats Lo

    One for the bmw boys

    Right so was about to buy the above car stated and have had a phone call from the owner saying that the water pump has just failed. The car is a 316i and what I believe to be an m40 engine (found in the later models). What I would like to know is whether the waterpump is driven by the cam belt or whether it is driven by an auxiliary belt? Second option being much easier to repair obviously. Any help appreciated, cheers guys. Tom.
  14. Hi All, I recently bought a MK4 Golf on some BBS Rc 090 wheels. The guy who has had it before has completely ruined the thread on the hub adaptors so the nuts won't go on. I'm after some new ones but i need them to be 15mm thick and no more! I can't find them anywhere off the shelf, there are places that will custom make them which i can do, but i would rather just get one already made. Does anybody know anywhere that sells them, or recommend someone who can make them up? the PCD info is below: Golf 5 x 100 57.1 mm BMW 5 x 120 74.1mm Cheers! Blacka