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Found 51 results

  1. Hello Guys! Have been meaning to start a build thread for ages now... so after near on two years of "i'll sort one soon" I've finally got round to making one I've always wanted a cool car, something that can be made to look wicked, and represent what you're about. So when choosing my first car, i had 3 main cars in mind. These were either the 6N2 Polo, MK2 Golf on the 6N2 Lupo. i was fairly limited on budget, so this ended up ruling out a MK2 Golf for me, a car i would like to get hold of in the future however. So after loads of searching around, i was pretty adamant that the car i wanted was a Lupo. (Decided that i'd like to look at getting a 6N2 Polo GTI once i can actually afford the insurance...) So after a little bit of looking around, i got word of a fairly clean little Lupo that was up for sale at work. So on June 9th 2014, i bought my first Lupo, JDO. Here he is! Was fairly happy with the condition of JDO when i bought Him, had a few age related marks here and there such as trolley dents, dings etc, and was also on fairly low miles at the time (62400) with two owners from new! Bonus was it was in Fresco green, the colour i wanted most! But was mint as first cars go! Now i must mention, this car has been quite a big learning curve for me. i've always been around cars, they've been a massive part of my life and family. However, up until getting JDO, i had had next to no hands on experience with working on cars, so i have had to teach myself a fair bit about how things work etc, and how nothing is ever as easy as you might think it is, hence why it has taken me quite a while to get JDO to his current state, even though it's nothing massive by any means... Anyway, back to the build! So on the second week of owning JDO, i bought myself a set of brand new 14" Passat Steelies to replace the standard Monza rims, and a set of 25mm Eibach drop springs, as well as a new set of front struts and rear dampers, as the originals were long past their best.... Cleaned it to within an inch of it's life too. And also decided to make it look a bit smoother by dropping the rubbing strips on the doors / rear quarters. And by the 9th of August, i finally got to put JDO on the road. Picked a pretty awesome car to learn with, i love it. Everything was perfect! For all of two weeks, until the coil pack decided it no longer needed to work anymore. Two days later, i had him back on the road, and ran it like this for probably 4-5 months. By my 18th birthday, i'd had enough of the steelies, and wanted something a bit better looking. Now i'd always wanted a set of BBS RS Splits, however they are (as i discovered) quite expensive. So i gave my parents half the money towards a set of Lenso BSX Rims. (BBS Reps, please don't hate me ) This was great, but now they looked lost on the car due to the massive ride height, so that had too change. I think by about March time 2015 i bought myself a set of Apex 40mm Drop springs, this made it look a lot better than before! I then ran JDO on them for about 2 months, all was going perfectly well! Until the pedal box decided to collapse and render the clutch useless Took me two weeks to get this problem sorted! what an absolute nightmare it was to change! Since then, i've not had one problem with it! Well other than deciding to put what i assumed to be scrap petrol (left overs we get at work occasionally) in it, which turned out to be a mix of Diesel and petrol, as i found out after driving him about 50m before he started to die and conk out. Sharn't be making that mistake again... Oh and also the passenger side hub, Which for months i assumed was a bent subframe causing the massive camber problems (Photo should illustrate the problem) after being told time and time again that you can't bend a cast hub. The hub was bent by almost 10mm.... One trip to the breakers and one Polo 9N Hub later and it was all sorted! So from i think May/June JDO Ran on the 40mm Apex's quite happily until November, when i decided again that he just wasn't low enough. So after much research on ClubLupo etc, it became apparent that coil overs were the next best option. After looking through possible options, my friend Tom (Tom-Uk) recommended that i look into getting a set of AP Coilovers. Best decision i ever made buying a set of them, they're awesome. Opening a box of coilovers is awesome. I was literally like these two guys and they're KFC So JDO went from being about 3" too high to being almost spot on. And i ran him like that until about a week ago, when i decided that he needs to be a bit lower,again. So i decided to roll my arches, well the rears at least.... This went ok, just a bit gutted that i managed to crack some of the paint under the arches... I know you can't really see it, but that's not the point.... another job for another day now! So now we are at the present day. I took the rear adjusters out on friday to drop the rear, all i need to do now is to roll the front arches to allow for some more lowering! and my new wheels, decided to get myself a set of Stuttgart ST7's! hoping these make JDO look even better! Will update asap!
  2. So, after selling the 1303S Beetle, and the Fastback going soon after I should probably show what has filled the classic-VW void created. This is Rosie, my 1985 1.9DF (petrol water boxer), camper. She is called Rosie due to the first thing on the radio that came on as I got in her was AC/DC 'whole lotta rosie', and she's a fully fitted out High-top.This was the day after driving her home: I had the day off so started detoxing the paint. It was quite flat from being in storage for some time. After a snow foam and wash it was hit with Autosmart Fallout, then Tardis, before Claying. It took quite some time to clay. Following the clay and another wash and dry, I took my trusty DAS-6 with a medium polishing pad and some Meguiars ultimate compound to the paint. It came out alright. I think it's mostly original paint: Shot in the sun Once all polished up I gave it a generous coat of Collinite 476S. I wanted to coat it in something hard wearing, as I do not want to do all this again in a hurry!
  3. benmk1_

    ABF'd MK1 Caddy Build

    Hi all, been building my caddy for a couple years now and originally started a thread on the caddy forum but though i'd get on here, as im finding myself on here looking for advice etc more and more. Gonna put a few pics up to get it up to where I am now an keep it updated as I get bits done So picked it up looking like this (ABF was in mated to 020 diesel box on short ratios but wiring was a state and needed a few things doing to get it through an MOT) Got all the MOT work done and some new wings were bought as the old'ns were shot, and bought some banded steels and different blocks for the rear. Ran it like this for a few months then got it in the garage and sanded it back to bare metal to start repairing the bits of dodgy bodywork that I could. Once id done that whacked a few layers of primer on just to protect it and ran it like that for another few months Then finally it went off to be sprayed, i didnt strip it fully as i still wanted to use it so it was just an outside and door shut job, plan was to leave the engine bay for another day. The sprayer found a few more dodgy bodywork bodges and sorted those then finally got the paint on and I was stoked when I saw it Spent the summer of 2016 enjoyin it, did some more mods: So added some new door handle trims and seals, did a quick colour change on some RM's i'd bought, carpeted the inside of the bulkhead and fitted the euro rear lights. Then took it to Eurospotters first show. After show season was done I decided I wanted more lows so took the plunge and bought some front air struts and set about how to bag the rear. In the end I went with my mate Elliot at Lowlife Chopshop and used his panhard system to get it down. As all this was (and still is) on apprentice wage i was tryna do it without breaking the bank so only went with manual management. Got a AVS 7 way controller and then two gauges mounted in the centre console with a compressor switch. This was the first air out Whilst it was away I stripped and sprayed my RM's to full Satin black and they came out pretty good! I built the wheels wider aswell running 8J front and 8.5J rear so had some work to do to get the fitment spot on. Still not managed to get it spot on so thats the next bit to focus on after ive finished with what im doing atm So through 2017 took it to a few shows with the new air while continuing to do a few little changes. Decided to buy and fit a bumper for VAG at the Manor but since ive took it back off. I also got a new headliner in and got my mate to snap some shots through the summer Then most recently took it to edition which was sick af as usual and since then its been in the garage as im getting on with the engine bay and some other bits i want to sort out like the wiring, the bed, the air management, the interior and the fitment
  4. Rupie

    Rup's T6 Transporter

    Been absent for a few years now and just been bitten by the bug again so thought I'd stick a few pics of the new project up. Got some big plans for this over the coming months, thinking of going down more of a day van route instead of a full conversion as I need to still use it as a van sometimes. 2017 T6 Transporter Startline 102bhp H&R Deep drop coilovers and Amorak 18" banded steelies wrapped in Falken rubber. MK6 golf steering wheel Panel van spec currently but booked in for kombi windows in the slider and opposite, insulation and carpet lining with LED spots and electrics next month. Picked up a Kiravans swivel base and looking at a re trim on the front seats too. Planning on running it like that over winter then many more things next year
  5. So I took a trip to the vw museum! Check it out!
  6. So ive decided to make a build thread on my other golf. (my long term project is a white 20vt, haven't touched it in ages) but anyway, this is my royal blue mk2 golf, i originally brought it to 20v instead but as its a 1 owner full service history car so ive been fighting that thought. For now, its staying a 1.6 driver as hard as that is. im just planning on cleaning it up outside and doing a few bits to make it a nice car to drive as i use is daily. I drove it completely standard for about a week, worst week of my life, it felt like a boat. I have all my spares from my white project so i used the already used budgets on this one, not ideal but i plan on getting better coilovers when they become a priority. I also had the g60's sitting around, so it would have been a shame to leave them off the car and they would do until i got my rs's sorted out. The body work of the car isn't to clean, there is peel on the roof, top of the door and wing but i honestly dont mind, it will be sorted out when it can, but for now its more than good enough. its not a show car but it will be clean one day.
  7. This Golf R came in for a much needed freshen up. The owner admittedly only had the car washed a few times a year, sometimes at the local hand car wash and when it goes to VW for a service. They had seem some previous Golf R details I had completed on a Facebook group and got in touch to see what could be done. After an assessment we decided to go for an Enhancement Detail (single stage machine polish) with some Auto Finesse wax protection. The order of the detail: Full safe wash and decontamination. Single stage machine polish to remove the swirls and some deeper marks. Auto Finesse Desire for the paintwork. Auto Finesse Mint Rims for the wheels. Exterior rubbers and plastics treated. Exterior glass sealed. Exhaust tips polished. A light clean up for the interior. The car on arrival. 20180127_101252 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_101302 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_101311 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Wheels up first. 20180127_104054 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr They hadn't been cleaned properly in a long while. 20180127_105354 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_105513 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Then onto the safe wash process. 20180127_111055 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_111138 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The car was then treated for tar and fallout removal before being washed again and taken inside to be dried. Before I clayed the car I took a quick picture of what was to come. 20180128_110232 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr After the car received it's clay bar treatment, it was time to blow dry all the water traps, tape up the delicate bits and begin the machine polishing stage. (this is a single stage Enhancement Detail so deeper marks and scratches will remain) 20180127_131229 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_131459 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_133235 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_133549 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_141836 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_145544 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_145930 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_153206 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_153656 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_125821 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130206 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130212 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130753 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_093352 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_094315 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_150527 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_150731 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_151012 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_162816 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_163120 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_162240 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_163420 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_165523 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_170457 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_154737 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_104725 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102528 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102924 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102948 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_101937 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_100652 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_101541 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_111554 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_120519 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_121712 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr A few little chips were touched in. 20180128_094329 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_123604 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Exhaust tips polished and protected. 20180128_141302 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_142250 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The paint work and wheels were waxed. Exterior trims treated. Glass sealed and interior tidied up. And some finished shots. 20180128_154328 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154358 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154404 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154411 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154550 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154430 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154501 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154509 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154543 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154536 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Thanks for reading Richard. 20180128_154522 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr
  8. radioworld

    Custom Fit Subwoofer Enclosures

    New subwoofer boxes in stock, Car specific custom fit, OEM look and fit. Please PM if you would like to order. Audi A3 8L - £44.99 A3 8P - £89.99 A4 B5 Avant - £89.99 A4 B6 Avant - £89.99 A4 B8 Saloon - £89.99 A6 C5 Avant - £89.99 Q7 - £89.99 BMW E46 Touring - £89.99 E60 Saloon - £89.99 Ford Focus Mk1 - £89.99 Focus Mk2 - £89.99 Mondeo Mk3 Estate - £89.99 Skoda Fabia 2 Estate - £89.99 Octavia 1 Estate - £89.99 Octavia 2 - £89.99 Volkswagen Passat B5 Estate- £89.99 Passat B6 Saloon- £89.99 Transporter T5 - £44.99 Universal 17" Spare Wheel - £89.99 See link for pictures of specific boxes and in the listings most have a picture fitted so you can see the fit http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/radioworld-online-uk/m.html?item=370790238349&_from=R40&_sacat=0&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&_nkw=custom&_sop=15
  9. Hello all, So after owning my Mk1 for two weeks and getting familiar with it all i decided to make a project thread (well more of a thread to show it off!) So yes, i had been looking for a mk1 for almost a year and after a long wait was contacted by somebody about a 1.3 3dr tin top they had just brought. I decided to take the plunge and make the 170 mile journey to view the car. After viewing the car in its rawest form i decided to put a deposit down! The Car had a quick respray on the outside. Just after the respray. Waiting for me to come and collect! As soon as i got in the car to drive home i fell in love! More pictures! I gave it a clean when i got home, and had a little play around with the car with the bumpers off! back together! After owning the car for a week i decided it was time to get rid of the manky old seats which were in there and replace them with some GTI grey stripe seats. I purchased these form joe90k, with a set of doorcards and parcel shelf, before i picked up the golf itself, so during the four weeks wait i decided to clean them up a bit! Before and after Before and after So now it was time to swap the seats over, which is such an easy job! old seats! rear bench Fronts out Rears out and time for a quick scrub Much better! Rear bench in Fronts in Now thats where im up to this the car so far! my plans are to ort out the stereo and speakers (nothing chavy!) get some ats classics on it and then see where it goes from there! but so far loving the car and ownership (my first car owned in my name too ) so i shall leave you all with my favourite shot of the car for now A long time since ive updated this, not a great deal has changed but i thought i would update with some pictures over the past year Need to re do these badges so that they are matte black New headlights fitted Engine before a little tidy up And after New smoked rear lights and terrible exhaust New Shoes German Plates fitted and the tidy new exhuast! My staggered bullet wheels to go on, 7j front 8j rear with 175/50/R13 nankangs all over 7J 8J and the most recent shots with the wheels fitted (yes it needs to come lower ) This thread is no way near as exciting or technical as the majority on here but still somewhere for me to dump my photos Thanks Toby
  10. Lukeybabes

    1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    About time I put up a thread here. I bought this on a whim back in last September because I saw it on eBay and it was just around the corner. Only was gonna go have a look and I bought it. The guy i bought it off didn't have it very long and hadn't cleaned it or anything. It was filthy. The woman who had it before him used to only use it to driver her dogs around. Hair...Hair everywhere!!! So that was the first job. Wash and hoover. This was going to be a clean up and sell on for a profit because I got it really cheap. But I got carried away. So got some new wheels, A new steering wheel and a full mop. Paint was pretty good after that. But still the bumpers paint was cracking off, the rear bumper plastic was faded anyway, bottoms of the doors were stone chipped really badly, was a small dent on the NSR arch and some rust on the boot. So it went to paint. Was pretty happy with it at this point. But then I saw a Mk2 golf air con setup on eBay quite close. I had to have it. Then i had to research what other options there was that I never knew about. So far I have Air con, adjustable steering column, electric mirrors, and half of a cruise control setup. Waiting for more bits before fitting all of it. I had all the dash and heat box out I thought i would stip the interior and get rid of the rest of the damn dog hair and sand. The hoover just wouldn't shift it. And while the dash was out I ripped out the old alarm that didn't work and put in a new one. Its insane the amount of little bits of trim i changed just because they were slightly scratched or damaged. I changed the dashboard for a new one because of the old alarm key fob and led. They were still in there so no holes but I couldn't leave it. Some of you may of seen it at early edition. Although I got no love.
  11. I have Had my 1985 golf mk2 c since may 2014. It started as a 1.3 with suposidly 60 something thousand miles. (clocks didnt work some times). I brought it off a lady who looked after it suposidly. It came with 2 door cards, carpets that smelt of dog, freshly white painted floor (paintbrush style) lacquer peel and some nice and deep key marks that were poorly covered with tip-ex, yes one of the owners must have been disliked. It seemed the golf has had a hard 30 years so far. so it was time to change that. (pictures do it justice) so when it came home i swapped the suspension and bottle tops for the normal coilovers and some g60 steels. The rear bearings needed changing so me and my dad did so, when we were doing this my heavy handed dad broke my rear drum brake cylinder some how so that had to be replaced along with the whole brake line as it was all rusted togeather The next change was the steering wheel. My brother had a wolfsburg steering wheel lying around. I also found a set of messy BBS Rm's 012 if i remember correctly.At the same time as buying the RM's me and my brothe brought some Compomotive Fuchs splits. so this became a hard choice, to sell the RM's or Comps. I chose to keep the RM's. and soon found a set of center caps i wanted. My brother had 2 2 inch lips ready for his rs's so i had to see how it would look on the rear. My bothers mate then brought some rs's for his mk2, 8's and 8.5's i think, they were at my house so i had to test fit. My dad also found vortex roof bars and roof rack, as i ride a bike this was a nice thing to have. This is no where near up to date, but i want to watch the world time attack live stream. I will finish this off later !
  12. LewDeak

    Another vanilla daily...

    Hi Everyone! This is a new thread for my new Daily, you may have seen my other build thread for my Lupo JDO, This Golf is my new winter hack while i SORN the Lupo! So some brief information... It's a really slow 1.4 It has 75BHP It's currently like driving around in an arm chair (Going to change) It's on almost 85,000 Miles Made in 2001 Cost me all of £400. bargain. It's currently incredibly boring and bland (Going to change) It has a really really annoying aftermarket alarm fitted. So, this is it. My Y REG MK4 Golf S. So yeah, currently a typically unloved boring MK4 Golf. long story short i acquired this car off a friend as he had bought it as his new car, but after selling his current car he then realized he could not insure it, so to get him and myself out the s*** was a bit of a no brainier to buy it. Plan to start working on it next week as i'm in Bristol all of this weekend, so that will give me some time to get bits ordered (Coilovers) Cosmetically, it's pretty damn clean to be honest. Couple of dings here and there but nothing you'd not expect to find on a 15 year old car. Mechanically it's sweet as a nut, coolant's a bit too much water but i'll sort that, oh and it's way to high. Rim's will be on the list after coilovers, thinking some banded steels will do for now. Although i'd quite like some nice alloys to go on it, maybe some OEM sort, not really sure atm. Interior is also very tidy, but a bit basic. (No cup holders, horrible radio etc) Thinking about getting hold of some Recaro's to go in there place Steering wheel also needs to go in the bin, it's awful. But yeah, awesome little daily, looking forward to getting it on the road! Any advice will be greatly appreciated as i don't know a massive amount about these! Update soon, cheers for reading.
  13. This is going to be a thread of my Mk1 Golf Build.
  14. Hi together, my name´s Fränk and I come from the small country of Luxembourg. I´ve been reading a lot of build threads recently and thought I´d show you what I drive! In July 2013, after seeking for a log time, I purchased my absolute dream car in Kassel, Germany, an original MK2 GTI 8V in Alpine White. At that moment, I was only 17 years old, but having a car before you get your drivers license is important, you know... This is how it looked like on the day of purchase. Happy owner... First thing I did when I bought it was search for a nice set of wheels. Which I found! Golden BBS RM012´s. Fortunatly, the car was already on KW V2 coilovers, so the only thing left to do was put I a little closer to the ground. Then there came some new paint on the right wing and the whole rear, as these were very poorly painted by the previous owner, which looked awful. Always good having friends that work in a paint shop.. And after reassembly: A bit lower: More to come.. stay tuned
  15. Adam@PureDents

    2012 Beetle Design

    Hello I've been on the forum for a while, just browsing about and enjoying reading the write ups that people have done for their cars. So I thought it was time for me to do one! I purchased this in late February, its a 1.4 TSI Beetle Design with a few extras including; Fender Park, Optical Parking Sensors and DAB. It came with only 2400 miles on the clock and had been owned by Volkswagen previously according to the paperwork. It's an absolute dream to drive, really is! I came from a 1.2 Volkswagen Polo and its on another level in terms of performance and the build throughout. So heres a few quick pictures from when me and my brother first picked it up from Stourbridge Volkswagen. Loved the drive home, having that extra power behind the pedal is so much fun coming from a 3 cylinder! Then the only one I have from when I got home, courtesy of my Grandad ! Then it took a whole 6 days for somebody to go into the back of me at the traffic lights. His foot slipped of the clutch apparently. Caused this crack to the rear bumper... Spent the whole day going around the car with some wax and polish to get the paintwork shining and to try and bring any more damage out from the bump, although all it seems to be is a few slight scratches and the crack to the bumper. He didn't want to go through insurance so I ended up billing him for the repair, which I guess is all good in the end. Here's a few pictures, including of the interior; So for me personally, I've never had a modified car as a daily. The closest I got was putting OEM central locking into my Polo and adding some Montreal II's; I’ve driven numerous modified cars though, static and air. The reason why I never modified my Polo was that I didn't have the desire to pump money into a bog standard car. This time with the Bug however it was different! It took 3 weeks for me to go ahead and order a MK5 Golf Airlift V2 kit from the guys down at Car Audio Security. It arrived the next day and I can't fault their customer service, brilliant throughout as always.
  16. bridgeburner

    Mystic Blue Vento GL TDI

    After being on the lookout for a Vento for sometime a friend of mine hooked me up after hearing that the previous owner of his G40 was selling his. I got in touch and received the following photos. It was a total beater with typical rotten arches, some damage to the bodywork around the near side rear light and sporting a rat look wing. Apart from the obvious polished Porsche 928's and coilovers I was told that it had a straight through exhaust system with a bike can back box, 110 injectors and a diesel tuning box. As the owner was willing to meet me halfway in Bristol and offering the car to me with a boot full of spares I couldn't resist so took the journey up in my buddies Mk2 Jetta to collect. Had a quick test drive, cash exchanged hands, log book was signed and I removed the fly eyes kit from the headlights before cruising back into Welsh territory. Other than tidying things up I knew roughly the look I wanted to achieve and started the part hunt. Managed to get a set of genuine Hella smoked front indicators and fog light blanks along with a phase 2 'mid' grill locally. Around the same time I decided to split the headlights and joey them using gloss black enamel paint. I then came across an early GL front bumper on eBay complete with splitter which failed to sell, after a message to the guy selling it he agreed to sell the splitter separately. The pressed plates got ditched for a cleaner looking plastic set... at this stage the front end looked like this. To go lower on the front I removed the liners and rolled the arches finding a ton of mud in the process. This vastly improved aesthetics but the inside of the wheels were now catching on the helper springs... the joys of running et65. I put up with the daily grind whilst constantly on the look out for a set of wheels with a smaller offset. The standard velour interior wasn't to my taste so when a set of black colour concept recaros cropped up relatively local on eBay, I threw a last minute bid down. I got these fitted along with my other interior purchases which consisted of Nardi Torino wooden steering wheel, Golf Mk4 wooden gear knob, lower glovebox, highline leather door cards, VDO style boost gauge, 42 Draft Designs gauge panel, genuine rubber floor mats as well the headunit & subwoofer from my previous whip. Copped a US spec rear tub and ordered a new plate to suit. A damp patch appeared in my boot which seemed to be coming from the rear lights. I whipped them off to reveal a build up of maple leaves. This seemed like an appropriate moment to cut the amber indicator caps out of the rear lights with a dremel and fit chrome bulbs before they went back on. I finally came across a set of wheels I was interested in advertised on Instagram. A set of Porsche fitment Azev E's. 16 x 7.5 & 9J (ET50) with 195/45 & 205/40 Tyres. Whilst waiting for them to be delivered I ran the standard 14's up front and a pair of Sebrings on the rear, strong look. M.O.T prep was the next hurdle which consisted of getting some holes in the sill welded up. The Azevs arrived but the front adapters I was previously running were shot due to stripped threads and cut down wheel bolts. I treated myself to a new pair of 20mm adapters and picked up a set wheel bolts from a Golf Mk4 at my local scrap yard. The car came with slim to no service history so I played it safe by replacing all the belts and fluids. The power steering bottle had seen better days so this got changed. The previous owner mentioned an airbox mod when chatting around the time of purchase but I never thought it would have been this extreme. Luckily in the boot full of spares that came with the car was an untouched bottom section of an airbox so this was modded in subtler terms and fitted along with a new K&N panel filter. Since day one of ownership the brakes were spongey and useless. It was definitely time for an upgrade to G60 carriers and calipers, managed to get a pair for a reasonable price. I ground the paint back and gave them a coat of a more subtle gloss black. I fitted these with Brembo pads and chucked them onto a fresh set of Brembo Max discs.
  17. GurpalD

    MK3 VR6

    Hi all, thought I'd start a thread on my new car I bought a few weeks back now, lets get to it! She's a black 1995 MK3 VR6, originally on an N plate, now with the personalised reg of L4 VRT. Engine: 2.8 VR6 K&N air filter Magnex cat-back exhaust Painted and polished inlet manifold 107k miles Body: 3 door Angel eye headlights Deep VR6 splitter Smoothed front and rear bumpers Smoothed bonnet Rolled and pulled arches front and rear German pressed plates Boot spolier removed US spec style rear lights (I think) Twin pipe exhaust Audi A3 door handles Flushed bootlid Roof aerial relocated Suspension: FK Hisport Coilovers Eibach front and rear anti roll bars Schmidt 3 piece modernline 16" alloys Audi TT 3112mm front brake set up Interior: Audi TT Mk1 Recaro Heated front seats Retrimmed in red leather along with the door cards and bottom half of the dash Alcantare roof lining along with A/B/C pillars Momo steering wheel Anniversary golf ball gear knob US spec centre console with rear cupholder 6 CD holder Lower anniversary glovebox Audi TT pedal set Ice: Alpine Headunit Boot build consisting of a Hertz amplifier and 15" subwoofer Clifford 650 concept alarm with remote start So that's the cars spec's in a nutshell. I've got a few plans for it, with some winters and some general mods here and there, nothing major as yet, as it is going to be my daily Here's some pics: Comments and criticisms welcome as always, thanks
  18. Hi all This years show is on 27th September 2015 , last years was amazing will nearly full capacity by 11am ! For all that have come before its in the same place as always and for all those that are coming for the first time please see all the details below . Great cars , Great food and Great music ... any questions please ask , see you all on the 27th !!
  19. GurpalD

    GurpalD's Daily Mk5

    Hello everyone! So I guess it's time for what you could call another installment lol! .. So then, after accepting a university place that required me commuting on a daily basis, it meant I needed a sensible and practical daily car to get there and back in. As you would imagine, the VR6 wasn't the best car to be doing major miles, down to the pure fact that a 2.8 12v VR6 is never going to match a diesel on economy, and I didn't fancy ruining the VR6's paintwork either. So I was on the hunt for something diesel, something that kept me in the "scene", custom but daily friendly too. It just happened my good friend Bally had come across an Imola Red E46 M3 convertible that he wanted, which meant he was looking to sell his Mk5 Golf GT TDI: I couldn't pass this one up. So after a few longggggggggg whatsapp convo's and several phone calls later (Bally will tell you lol!), a deal was agreed and the car was mine later on in the week. Now this is what the car looked like when I picked it up: And a few more when Bally was running it on the RS reps: So, some specs: 2004 Mk5 Golf GT TDI 140 6 speed manual 115k 2 owners FSH Boring stuff done. The proper specs.... 4 way Accuair E-Level Air Suspension set up Chassis notch GTI front bumper 3M matte grey wrap (originally metallic grey) Tinted windows Digital dual zone climate control So all in all, a good daily car. Ticked all the boxes for me and most importantly, I loved it from the first day I saw it! I followed the basic procedure that most people do after picking up a new car.. WASH IT .. Also had a play round with the air ride : Now after 115k and 10 years post-production, the car was starting to show signs of wear both cosmetically and mechanically, both internally and externally. There were also a few things that weren't quite to my taste on the car too that I wanted to change. First thing on my hit list was the center part of the dash. It was in a pretty poor state, with scratches all over and just generally looking tired, so I sorted that out first. Before: After: Bally had the E-Level controller mounted in the ash tray, but I didn't like the way it lit up the inside of the car at night time, and wanted to locate it to a more discreet part of the car, so used the small compartment under the headlight switch: I then had an offer on the standard wheels, so I got shot of those because I absolutely hated them and then put the VR6's winter wheels on temporarily: Bally also had a sound setup in the car, which I wasn't very fond of. It consisted of: - Bosch multi-channel 600w amp for the door speakers - Orion D5000 amp - Orion 15" HCCA - Pioneer MixTrak headunit Now I'm quite fussy when it comes to doing mods to a car. If I'm gonna do something, I like to take my time and do it properly. I had a feeling that the audio setup hadn't been done this way. So out came the interior: The audio was set up just how I thought it had been. OEM wiring cut, wire's stripped then twisted and taped together. The worst possible way of doing it. So, I headed down to Maplin's, bought a crimping tool and a big set of crimps and go to work on crimping all the wires back into the OEM wiring harness and doing things the right way. At this point, I also replaced both woofers in the front doors as they were showing signs of being passed their best in the way they sounded. So, OEM phillips replacements were ordered and riveted into place. I removed all the excess speaker wires and RCA's, as well as the single DIN headunit, which looked awful in the dash. My vision with this car is to go OEM+ as much as I can without sacrificing too much on looks and usability. When it came to finding a replacement headunit, I considered all options. RNS-510's, RCD-510's. I still wanted to be able to run a subwoofer too, so needed something that had RCA input's but still remained OEM. After reading through forum after forum on what would be the best option, the answer I seemed to get was that running a subwoofer off a standard headunit wasn't a good idea, however, there was an alternative. The Kenwood DNX was offered by VW as an optional extra. It has bluetooth, TV tuner and sat nav capabilities, as well as 4x50w power output, and RCA inputs. Its also a direct fit with no battery drain issues on the Mk5 platform so it was a no brainer. I trawled the internet night after night looking for a good deal on one. One came up, a few eBay messages later and it was mine, along with all the accessories: Fits like a glove and sounds great! Couldn't be happier! I stuck all the interior back together and was then on the look out for a set of wheels, as the 16" Merc wheels were not doing it any justice! Again, I wanted something OEM+ to go on the car and to keep with the theme. Super wide dishes were not an option as I didn't really want to run a big stretch on a daily car. All my friends kept saying to go for Bentley Mulliner wheels, but 20" wheels would mean too low a profile tyre on a daily car, so I put that option to a side for now. Then a friend of mine, Parm, happened to be selling his 19" BBS 2 Piece split Speedlines. I went to go see them: Hashed out a deal, and brought them back home: Then, like a kid at chrismas, I started fitting: The wheels will be getting split, blasted and powder coated soon but when funds allow. Haven't decided on a colour for the centre's yet but the lips will definitely be getting polished. Now to spruce up the exterior, I sanded the headlights back as they were damaged by UV, before: After: I also repainted the front VW badge as I wasn't keen on the red inserts: Also fitted in the inserts that were missing: Also fitted some 10mm spacers on the front today as the wheels seemed to be fouling the struts, so picked up some extended wheel bolts from STS too: Driving ride height: And a quick snap of the air set up: All hidden away under a false floor in the spare wheel well. Much happier with the way it is sitting now and how it feels to drive on the 19's. Ride is sublime and the interior feels like a much nicer place to be. A lot more planned for the car yet, with some subtle performance modifications, nothing to extreme that side as it's gonna be a daily whip! Well, I appreciate it if you have stuck with me thus far lol! Many many more updates to come, so keep tuned! Comments and criticisms are welcome and any idea's for the wheel refurb would be appreciated, perhaps some photoshops if possible from people with the skills Thanks for reading! Gurpal
  20. b4dvw


    OK so I'm a readers rides virgin so bare with me if I make a few noob mistakes. I now a few of you veterans will be looking for me to slip up lol I buy and sell cars and rare parts, as a hobby not a business, if I can make a bit of money along the way then it is a bonus I had this delivered today and I think I will keep it for a while, so I'm posting up on here Its a Japanese Imported MK4 Golf Its in the rarer LC7V Anthracite Blue Pearl, don't know why its Blue Pear as it looks more Grey to me Only looked around the car after it was delivered to me, its been standing a while and the brake discs are covered in surface rust, not sure what size the brakes are yet either. Features included on the car from factory are: Jap Spec front rubstrip Jap spec rear bumper with smaller numberplate recess Jap Spec stubby mirrors (Ihave these on my V5 and there is a set for sale in the classifieds for £250) These are supposed to be electric folding but I cannot test them yet Interesting choice of dials Handy 12V power supply in the boot No rear ultrasonics, but courtesy lights instead Some silly stickers Half a tool kit But a brandnew BBS wheel under it I got all excited... But then turned it over lol Good tyre though A strange plug where the CD changer is supposed to be (anyone know what it is)? Some strange looking Alloys, but the 225/40/18 tyres are mint Oh and that small scuff on the arch is the only damage on the car as far as I can tell, but I'll wash it tonight if it stops raining Recaro cloth seats Rear bench is very clean No rips in the front, the passanger seat needs a little clean Roof ariel, this looks like it would have moved at somepoint in its life (see the ribbed parts above the base), but now has had it. Service history Jap style Someone help me translate the manual Came with a nice Volkswagen Service pen also Always a nice feature This was nice too Factory Xenons, is a Wreg so I think they are the early type with the Balasts under the front wings (forgot to check) BUT! The main reason I purchased the car is the its a 20V 1.8T So many Jap MK4 left the factory as 2.0 non turbos AND its an AUTO Yes I know some will say WTF but I had a few health issues a few years ago and although I can drive a manual, an auto is much much easier for me. Its also got to be pretty rare. Plans are: Detail the car, Replace old worn mats and the centre console is raggy, replace the ariel, Service the car this will include brake pads and fluid change, check all the bushes and rubbers for damage/wear I recently purchaced some wheels so once I've sorted out the fitment these will be going on the car Engine wise I think a DV and cone filter (purely for the sound) is about all I'm looking to do yet, want to run it and see hat it needs first Suspension wise: Well I'm fitting air to my V5 so the KW V2s and rear beam relocation plates will have a good homew to go to eventually Numberplate is going back top the owner once it is Taxed, MOT'd and Insured. Untill then its staying right there Thank for looking will update soon
  21. JoshBMX

    Josh's 1.4 16v Mk4 Golf

    Here is my Mk4 golf had it a while but havent made a thread on here yet will try show everything that has been done since i got it Current spec: Mk4 golf 2002 85,000 1.4 16v engine BCA 59,000 FK Highsport Coilover's Full Audi TT Subframe Conversion Audi TT 312mm Front Calipers BBS LM reps 18 x 8 5mm spacers and 25mm Heated recaro leather seats R32 Xenon's US Spec Rear Lights Momo Steering wheel Tinted windows Sharan rear Badge R32 Brushed Aluminium Trim Genuine Lupo GTI/mk4 golf wing mirror conversion Heko Wind deflectors When i first got the golf it handled like crap so bought all this to replace the worn items after all this was fitted and lowered alot it needed a chasis notch so it got booked in at carbon motive for this to be done Started collecting the aluminium brushed trim from the r32 Picked up a rear sharan badge and us spec rear lights from VW At this point i was still not happy with the way the car handled all sorts of noise's and was hard to turn round etc so i decided that i would replace everything that was underneath the car at the front with Audi TT Mk1 parts this took a few months but it was worth it has transformed the car! As you can see my subframe was more than battered Here's my mums car also That brings us up to now this weekend my new wheels will be getting fitted at carbon motive And some pics from the other day of the car
  22. Concon666

    Pistachio Green.

    Hey guys been a lurker for a while. Bought this polo back in June 2014. It's my third car and my second polo. She's a 1.0l match, 146k mileage but surprisingly clean and pretty much rust free. As soon as I got it home I fitted my Hella magic's on the front and rear and took the rear wiper off. Stayed in this state for a good few months just putting miles on it, have changed the wheel bearings, fixed blowing exhaust and just tried to keep it tidy until these turned up a few weeks ago. Ta Tecknix. Got them fitted last week with some ,ages and took the helpers out because I plan on going lower in the near future. And to sum things up I cleaned her for the first time this year today. Gonna get a notch, lower it a bit more and then start putting some cash away for some wheels, not sure what but im thinking 15x8. Would love some feedback, good or bad thanks, Connor
  23. Hi Guys, Due to my commute being cut to a 2 minute drive, I saw no need for the fuel economy of the Fabia Vrs anymore and wanted something to work on as an ongoing project. I sold the Fabia and started looking for something a bit more 'old school', I wanted to stay in the VAG family as I've always had them and parts are always easily available and they're not exactly over complicated, especially the older cars. I decided on a MK2 Golf as parts are cheap, plentiful and depreciation seems to have curbed on them which is always good. I initially saw a black MK2 which looked great but was like a sieve underneath, I could see why he wanted rid of it before the MOT was due. I then came across a MK2 16v in Oak Green that was fairly local to me, it was advertised as having a fault with fuelling. After a thorough check and some negotiating I came away with a car and a boot full of spares. After ploughing all the gravel up the drive I gave it a thorough look over and made a detailed list of what needs doing, it's a bit excessive as you can see: When searching through the car's history I found a receipt for an engine rebuild for £3k in 2004 so it's had some love in the past. Saves me a job as it's quite a detailed rebuild. The engine bay looks reasonably tidy after a quick clean up but it will be a work in progress: First things first though, I need to lose the wheels as they are awful, so I have some Calibre Dub wheels to go on it this weekend. Not the most expensive wheel out there but they look a dam site better than the 14" painted steels. The more I drive it the more small problems I find, half the reason I bought it to be honest. The front engine hydro mount is totally gone, not a massive job but there's loads of engine movement. Next was an intermittent starting issue: The KR 16v engine has a fuel accumulator which holds fuel pressure constant in the fuel lines to stop it evaporating in the lines. I presumed this as faulty so had a look under the car to find it had been bodged with around 20 cable ties. At the same time I noticed the rubber fuel lines that connect the fuel pump to the main feed lines were badly perished and one had started to split. Definitely not a good thing if they start leaking petrol under your car next to a hot exhaust I had some spare fuel hose so changed them whilst fixing the accumulator into place without the aid of cable ties! Changed the fuel filter whilst I was there too. I have two major problems that have now been bumped up the priority list: One of my wheels is buckled/out of balance. Rear passenger coilover has popped a seal therefore no damping at all.
  24. Hey guys I am new to this page & I have bought myself a VW Golf Gti Mk2 8v.... I am going to dub this out soon! Will keep it updated on here So far I have changed the rear lights, put on pressed plates, changed the number plate lights to Xenons, changed the door cards & retro blade wipers Got some parts I already have from a mk2 we had before including full scorpion DTM exhuast, BMC induction kit, VDO gauges, white speedo clocks, blue LED dash bulbs, wishbones with Powerflex Bushes & new ball joints, M3 side mirrors, Xenon HID kit & Crystal headlights & inner spot lights. I am looking to get Dare RS's on here 16x8j front & 16x9j rear, FK Highsport coilovers (don't want to spend above £400) Let me know what you reckon
  25. Danwilmott

    Dan's Polo 9n3

    Hey all Dan here, been registered a while just haven't posted anything up. Well here's my 2006 Polo 9n3, had it a year and a half now and have been tinkering with it since I got it. This is how it looked when I first bought it, not quite sure why I was so set on a Polo, but meh. I was stumped on what wheels to put on.. After a while a set of Schmidt Retro's popped up for sale off a Mk3 Golf GTI. The offsets weren't what rimstyle offered but benefited me as I could run the front lower! After buying the wheels I fitted a set of FK Silverline X's and wound 'em all the way down. I think the wheels suited it well but it had to be lowered some more to get it looking how I wanted it! I found lying around a pair of rear springs that I had from my coilovers on my Corsa .. With the two cars having nearly the same kerb weight I thought I'd try them out. Sorted out the rear loads and brought it down a lot more than the old springs. I pulled out the helper springs from up front one day too, as well as fitting camber shims on the rear and spacing the rear out 6mm a side. Got my recess smoothed in too. Also got hold of a jap spec rear bumper not long after! Then the wheels were taken off not too long after for winter. Nothing much happened to it whilst it was in winter mode, was dying to get messing around with it again! Got new tyres all round fitted before putting the wheels back on.. I went from 195/40/16 on the fronts at 7.5" wide to 165/40 and 205/40/16 at 9" wide to 195/40.. The new tyres made it sit a whole lot better I think, the dodgy rake really put me off how it sat with the 195's on the front as well as bringing it down another 10mm or so! Before After One thing that's been on my to do list for too long was to replace the grills.. The front looked really plain and nothing really stood out so I went for the GTI set. I think the red detail makes the front end look a whole lot nicer than before Went down to UD14 .. What a weekend! Weather couldn't have been better, beat the snow we had last year Few pics the polo got whilst on the Club 9N stand And that's where it stands now! Let me know what you think, I'd appreciate it