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Found 70 results

  1. I'm re-writing this thread from the beginning due fraudobucket. I've been putting this off for months haha. I bought this car in April 2016. It is my third Mk2 but my first GTI. My first was a 1.8 auto which i adored and is what made me fall in love with mk2's. I have always been into older cars as far back as i can remember, The youngest car i've ever owned was '94 Mk3 Golf. After searching the usual places (ebay, gumtree etc) i noticed many 8 valves for sale but not many 16 valves and the valver was the one i wanted so when one came up close by I had to take a look, and it was hiding a secret. ca191754c16c65335f61ec815e492494 by Philip Coakley, on Flickr cc8f3d11fc9bbdd10b8b5586aca9c2fb by Philip Coakley, on Flickr Looks ok from a far distance.. no hang on it doesn't due to them AWFUL black L.E.D indicators, the P.O also had a name for her (Ellen) obvious to see why and the name stuck. 8a0a805618b597b99d5a7a22109c155d by Philip Coakley, on Flickr 0dcbf297ec13dfc9f77a4ed23f336c04 by Philip Coakley, on Flickr c8fca313b1fcec119d6ca46672930177 by Philip Coakley, on Flickr Other issues also include a very rhythmic rattle from the engine once you hit 5000 revs, which for the 16v engine (KR) is where you hit your power really. The steering wheel is wayyy too big, I found out from the mk2 owners club that its actually a mk1 golf campaign. It was a struggle to find the brake pedal sometimes as your lower thighs rub against the bottom of the wheel. Also it's got a manual rack which makes it even harder to drive safely in. Not good at all. a059c79f471735e99b588d0d3cc5258d by Philip Coakley, on Flickr When I bought the car it had a rattle at the top end, and then eventually it heard a knock at the bottom end and then several knocks until it had more knocks than a van full of jehova's witnesses. I've covered 3500 miles in 6 months. Its now on 151,000 miles. I got it for £900 with an mot would you believe. Did manage to have some fun though. Camping in the summer. Didn't do much apart from fit period correct small bumpers as when I bought it it had a big bumper conversion which were held on with cable ties! And also give it a complete service. Much better. Had a very scary moment on the M6 on the way upto the lakes for a weekend with the girlfriend. Heater matrix blew up whilst doing around 80, ass was twitching like a rabbits nose, extremely hot water just peppered us both through the vents. Managed to pull over without crashing.... Just. What hurt more was forking out £140 to the RAC since i didnt have breakdown cover. Only needed a basic set of tools and a length of hose and i could of avoided all that, ah well. Getting to more recently. Started looking for places to restore her which is something I had planned from the beginning, planned on doing some of the work myself but lack of time, space and general expertise on such a build made me realise that I was delusional. Took her to Deutsch Doctors down in Stoke (I'm in St Helens) who were very good and nice guys too. They had a hoard of mk1's and mk2's It was the daily until October and in that time the only breakdown was the heater matrix, one thing i did replace: I spy a crack! I used heat resistant table top protector, was a bit fiddly but it did the job with some spray on adhesive. I didnt know much about Deutche Doctors apart they were on Car S.O.S. The only issue i found was distance. I looked for somewhere local and i found a small company called Quest Auto Body limited and was quite blown away by there work. Here are some examples. They had space for one more car, very good set of guys who love what they do. That was it, Mind made up. Work will commence beginning of December so can't wait to see the first steps. Meanwhile I originally wanted the current KR to be rebuilt but something came up in the form of this... An ABF from a car who's owner i've followed for some time on CGTI. rye1991 is his username on there i'm unsure if he's got a thread on here. I followed his build long before he removed the abf to make way for a vr6 so i've seen the car running and know its been looked after, also detailed remarkably well too with plenty of polished and painted bits as well as samco hoses. I am retaining the original k-jet system which is essential for me as i want it to look OEM and retain her original character. I did want to rebuild the KR but cost to benefit proved that it just wasn't worth it, it was a slightly bitter sweet pill to swallow but i doubt i'll complain when i feel that extra torque which the KR lacks low down in the rev range. This is us taking delivery of the ABF and dropping it at Quest. And also a rare early 7 slat grill with an even rarer early 16v badge so i was made up with that. Oh yes the hidden secret and the sole reason why i bought such a half dissolved lemon... the eagle eyed of you might have spotted the original colour. Monza Blue which just happened to be my favourite colour on a mk2. Didnt even know it was hiding it under that abysmal respray. Which brings me more or less up-to-date. Work has commenced and i will be going up in a week to see whats been happening. They've took plenty of pictures of every process so i'm looking forward to seeing them more than christmas morning.
  2. JoshMk2TDi

    Mk2 1.3 PD 130 conversion

    Thought I’d post on here about what I’m currently building! Started off with this Mk2 1.3 which I got for £500 needing some welding on the sill and the arch but other than that it was a solid car! Always wanted one since I was little and I just sold my mk2 leon btcc so the time to come to build a Mk2 Golf! 77,000 mile, family owned car. Off the road since 2006 and I found rats in the dash put some borbets on it then the little 1.3 engine give up, so I bought a daily and started on ripping the engine out! got most of the parts now so it’s just getting the time to do it! here are the pitcures, this is from about 2 months ago to today so enjoy and let me know what you think! Atleast I’ve got a progress report to update now! thanks josh
  3. GurpalD

    Princess ANN

    Hi everyone, I have a new project to bring to you guys. This one is more sentimental than the others, and really is a childhood dream for me. Ever since getting into dubs from the age of 10, thanks to my uncles (dad's brother) Mk1: I've always wanted my own "true" project as such. Where I can get truly stuck in myself, and be able to call the car "my own". At the age of around 9ish, my uncles Mk1 build was in full swing and he had a few other cars he was knocking around in at the time, one of them being this: Introducing...... Princess ANN. Now this car originally started life as a 1987 1.8 16v KR in white! Then when my uncle acquired it, she was resprayed in Porsche Maritime Blue (purple to most people lol) and converted to big bumper, 90's spec. The car wasn't running either, and was generally looking quite sorry for itself, the picture above was when it was in "it's prime" as such, so at the time the most popular conversion people were doing in the scene was putting a VR6 lump in the Mk2. This is exactly what my uncle done, and sourced a donor 1995 Corrado VR6. The conversion was pretty much lifting the Mk2 shell and plunking it on to the Corrado running gear. The whole interior was Corrado too, apart from a set of G60 recaros. Now, at this point, my uncle needed the funds for his Mk1 project, and therefore, he sold the car on to my other uncle (mum's brother). I had never been taken for a spin in this car until my mum's brother acquired it, and the first time I did go into it, all
  4. EuanB

    Euan's Mk2 Gti 8v

    Hi Guys, I've read a lot of readers rides threads on here before and attended the show a few times and the time has finally come when I have my own ride to document! It's a 1989 8v GTI that me and my old man picked up last year in Edinburgh. It's done 100k miles and been in storage for the past 11 years. My old man was always into the mk2 GTI's when he was younger and so when I finished uni we decided to go halfers on one. By chance we got one almost the exact same spec as his favourite he used to own (only one letter difference in the number plate!). I'm blessed to have a good mate Ross who is super skilled when it comes to paintwork and am fairly mechanically minded myself, my dad has worked on a lot of rally cars over the years so between us we hope to do all the work on the car ourselves. For now the plan is as follows: Strip the car back to a bare shell and complete a full respray (pearl grey .. maybe?) rebuild with new subframe assembly, coilovers, polybush etc Restore some BBS RM's we picked up cheap in pretty bad nick modernise interior with some mk5 GTI seats, a dash re-trim and audio upgrades The car has come to us with a new brake assembly and exhaust and appears to be in good condition. We're also going to film some videos for youtube of the restoration so I'll post some links to that in here once we get going properly. For now here are some pictures of the mk2 and the wheels we've got. Thanks for taking a look! Euan
  5. So ive decided to make a build thread on my other golf. (my long term project is a white 20vt, haven't touched it in ages) but anyway, this is my royal blue mk2 golf, i originally brought it to 20v instead but as its a 1 owner full service history car so ive been fighting that thought. For now, its staying a 1.6 driver as hard as that is. im just planning on cleaning it up outside and doing a few bits to make it a nice car to drive as i use is daily. I drove it completely standard for about a week, worst week of my life, it felt like a boat. I have all my spares from my white project so i used the already used budgets on this one, not ideal but i plan on getting better coilovers when they become a priority. I also had the g60's sitting around, so it would have been a shame to leave them off the car and they would do until i got my rs's sorted out. The body work of the car isn't to clean, there is peel on the roof, top of the door and wing but i honestly dont mind, it will be sorted out when it can, but for now its more than good enough. its not a show car but it will be clean one day.
  6. Hello all that are interested in the wonderful machine I have which is a mk2 caddy sdi with a whopping 63bhp standard so more likely around 30bhp now, I'm actually sure I could push it faster then it accelerates haha. I bought this van in October 2017 as a cheap run around as I have 2 other cars(well technically 1 and a half at the min) being an audi a3 tfsi which was my daily till I bought the van and a mk3 golf which is stripped down to not a lot and in the very slow process of being sorted but anyway thought I'd share some of the bits I have done and will do in the future to the caddy so far haven't done all that much to the old girl just a machine Polish fitted a new front splitter and a new steering wheel but will have some more plans for the old girl in the near future. Here is a few pics for now though
  7. Hi all, I know this is a common subject, but I just wanted to confirm a few things. Ive a mk2 golf driver with manual steering and the engine will be coming out soon, so I thought I'd upgrade the steering to a power rack while I'm at it. Now I could obviously obtain all the mk2 parts (rack, track rod ends, uj, pump, brackets etc) from a power assisted car and fit those. However, the parts are a bit tricky to get hold of in a bulk deal. So I was thinking, presumably I could use a mk3 golf power rack with the mk3 uj and then if I got a mk3 alternator with brackets and the pump etc, I could just bolt all that to my block and run a mk3 set up with a serpentine belt? I guess I'd have to change the pulleys too, like the water pump, balancer. Any help would be great! cheers
  8. 1987 mk2 golf, AGU, K300 running on emerald. Im a newbie (first post after lurking for some time) so please try help a brother out. Don't even know if i have put this in the right place? Anyway, Issues around the dash/ignition/earthing, help would be very much appreciated. Very occasionally the car wont start. I believe the fuel pump starts to prime but when you turn the key, nothing happens. The blue main beam light on the dash will sometimes light up instead of the car starting when you turn the key. When the car is started it drives perfect every time but i have intermittent problems with warning lights. I get the coolant temp light flashing/on/flickering, oil light flashing/on/flickering, main beam light flashing/on/flickering and the rev counter goes crazy up and down even with the car in gear at a steady speed. This has been happening for about a month now but it doesn't happen every time i drive the car. One day it will all be happening, and the next i will have no problems whatsoever. When the fan kicks in the revs drop dramatically and the car wants to stall itself. Or when i use main beams, wipers, headlights, radio, windows, fog lights together (larger electrical load) the car also struggles with this. This has been happening since just before christmas when i had the map done for my k300 upgrades. Could this all be related to one single earthing issue or a couple of different issues? If this is an earthing issue, which earths and where should be checked? or is it just a case of checking all of them? Thanks to anybody able to give any suggestions.
  9. Alright guys, I have had this car for a few years and its also been a project since that time. As most of us, i thought id have this done within a year but I'm still no where near. Main reason is i keep changing my mind. So its a mk2 scala, bought it off a friend of a friend. He previous used it as a track car, i'll be using it for both. This is my 5th or 6th mk2 scirocco. I currently have a corrado g60 (my 6th corrado) so i am a coupe guy! Anyway the build. Plan originally was to just put mk1 golf arches on and a few other bits. I completed both rear arches with matching inner. However it looked a bit normal and not the overall impact I wanted. So here comes phase 2!, bolt on arches Starting to make the plug out of metal. Making the final bit to the arch Then offered it up to the car again And the final measurement is an added 10 cm. This isn't the only mod going on, The rear end has been cut out and smoothed. This is to give it a full smooth back similar to a few old porches, I won't be running bumpers. There will be roof smoothing, bay, cage and other bits along the way. I'll show this at a future update. Liam
  10. Hi im Luke, people call me Pezz or Pezzer, im 19 years old and i have just bought my first mk2 golf as a restoration project, this is also my first post on e38 I havnt yet decided how far or how much extensive work i will be putting into the car but i look forward to the journey ahead of me.
  11. AlexHxC™

    Pearl Grey B*****D

    Easy now Picked this up a few weeks ago and I've been debating weather to start a build thread. Sat here bored out my mind so thought sod it lets get involved. Here's a bit of a back story Previous job required me to do a lot of miles so I had a mk5 gt170 which I had the guys at plush automotive deck out with some serious air ride goodies from accuair, namely elevel with performance struts twin compressors and all the extras you could want. Looked like this Had it for a few years and even though it drove really nice and never gave me any bother it was boring as hell. Fast forward to the present and I have a new job which is near enough on my doorstep, within a week of starting I was on the lookout for something a bit more interesting. Was after something pre 90s leaning more towards a mk1. Little did I know since I last owned one the prices have gone up quite a bit. So I narrowed my sights on a mk2 gti 16v. Many an hour spent on the toilet, during break times, in bed or being shouted at by the Mrs looking for something I liked the look of. Well this appeared on gumtree local to me, now I'm not a huge fan of gumtree as it's just full of tat or scams. Had a few sentences about the car nothing exciting other than the fact it said 1989 grey mk2 gti 16v with a 20vt. So I though hello cheeky what's your name, put in a call to the owner who gave me a bit more info and I liked the sound of it so popped over that evening and had a look. Spec is as follows 1989 gti 16v Pearl grey Electric mirrors and windows Recaros from mk3 gti Agu with a ko3s Fmic Remap to around 210 (no paperwork) Standard clocks Standard ecu Hydrolic clutch Came with quite a bit of history including original purchase order Here's how she looked when I saw her Well I got all excited as we took her out for a drive, it was a real nice drive and pulled really well. After a bit of haggling we agreed on a price and I picked it up the following week. For that entire week leading up to picking it up I was like a kid waiting to see Santa, instantly checking parts for sale threads and eBay for choice bits and the usual mods people make. The day rolled round to pick it up I rushed home from work and badgered my mrs to drop me round, after handing over the money, signing the v5 and receiving the keys from the now previous owner I got to finally drive my latest car. The drive home was amazing grinned like the Cheshire Cat all the way home, filled her up with vpower on the way back. Few more snaps Took her out again that same day maybe 2 hours after buying her on the way to the gym she just cut out on an island, wouldn't turn over at all, completely dead. Needless to say I was severely pissed off, after some help from 2 of Staffordshire polices finest officers I got it off the island and into a lay by. tried again to start it up and nothing. Well I got on the phone to the previous owner who was shocked at the situation as it was driving fine when we went out in it and offered any assistance he could give. In the end I got it towed home to where it still sits. A few friends have had a look and with a lot of help from rubjonny on here and clubgti it's an issue revolving around the fuel pump fuel pump relay. Spoke to vagtronics who's loom it was and they were kind enough to send me over their wiring diagrams for the conversion loom. So I've been collecting parts to see if replacing the inline pump would help. Here's what I've got so far Bosch 044 pump and carrier Mk3 fuel filter and carrier Mk1 cabby swirl pot New fuel lines and fittings Planning to fit all this when it stops raining sometime this week, justified it by realising is have to replace the 16v fuel pump if I went ko4 anyway so fingers crossed it works. As the mk5 is now provisionally sold I need this on the road as it will be my daily for a while, at least until we move house. If there's anything you could think it would be let me know Cheers for looking
  12. Lukeybabes

    1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    About time I put up a thread here. I bought this on a whim back in last September because I saw it on eBay and it was just around the corner. Only was gonna go have a look and I bought it. The guy i bought it off didn't have it very long and hadn't cleaned it or anything. It was filthy. The woman who had it before him used to only use it to driver her dogs around. Hair...Hair everywhere!!! So that was the first job. Wash and hoover. This was going to be a clean up and sell on for a profit because I got it really cheap. But I got carried away. So got some new wheels, A new steering wheel and a full mop. Paint was pretty good after that. But still the bumpers paint was cracking off, the rear bumper plastic was faded anyway, bottoms of the doors were stone chipped really badly, was a small dent on the NSR arch and some rust on the boot. So it went to paint. Was pretty happy with it at this point. But then I saw a Mk2 golf air con setup on eBay quite close. I had to have it. Then i had to research what other options there was that I never knew about. So far I have Air con, adjustable steering column, electric mirrors, and half of a cruise control setup. Waiting for more bits before fitting all of it. I had all the dash and heat box out I thought i would stip the interior and get rid of the rest of the damn dog hair and sand. The hoover just wouldn't shift it. And while the dash was out I ripped out the old alarm that didn't work and put in a new one. Its insane the amount of little bits of trim i changed just because they were slightly scratched or damaged. I changed the dashboard for a new one because of the old alarm key fob and led. They were still in there so no holes but I couldn't leave it. Some of you may of seen it at early edition. Although I got no love.
  13. Been a while since I've done a build thread on any of my cars so heres a little update First of there was passat b5 Then my b5.5 Got written off twice in one year Then my pimp violet vento My 3.5 cabby on Lincoln town car wheels Swapped it for a lupo on air Sold that to buy my most favourite car I've ever owned. My mk2 golf, 1.9tdi conversion and only 45k on the shell and in the only colour I wanted. So here it is when I got her
  14. Well the time has finally come where sufficient progress and money has been made in order for my project to start moving on at a reasonable pace, so ive decided to put up a thread. Due to being 19 and starting University in a couple of months a completion date is impossible to state, mainly due to only working part time for minimum wage and education. However it would be nice to make it to a couple of shows next year (fingers crossed for UD). Anyway, enough about being poor and on to the car. Originally bought way back at the beginning of 2012 for a very good price, and only 88,000 on the clock, the car looked like this: And now over a year on, this is where it currently stands. Besides a very select few parts, totally stripped and rubbed down ready for repairs, and soon to be primer. Work has only really started about a month ago due to me finishing my Art Foundation and having some proper free time to crack on, with a great deal of help of my Dad and family friend Simo. Rear arches were rotten due to stupid arch covers! which will not be going back on haha! so repair panels were ordered and grafted in by the old man, then lips cut off and joined to inner arch .... nice and flat for maximum room: Drivers side will be getting the same treatment when the passenger underside is in stone chip and paint: In the mean time everybody favourite friend, Vw's beloved sealer, kept me busy for a good week ... Thankfully not too many horrors were uncovered, just a few small holes that need plating, more pictures of these as the repairs take place, but for now: And the main areas for repair: The final area that I began to tackle was the bay. Same as the floor, totally stripped, all brackets and rain tray removed (i know the two brackets on passenger tower are still on in pictures but will be removed soon) ready for father to weld all unnecessacery holes up, including holes for heater/fan in preperation for the smoothing. Going to be keeping all original lines and seems visible, just lacking the obvious battery and bottles. New battery tray panel was put in due to the original being beyond repair, corresponding drivers side panel will also be replaced to match. And that brings things pretty much up to speed with where were currently at. Hopefully another big update will take place over the weekend, next jobs are to plate and weld the worst parts of passenger underside, stone chip and paint. All comments and questions welcome. Thanks, Jack.
  15. Jesse Konstam

    Mk 2 Wash/Wipe problem

    I have a Mk2 Golf. Every time I use the windscreen washer it blows the fuse. The wipers themselves work OK, it is just the washer that has an issue. The last garage I used have bodged up the earth which I don't think has helped, but does anyone have any experience or ideas about where to look for the fault? Thanks in advance Jesse Konstam
  16. Hello people, Got an issue with the one of the bolts on my Mk2 VR: It looks as if the thread has given way causing the crossmember to drop on one side. The car has a full Corrado 2.9 VR6 conversion. I was wondering whether where that bolt goes into is a part of the frame of the car or a part of the sub frame and replaceable? If not, and it is a part of the body, what would be the best course of action to fix it and solve the issue? Here's another picture: Thanks in advance. Gurpal
  17. Brissie

    MK2 Golf Ryder

    Hi So i've owned a few mk2's now but never seem to keep them long enough to need a build thread. Since i've had this a few months now I thought i'd start one. The car was a low miles 1.6 Ryder with 2 previous owners, it was bought with the intention of just cleaning it up and keeping it all original. (with the exception of lowering it) Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr However after giving it a service and what seemed to be its first cambelt, I split the carb flange and that opened up many more problems which led it to not running right. So long story short it was doing like 14mpg and I was bored of trying to find the solution. So I have decided if its going to bankrupt me when I drive it, I may as well have fun with it. So I purchased a KR and some GSXR750 carbs to put in over the Christmas break. Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Where it has been the last few weeks Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Now just waiting for the fuel pump that managed to get lost in the post Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Thats where I am up to just waiting for a fuel pump to arrive, then it will be time to see if this thing will start.
  18. Prague1989

    Drum to disc conversion - mk2

    Lads, I've an '89 mk2 GL that I'm looking to overhaul the rear brakes on over the summer before done some mods'. From reading up I understand that I can just swap the rear beam from a mk3 to get the the more reliable calipers and that the only change will be a +12.5mm gain in rear track width (no bad thing for some later mods'. I think i can always upgrade from here to mk4 calipers by purchasing a mk3 > mk4 kit - i could do with the wider track from my bigger plan. Hence; the new beam. My question is; does this beam need to come from a GTI or VR6 to have the brake compensator valve required to stop the rears locking before the fronts meaning i just need to find and raid a breaker? Also, would a beam from a GTI come with a rear anti roll bar? Lastly I assume that If i order some new poly' bushes for a mk3 beam they'll fit onto the MK2 (from what I've read they can be different diameters). Cheers,
  19. I will be looking to get my Mk2 golf on the road within the next few weeks. It was 1.6 ryder and has had a 1.8 16v KR engine put on, with a set of bike carbs. Is this something that could be insure by HIC? Thanks
  20. amsmart89

    Even Golf's

    It all started with
  21. I've put a KR block on GSXR bike carbs in my 1.6 ryder. So am using everything from the 1.6 except the ignition controller loom (16v). Its turning over (quite slowly) on the starter. But not producing a spark, there is power getting to the coil and to the distributer. Are these the only wires that need to be in the coil? I have a spare red wire on the controller loom and black wire of the 1.6 look like they should be connected. Untitled by Mike Brisbourne, on Flickr Is it that the battery/starter isn't producing enough power to the 16v block? Battery was bought new around 1month before I took it off the road. Any help would be great, Thanks!
  22. lewis34

    Golf MK1/2 engine swap

    Hi, I'm prepared to be shot down, but here goes.. I have very little car mechanical experience bar the general maintenance side of things. I happen to be a qualified mechanical engineer with honours in applied science with 9 years within he aerospce industry working with rolls royce jet engines. This makes me feel like a div due to the questions i want to seek advice on. In summary, i want to buy a mk2 or 1 golf and put a less economical, thirsty beast of an engine in it. Now, i first of all would like to know what the restrictions are here. For instance, i work away in Wiltshire a lot and nearby in Melksham there is a 3.7 V8 quattro audi for sale @ £700. Its an auto, but i imagine i could source a manual box. Or could I? if i bought a golf MK2 and this car a s a donor, is it even possible to fit the engine and whatever else needs transplanting? That was probably the silly part. Any advice on something decent as a project would be greatly appreciated. As a note, i'm also very lucky to be married to a lass whos brother is a very good mechanic so i would be paying him to carry out most of the work. I don't see him often so can't really ask his opinion but i'd leave the car with him to work on in his leisure. Just want some sound advice on where to start Cheers!
  23. mrjoy95

    My First Mk2 Golf

    So last week I picked up my first Mk2 Golf 1.3 as a little project car Few things to do on it, first things first it will need a good clean and polish
  24. Here's a few pics of my mk2 polo bready, owned the car 1 year now & I love it, done some necessary mods (lowered 90ish front 60mm back) on refurbed snowflakes painted gold, it's a 1.0 with 69k
  25. Muzza1496

    085 gearbox bracket.

    Hello! Currently im in the process of swapping my 4 speedgear box, to a five speed gearbox, in my 1.3 golf. I know that you need to change the mount at the back of the gear box, but i cannot find what to, does anyone know the part number or have a picture of one?