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Found 3 results

  1. Bored of a Friday night and thought I'd post about my mk3. Bit of a story but bare with me it gets better I bought the car as a 93 8v GTi to replace my mk2 runabout. I was happy enough as it was an early car, only 80k on it and was a nice upgrade with a bit more power and electric windows. My only plan for it was to lower it, tidy it up and change the wheels as I had a Polo to build (and still have ffs) I got the coilovers in and fitted some US markers to the bumper: I drove like this for the next while bar a few wheel swaps Next up in 2014 I decided to spend some cash on it and replaced the rear arches, upgraded the front brakes to 288mm (with new discs and pads all round), new handbrake cables, tyres, lowered the rear a bit and replaced a window regulator. While doing the rear arches I beat the lips flat incase I ever decided to modify the car with wider wheels etc. I picked up a cheap OBD1 VR conversion and sat it on til Christmas when my girlfriend bought me a full Jetex system and we decided it would be a good time to fit both. This is the point where everything goes to poo. I should have had a nice, tidy VR daily but on its first proper run out I clipped the sump. I parked it up for a week to fix it and came back to find a rat had chewed through the loom in the bay, got in and chewed the seats, door cards, carpets, C pillars and parcel shelf and proceeded to poo and pee on everything else. I get very attached to cars and at this point any sane person would have probably just gave up. A week after we'd just put it back together we started to tear it apart again. I got a full yellow colour concept interior cheap off a friend and thought it would do it get me going again. A few days thinking and I knew I wouldn't be happy so decided I'd paint the car ginster yellow to match the interior. Again this played on my mind and thought why paint a car to match the interior just paint it what I like. Manila Green from the mk1 was chosen and as the car was a very early model with little options (for a GTi) I decided to do a kind of mk1 theme in places. The whole car was stripped and painted in my dad's single garage with a Lidl bought spray gun and 80 litre compressor. The bumpers were dyed New arch trims Aerial blank Rear wiper removed Delocked boot ABT replica skirts Some pics of the process: Front end mock Bumper dye Paint finish on the roof Glass back in and being buffed by my mate Dan On to the interior The CC interior was removed and the carpet was power washed and wet vacced The dash was stripped of every component and disinfected Late spec boot carpets fitted Early mk1 rubber gearstick boot cut to fit Wooden 4 spoke BBS wheel (shown later) Seats cleaned as best as possible (dyed later) and back on the move: Wheels/stance The plan was narrow and tall wheels tucking (popular with the mk1 crowd) I didn't know what wheels I wanted then a friend had a rough set of BBS RC041/042s for sale so they were got and treated to a face mount job, DIY refurb, new bolts and Green BBS badges. The time in these wheels is insane. They were in bad shape All was good at this point and decided to show the car at MLVW. I was so pleased with the car for all the work we'd put in. Then leaving the show for the 90mile trip home my bad luck reared its head again and the gearbox gave up Ever the optimist I snapped a few pics while waiting on the breakdown truck This was a Sunday and the original plan was to have the car at the campsite for Castlewellan show on the following Friday. I reckoned I'd have no chance of finding a box and getting it in before then working at it at night. Matt let me borrow a box he and and we decided to go for it and get the box swapped. Of course peer pressure kicked in and things got out of hand again. On the Monday night we'd the engine and box out Tuesday night we painted the bay and satin blacked the engine Wednesday night we fitted the box and got the engine back in and started to wire it. I was "forced" to move the battery to the boot and rewrap the loom and tuck it where possible (I hadnt time to lengthen it) Thursday night we finished off wiring and started to bolt the front end back together Friday morning it was rolled out and cleaned and the final bits refitted. The stress of this is back actually just typing that out lol And it made it to Castlewellan (a lot of drink was consumed to recover) Interior I had to do something about horrid yellow interior before people thought I'd actually planned it so I decided to try out a dye kit. And finally some pics of the car and how it sits currently: I'll have a few more updates after mot and I play some more with how the car sits and get the rear seats dyed Connor
  2. patton

    6n2 GTI

    Ive had my polo for around two years now, I brought it over from England after deciding it was what I wanted but not being able to find one for sale in Northern Ireland. It stayed pretty much how it was with only minor changes and tidying up a few things along the way. Dubshed 2013 (wheels borrowed) I had always wanted to do more with the car but never did anything about it until recently, I got a set of BBS RS 070's 15x7 et16 in exchange for my set of BBS E30'S which I set about refurbing. fitted them to see how they would sit split them, shot blasted the centres and sent the dishes to get polished, ordered half height caps and red and gold badges. then tested out a colour on the centres that I'm more than happy with so just need to get them painted and order bolts for them whilst this was happening I also set about getting the car ready for paint, I had always felt that the car needed painted properly as long as I've had it. stripping marking dents, scratches and silicon marks keying the whole car roughly then its onto the stage that I'm still at, filling dents and sanding. hope to have the car ready for Dubshed this year and ill try to keep this up to date to let you all see how we are getting on..
  3. Hey guys, Just looking for some opinions really, my dad has been given a quote of £160 for the following work to be done on his B6 Passat estate - - Respray the rear bumper. - Make a chip on the bonnet "less obvious". (Sounds like a poo job to me.) - Compound and polish the lot. Is £160 good for this much work? The guy is apparently pretty good and seems to have a good reputation, just I don't have a clue when it comes to body work so don't like the idea of just going in blind and getting ripped off. Cheers, Paddy