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Found 2 results

  1. Rupie

    Rup's T6 Transporter

    Been absent for a few years now and just been bitten by the bug again so thought I'd stick a few pics of the new project up. Got some big plans for this over the coming months, thinking of going down more of a day van route instead of a full conversion as I need to still use it as a van sometimes. 2017 T6 Transporter Startline 102bhp H&R Deep drop coilovers and Amorak 18" banded steelies wrapped in Falken rubber. MK6 golf steering wheel Panel van spec currently but booked in for kombi windows in the slider and opposite, insulation and carpet lining with LED spots and electrics next month. Picked up a Kiravans swivel base and looking at a re trim on the front seats too. Planning on running it like that over winter then many more things next year
  2. Made this 'how to' up for Banded Steel Wheels, thought i may as well post it on here! The same principle applies to adding outer barrels to 2 piece splits such as RM's I'm sure you can use this to work out the process for 3 piece splits! First of all, www.willtheyfit.com is the most important tool in this arsenal! if you have the specs of the original steel wheel this is VERY useful! put in the original spec of the steel wheel in the 'existing' section When working out the offset for a banded steel, for every inch you add to the width, you subtract 12.5 from the offset example: http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=185&aspect=55&diameter=14&wheelwidth=6&offset=45&width2=195&aspect2=45&diameter2=14&wheelwidth2=8&offset2=20&Submit=Submit so thats the spec of a mini g60 banded to 8j, i've added 2 inches to the outside of the wheel so i've subtracted 25 from the offset! notice how the inside of the wheel stays in the same place, and the extra 2 inches of width goes on the outside of the wheel ( as it does with banding!) If you have the original steel on the car then its easy to see which width is best for you, you just mount the steel to the hub and put a tape measure up to the lip and measure out until it sit flush with the arch! if you don't have the steel to put on your car e.g if you were buying second hand, acquire the original offset and width from the seller, work out the width and correct offset, then with the desired width in the 'new' field on will they fit put the specs of the wheels on your car at the moment in the current field and compare them! measure inner and outer clearances to be sure! if you want to run a little wider with some camber to tuck it back in add a little more on (half an inch recommended) but make sure you have room between the back of the wheel and the suspension to camber it in! And remember, you don't have to have the widest wheel possible! you can always go for a sensible width and space them out the be flush with the arch! once you've worked out the offset for the width you like, the offset is relative to the spacer you run! so a 15mm spacer on an ET15 wheel will be ET0! 20mm spacer ET-5 and so on! once you've worked out your widths you need to work out your tyre sizes, this is important, if you can't find an appropriate tyre for your widths your a bit stuffed! use www.tyrestretch.com to hunt down your width and look for the tyre size that gives the stretch you're after! then find the availability of that tyre online mytyres.co.uk camskill.co.uk blackcircles.com these are the usual websites for tyres but you may find an obscure size elsewhere online via google! there you go, you've worked out your perfect widths/offsets and tyre size! congrats!