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Found 6 results

  1. The second of Gepfeffert's fleet came in for the same detail as the mighty RS6 previously. This example boasted 560bhp of upgrades, custom zero lip BBS 20" wheels, Gepfeffert's digital coilover suspension giving the awesome slammed look and a truck load of carbon fibre to the exterior. Full wash down with Auto Finesse and Powermaxed products. Two stage machine polishing process to rid as many defects as safely possible. Kamikaze Collection Infinity wax for paintwork protection. Exterior glass, trim, exhaust tips and carbon fibre treated with Gyeon products. Wheels removed (one of only two sets worldwide), cleaned inside and out, blow dried, zero lips repolished and sealed with Gyeon products. Tyres dressed with Fireball Ultimate Tyre Coating. Coilover suspension dropped 5mm front and raised 10mm rear. Interior carpets wet vacced, Auto Finesse products for dash, leather and panels. Another insane car, and not to everyone's taste (bang on in my opinion) but we don't worry about that! As usual a HD Video showing the process and a selection of images are below. Many thanks for looking! HD VIDEO Pictures. Tyre valve - trick!! Split rim bolt unsrews to reveal valve. Lovely interior. Blow dried BBS! Some fool hit these splits with acidic wheel cleaner.... Ride height adjusted. Carbon goodies. Sitting pretty outside. All wrapped up ready for collection.
  2. Hello all. This beautiful week old Porsche Macan S was brought down to Offset Detailing, the Auto Finesse approved car detailing service in Essex after a poor dealership preparation by Porsche in Essex. This is the third car I have detailed for this couple - the previous two being their Audi A1 and their incredible sepang blue Audi RS6. After the usual wash down and decontamination process, the Macan S was hit with a two stage machine polishing process to eliminate the dealer inflicted scratches and defects. There was quite a few around this car which me or the owners were impressed with, a shame because you'd think a high profile brand like Porsche would take extreme care over their vehicles, but not in this case. Gtechniq Exo was used to seal the Jet Black Pearl paintwork, Gtechniq on the exterior glass and Sonax NPT for the wheels, brake calipers and plastic trim. The interior was vacuumed throughout, with Zaino Z6 for the door shuts, Chemical Guys Inner Clean for the interior and Auto Finesse Crystal for the glass. Tyres were then dressed. It was a pleasure working on such a nice Porsche. A video and some pictures are below highlighting the processes. Many thanks for looking.
  3. Thought I'd get the ball rolling on this thread as I'm still working on this car but here's a preview! In HD. And what's to come (in HD)...
  4. Hello all, Not many shots of this detail as it took ages and had to crack on. This was carried out over three days. Enhancement detail using the Rupes Bigfoot and Scholl S40. Thorough IPA wipe down followed and then three coats of Gtechniq Exo applied one day at a time. The result was one very well protected TT and the paint looking like absolute glass. A few snaps. During the machine polishing process. Mirror finish. After the coatings had cured the car was brought out into the sunshine. What a finish!! Thanks for looking.
  5. Reece brought along his awesome Mk1 Focus RS for a day's turn around and also to learn the basics of machine polishing using the Rupes Bigfoot system as well as gaining more confidence with his own DA polisher. I don't usually do tuitions as such as I like to crack on with my own work but as Reece's car was pretty damn cool and I hadn't worked on the Focus RS before, so it made a nice change to the norm. We cracked straight on with the bonnet, showing Reece's the do's and don't and that patience pays off. We tried a variety of different compounds and pads, settling on Rupes yellow pads, Scholl orange/blue pads and S3 Gold which seemed to cut through safely bearing in mind we had just a day to turn this around for an upcoming car show. Refinement was used with Rupes white pads and their Ultrafine polish with IPA wipedowns throughout the whole process. This created a ridiculous amount of gloss and reflections ready for LSP. LSP was taken care of with Reece's magic box of Auto Finesse waxes. We opted for a good coat of Desire wax with Reece applying product and me following him around. Onto the pictures! Reece trying out the Rupes system. Looking good! Don't slip! Lovely! Before. And after. That's more like it.
  6. A previous customer was back again, this time for an enhancement detail concentrating on the gloss factor of his E46 M3 convertible. Not too grubby, usual brake dust, dust on the vehicle to which a thorough wash down and cleanse was carried out prior to machining. Ph Neutral foam, Iron Out on the wheels agitated by Wheel Woolies brushes, followed by the usual two bucket method using Microfibre Madness wash mitts with Chemical Guys Wash and Clear shampoo, then rinsed. Dodo clay sponge to remove any further gremilns after washing then rinsed again. Pat dried with deep pile microfibre towels. Foam time! Looking better already. An IPA wipedown followed when the vehicle was inside. As the owner was after as much gloss/wet look as possible I brought out Chemical Guys Acrylic Shine II. This was applied using the Rupes Bigfoot with a white Chemical Guys polishing pad on a low/mid speed. Each panel had two hits and the gloss coming out of the paint afterwards was pretty insane. After the CG was left to cure and buffed, Auto Finesse Powerseal was applied to glass with a finishing pad via machine, Auto Finesse Mint Rims applied to the wheels with Meguiars Endurance gel for the tyres and inner arches dressed. Chemical Guys Fabric Guard was then applied to the hood and then finally a coat of Auto Finesse Spirit wax to the paintwork. A light spritz of Zaino Z6 to add even further gloss and the carbon black was giving off daft reflections and mad gloss. Interior was vacuumed, with Chemical Guys Inner Clean for panels and dash. - ready to go! Thanks for looking!