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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Guys! Have been meaning to start a build thread for ages now... so after near on two years of "i'll sort one soon" I've finally got round to making one I've always wanted a cool car, something that can be made to look wicked, and represent what you're about. So when choosing my first car, i had 3 main cars in mind. These were either the 6N2 Polo, MK2 Golf on the 6N2 Lupo. i was fairly limited on budget, so this ended up ruling out a MK2 Golf for me, a car i would like to get hold of in the future however. So after loads of searching around, i was pretty adamant that the car i wanted was a Lupo. (Decided that i'd like to look at getting a 6N2 Polo GTI once i can actually afford the insurance...) So after a little bit of looking around, i got word of a fairly clean little Lupo that was up for sale at work. So on June 9th 2014, i bought my first Lupo, JDO. Here he is! Was fairly happy with the condition of JDO when i bought Him, had a few age related marks here and there such as trolley dents, dings etc, and was also on fairly low miles at the time (62400) with two owners from new! Bonus was it was in Fresco green, the colour i wanted most! But was mint as first cars go! Now i must mention, this car has been quite a big learning curve for me. i've always been around cars, they've been a massive part of my life and family. However, up until getting JDO, i had had next to no hands on experience with working on cars, so i have had to teach myself a fair bit about how things work etc, and how nothing is ever as easy as you might think it is, hence why it has taken me quite a while to get JDO to his current state, even though it's nothing massive by any means... Anyway, back to the build! So on the second week of owning JDO, i bought myself a set of brand new 14" Passat Steelies to replace the standard Monza rims, and a set of 25mm Eibach drop springs, as well as a new set of front struts and rear dampers, as the originals were long past their best.... Cleaned it to within an inch of it's life too. And also decided to make it look a bit smoother by dropping the rubbing strips on the doors / rear quarters. And by the 9th of August, i finally got to put JDO on the road. Picked a pretty awesome car to learn with, i love it. Everything was perfect! For all of two weeks, until the coil pack decided it no longer needed to work anymore. Two days later, i had him back on the road, and ran it like this for probably 4-5 months. By my 18th birthday, i'd had enough of the steelies, and wanted something a bit better looking. Now i'd always wanted a set of BBS RS Splits, however they are (as i discovered) quite expensive. So i gave my parents half the money towards a set of Lenso BSX Rims. (BBS Reps, please don't hate me ) This was great, but now they looked lost on the car due to the massive ride height, so that had too change. I think by about March time 2015 i bought myself a set of Apex 40mm Drop springs, this made it look a lot better than before! I then ran JDO on them for about 2 months, all was going perfectly well! Until the pedal box decided to collapse and render the clutch useless Took me two weeks to get this problem sorted! what an absolute nightmare it was to change! Since then, i've not had one problem with it! Well other than deciding to put what i assumed to be scrap petrol (left overs we get at work occasionally) in it, which turned out to be a mix of Diesel and petrol, as i found out after driving him about 50m before he started to die and conk out. Sharn't be making that mistake again... Oh and also the passenger side hub, Which for months i assumed was a bent subframe causing the massive camber problems (Photo should illustrate the problem) after being told time and time again that you can't bend a cast hub. The hub was bent by almost 10mm.... One trip to the breakers and one Polo 9N Hub later and it was all sorted! So from i think May/June JDO Ran on the 40mm Apex's quite happily until November, when i decided again that he just wasn't low enough. So after much research on ClubLupo etc, it became apparent that coil overs were the next best option. After looking through possible options, my friend Tom (Tom-Uk) recommended that i look into getting a set of AP Coilovers. Best decision i ever made buying a set of them, they're awesome. Opening a box of coilovers is awesome. I was literally like these two guys and they're KFC So JDO went from being about 3" too high to being almost spot on. And i ran him like that until about a week ago, when i decided that he needs to be a bit lower,again. So i decided to roll my arches, well the rears at least.... This went ok, just a bit gutted that i managed to crack some of the paint under the arches... I know you can't really see it, but that's not the point.... another job for another day now! So now we are at the present day. I took the rear adjusters out on friday to drop the rear, all i need to do now is to roll the front arches to allow for some more lowering! and my new wheels, decided to get myself a set of Stuttgart ST7's! hoping these make JDO look even better! Will update asap!
  2. Remote central locking just suddenly stopped working today on our Lupo 1.4s Details: Door works fine with key. When I use the key in the passenger side lock it activates central locking and unlocks the rest of the car, same with locking also. When I use the fob it unlocks the drivers door and boot but not the passenger door. Same with locking. When I use the fob I can hear the passenger door trying to lock or unlock but it doesn't move the pin. When passenger door is locked you cant unlock door from inside with the door handle. Is the whole unit bust and therefore I need to buy one of these: Lock Mechanism Or is there something I can do to fix it? Thanks, Jon
  3. LewDeak

    Another vanilla daily...

    Hi Everyone! This is a new thread for my new Daily, you may have seen my other build thread for my Lupo JDO, This Golf is my new winter hack while i SORN the Lupo! So some brief information... It's a really slow 1.4 It has 75BHP It's currently like driving around in an arm chair (Going to change) It's on almost 85,000 Miles Made in 2001 Cost me all of £400. bargain. It's currently incredibly boring and bland (Going to change) It has a really really annoying aftermarket alarm fitted. So, this is it. My Y REG MK4 Golf S. So yeah, currently a typically unloved boring MK4 Golf. long story short i acquired this car off a friend as he had bought it as his new car, but after selling his current car he then realized he could not insure it, so to get him and myself out the s*** was a bit of a no brainier to buy it. Plan to start working on it next week as i'm in Bristol all of this weekend, so that will give me some time to get bits ordered (Coilovers) Cosmetically, it's pretty damn clean to be honest. Couple of dings here and there but nothing you'd not expect to find on a 15 year old car. Mechanically it's sweet as a nut, coolant's a bit too much water but i'll sort that, oh and it's way to high. Rim's will be on the list after coilovers, thinking some banded steels will do for now. Although i'd quite like some nice alloys to go on it, maybe some OEM sort, not really sure atm. Interior is also very tidy, but a bit basic. (No cup holders, horrible radio etc) Thinking about getting hold of some Recaro's to go in there place Steering wheel also needs to go in the bin, it's awful. But yeah, awesome little daily, looking forward to getting it on the road! Any advice will be greatly appreciated as i don't know a massive amount about these! Update soon, cheers for reading.
  4. Ok I've spent many hours reading these threads for inspiration... I am not new to the car world but am not big on e38! Before we start on the Lupo I thought I would send some photos of a couple of cars I have built / am building that you may know or like or be interested in, mostly air cooled vw's: 1956 Karmann Ghia (in progress) 1966 Meyers Manx (built, sold) 1968 VW beetle (my first car,since 1991! Stalled) 1968 Porsche 912 (my mate Ben's, I organised it) 1970 Meyers Manx SR2 (built, sold) 1975 Golf swallowtail (recommissioned, sold) At the moment I also have two cars on the road (I know! What a silly place for a car) - a 1984 Porsche 944 on coilovers and fondmetals, and a 2011 Audi a4 b8 S-line daily driver. I don't have any photos of them at the minute, sorry. Anyway this thread is going to be all about the 3L which I've just bought over from Germany and will mainly be using for work. I am going to try and do this thread in as much detail as possible, so I hope you'll enjoy it!
  5. Mdo227

    1.0 Oxford Open Air

    Hi all! Figured i had to join this awesome forum for no reason at all! This is my current car, i had a soft blue Lupo (Sid) which kinda died last autum, so i've been on the hunt for a new lupo to drive in! I recently saw this little beauty, and i had to get it! It's a mint 2003 Oxford 1.0 lupo, with the awesome Open Air sunroof! It have only done 116.000km (72.000 miles) which is becoming a rare thing to find so low milage on these cars! Except the Oxford trim, there's pretty much no acessories atm, except the MFD i fitted as the first thing. I do have a couple of doors with electric windows, mirrors and central locking in storage, in black too, so i'll be doing a retrofit sometime soon i hope! And for the people who haven't seen my previous lupo here it is: Im planning to get to Edition this year aswell, been visiting the last two years! Thanks you for stopping by!
  6. dean.cousins

    Little Red Lupo

    hi guys, just thought id start off a build on my lupo, havent passed my test yet so gonna be a slow thread but have a lot planned for it! its a 1.4s 75bhp. bought it with a custom stanless exhaust, smooth front bumper and coilovers! first step will be wheels but yet to decide what! (got till pay day) anyway the first thig i did was remove the mudguards and give it a good clean! So watch this space
  7. About time I started a thread on a forum that isn't dead! My name is Jake Aka Muffin. I'm pretty new to this whole thing having only passed my test a few months back. This is my car, a 1999 vw lupo 1.4s and my love hate relationship with it. I bought the car back in 2012 with the intention of passing my test that year... How wrong I was! The day I bought the car (I look like a huge faggot here) : The car was a very clean example, Reasonable miles and the colour I wanted so £1500 later it was mine. I had many plans which have completely changed over time as I have matured. Shortly after purchasing the car I bought a set of super wide Steffan RS wheels (9j Rears!) These wheels were nut's, I did eventually fit them but they were just to much and I couldn't go low with them fitted without butchering the tyre and arch so they have since been sold. So back to my story, I was learning how to drive in the car with a close friend of mine who was previously a driving instructor (Convenient!) All was going well until the car was due for MOT. The car drove perfect but it failed big time, Everything on the o/s/f was f****d. £500 later it past the mot. Shortly after my power steering lines burst so for £25 some from a breakers yard seemed very reasonable. Took it to the garage to have them fitted to find my steering rack got f****d up upon removal so £50 later I have a nice replacement. 1 week later and the car is all ready with a nice £150 labour charge. I loved the car but considering the miles I did the car was just falling apart! I cam very close to selling it but I always had plans for it and I could not just let it go. In the mean time of me passing my test I have done little bits and pieces like these : Eventually on the 12th December 2013 I passed my test. I kept the car standard apart from a bit of a compulsory boot build until February. I had got ear of ultimate dubs in March so thought this was perfect opportunity to get my car started with mods. I had coilovers ready and my wheels so me and a good friend set about fitting everything and getting everything dialled in for Ultimate dubs: I loved how the car looked but it drove terrible and the wheels were to wide and the tyres were just getting destroyed so I made a last minute decision to sell them and after a very hard decision 5 days before ultimate dubs I bought these : ... they were advertised as holding air ect but they were not in good shape at all. I really had my heart set on fitting them last minute and going to my first show but not everything goes to plan ey! So after sending them back and getting my money back I sat on my standard steels for a while and just lowered the car massively (I'm running helper springs as my rear springs lol) Eventually a very tidy set of BBS Rm's came up for sale at a cracking price so I traveled to Derby to go and get them : as you have probably guessed by now the scheme I want is Green and Purple, not to everyone's taste but I love it. A couple of weeks later they came back painted and with brand new rear dishes, Split them and built them myself, rather proud of that! Me and my mate Jordan set about getting them fitted and getting everything set up as we knew it was going to be some work. These were the results : I was over the moon with outcome and I have had a great response so far. The car still needs a few tweeks here and there but I'm rather happy with it. The front will be going lower this week to match the rear as I have just bought static plus which should be interesting. I know not everyone will like the car, that really is the whole point of the build to create something controversial like Marmite I suppose but everyone can appreciate a good thread. I hope if you have read all this and me rambling on that you enjoyed it and there will be more updates soon! Jake
  8. K_Spoosh

    Black Mk2 Arosa sport

    My second Arosa, 'cuz one's just not enough
  9. lucylupo94

    Lucy Yellow Lupo

    Hi there been creaturing through the readers rides section at work for a fair bit , so thought it was time to show you guys and girls my lupo. Some if this if from my club lupo to save time . I've eventually got a vw and a Lupo after almost buying one as my first car , but went down the french route 106 ( i know ) but i killed her in an road accident :/ therefore i needed a new car and it was suggested i get a decent car and then got looking and saw lucy and she was a bargain. Here is the spec 1.0 E 44,000 miles Full service history Yellow Standard Rubbish Wheel Trims She is going to be the first car I'm looking to show ,so I've got a few thing up my sleeve to make sure she gets noticed in a seaof fake splits and same olds. Pics when I first got her http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/image-7.jpeg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/image-5.jpeg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/image-3-1.jpeg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/image-4.jpeg.html Got oem trims http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/photo.jpg.html Tried my hand at stickerbombing ( came off when I washed it next ) http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/WP_000274.jpg.html Mate gave us this http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/WP_000176.jpg.html Oh then I did this ..... http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/WP_000275.jpg.html Got a new head unit ( digital Media ) http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/WP_000279.jpg.html Boot build http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/WP_000281.jpg.html Got Jom blue lines and fondmetal cups (taken at a meet and around my home town ) http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/temporary.jpg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/temporary-1.jpg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/temporary-2.jpg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/temporary-3.jpg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/temporary-5.jpg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/temporary-6.jpg.html http://s252.photobucket.com/user/fatboy1233/media/temporary-8.jpg.html And that's she sits at the moment , looking into getting it colour coded but I'm bored of my wheels Cheers n gone
  10. OnitsRinger

    Laser blue Open air Lupo

    Hey guys! I've been sniffing around this forum for ages and had a previous thread on here with my old lupo that was sadly written off but onwards and upward! So after my old lupo was written off I spent ages looking for another one but it had to be a bit special. So after trawling the Internet I found this little beauty!! 1 old lady owner from new and a full vw service history and a wallet full of receipts from vw so she clearly looked after the car very well. It's a 1.4s 75hp Laser blue open air which is a very rare colour and equally rare with the open air option. So over the winter I started to collect parts to get the ball rolling, this included a vw mfd sat nav, 3L aluminium front wings, 3L rear bumper, 3L magnesium steering wheel, vw starlight wheels 14x7J and a full leather interior. Most of these parts are pretty rare which I love but I am aiming for the OEM+ look but I am also in the process of refurbing my Oz turbo 2 piece split rims ready for edition this year! Fingers crossed! Anyway I'll let the pictures do the talking, sorry for the crap I phone quality but I hope you enjoy guys I finally got some wheel for the car!! Rare vw starlights 14x7j wrapped in 195/45 falken ziex's Then I sourced all the black interior plastics and carpet to change the horrible light grey and also bought a fully retrimmed lupo interior Then I thought I would make a start on my oz turbos I got one finished! But then I soon found some more RARE parts! 3L magnesium steering wheel and 3L aluminium wings Then it was time to start fitting some things! Threw these in the bin! And then I'm at the point I am now and I LOVE IT!!
  11. I have a full post HERE but i'm whacking up a post here to see if anybody else has some expertise to share I have had the ECU of this car remanufactured, fitted a new NTK rear lambda sensor (as this was the suspected cause of the original ECU short) then coded the immobiliser and it started, i left it idling then it reverted to no throttle response. I popped the bonnet and found the black and white wire in the engine speed sensor connector was not connected. Once i soldered it back together i started it and i was only getting one code: 17950 - Angle Sensor 1 for Throttle Actuator (G187): Implausible Signal P1542 All it needed at this point was a throttle body alignment but it wouldn't let me do that. it came up with an error on VCDS I could drive it at this stage, just the butterfly valve in the throttle body only opened about 40% tops, so i took it to the dealership (18 miles away) and they could not align it either. They said i should check all of the wiring. I drove it home and started checking all of the wiring in the engine bay but it started getting late so i plugged everything back in and tried to start it for the crack. It started but there was no throttle response at all, the mixture was off and it was getting particularly hot at the manifold. It seemed like i was back to stage 1. At this point i was 90% sure the ECU was fried again but the next day i got testing again, meticulously following all of the wiring diagrams and found pretty much nothing, then i sprayed all of the plugs and whatnot with contact cleaner and put it all back together, then connected VCDS back up. I scanned it, cleared all codes then scanned again. The codes stayed cleared, so i tried a throttle body alignment. It worked. The car started, revved and drove perfectly, no engine management light, no EPC light.. for about 8 miles, then the EPC light came on so i took it home. I tried to start it and it was playing up again, both lights came back on, it starts but it needs an alignment but i am just getting errors again, it refuses to align. This is where i'm at now. 2 Faults Found: 17950 - Angle Sensor 1 for Throttle Actuator (G187): Implausible Signal P1542 - 35-00 - - 17953 - Throttle Valve Controller: Malfunction P1545 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent Readiness: 1010 0101 I kneed to know what to try now as i've fried my own ECU trying to think of what yo do next lol Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated I have access to: VCDS Workshop manuals Wiring diagrams
  12. Hi a have a 1.4s lupo and would like to know how to fill and flush the reg gap on the front bumper and put the plate below. If anyone has a step by step guide that would be great.
  13. Hi this is my first post i bought a 2002 1.4s vw lupo yesterday everything seems fine for the age, other than a knocking noise coming from the front drivers side when turning left. any advice or other people who have had the same problem sorted would be much appretiated. one other thing a friend told me that you could remove metal clip from the rubber boot and stuff the cv joint with grease? i would like to know if there is any truth in this or is it just worth replacing it. thanks in advance
  14. jettadeluxe


    I always said I never buy a brand new car, but I wanted something I could use daily and simply not have to worry about whilst I fiddled with my other cars. I loved the look of the up! and no-one in the UK seemed be modifying them, I'd only seen a couple of examples done in Japan and Europe. So, in March, I took delivery of a 13-plate Candy White Move up! and 24-hours later, I'd finished fitting the Weitec coilovers and Team Heko wind deflectors I'd already ordered! Then fitted a 9N Polo aerial to replace the whiplash thing it came with. Added a home-made sticker... I'd had an idea of what wheels I wanted to run. I wanted 17s as the arches on the up! are quite big, and something flat-faced and monoblock-style. I *almost* committed myself to a set of Rotiform Nue, but then I spotted a set of 17" S-Class Segin on eBay.de and ensured I won them. After varying amounts of ball-ache with the seller and the courier company, I eventually had to travel to the middle of Germany to pick them up myself, but then, upon getting home, I got the wheels sprayed VW somethingorother Grey, along with the front badge and the base of the rear bumper. Also purchased some sideskirts and had them painted Candy White at the same time, and fitted some import-size plates, along with debadging the tailgate. Took it to (eventually) sunny DC13. Got bored of the red Mercedes centrecaps, so carbon-feuxbred the centres and painted the stars satin black. Also wasn't feeling the import plates, so sacked them off in favour for some full-sized pressed ones. Then finally fitted some black wheelbolt covers, and got papped at the June Prept meet.