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Danz - Black mk4 GT TDi

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After being a member on here for almost a year I thought it was about time to put a build thread together.


I bought the car back in late 2008 from a guy in Glasgow, flew up and drove it back to South Wales where I live.


1999 - 1.9TDi 110bhp

When bought it already had a few bits of kit and the remap in place, 84k miles and FSH.



Below is the current spec:




R32 smoothed front bumper

Badgless FK front grill

Bonnet notch filled

Front wheel arch-lips removed

Side repeaters removed and wings smoothed

Anniversary sideskirts

Mk5 style wing mirrors with side repeaters

Windows tinted

Stubby aerial

Votex rear valance

Rear bumper smoothed

Bootlid de-badged and de-handled

Rear boot spoiler




Jamex coilovers

Adjustable droplinks




Remapped – estimated 150bhp and 280lbs/ft

Green Cotton air panel filter




Full black heated recaro leather seats and door cards

Black leather armrest

Black headliner

Oem boot popper button fitted below petrol flap button in centre console

Anniversary aluminium pedals

Anniversary/R32 aluminium style dash and door trims

Beetle turbo gearknob

Bora sport clocks




18” Calibre Vintage

ET 35

5x100 PCD

Fronts – 8j with 205/40/18 Nankang tyres

Rears – 9.5j with 215/40/18 Nankang tyres



These are pictures of the progress and changes over the last 3 years, I’ve not put everything in as it would take forever!!










After running the car as it was bought for almost 9 months it was time to start with some changes.


First up I managed to source the black leather recaros:




Next up was a new set of rims – 19” OZ Superturismo GT, followed by a set of coilovers and the rear de-badged.




Fitted a replica R32 front bumper with genuine grills and Seat Cupra splitter, I was never really happy with the look of it so it didn’t last long before being sold on.




Genuine R32 front bumper sourced and a few pics with my brother and his Anniversary.





The car had seen lots of little bits done, headliner out and sprayed black, interior trim painted to look like the aluminium finish, mk5 rear wiper etc etc but the bodywork was starting to really look 12 years old.


So at the start of this year I took a 10 year redundancy package and had 8 months off to do some building work on the house and sort the car.


I’m lucky enough to have access to my uncle’s fabrication and welding workshop and a mates bodyshop.

First up I welded all the areas I wanted to smooth out and run all the necessary wiring to work the solenoids etc for the boot.








Then spent a bit of time in the bodyshop helping to get the car ready for paint.








Boot smoothed:




Mk5 style mirrors with side repeaters,smoothed wings and front end:




The rear beam had a twist in it which prevented the rear coilovers from being wound down. After the car came out of the bodyshop I had the beam swopped out for a brand new one that I picked up on Ebay for £90 and fitted a Stance-solutions kit.




The kit allowed me to wind the coilover right down, remove the helpers but when needed still clear my awkward driveway.

Unfortunately it meant running the car really low and I must be getting old as I couldn’t stand the harsh and bouncey ride!!


The kit was sold and the money put towards some new rims, this is how the car now looks today:










Next on the wish list - Air, spacers, US rears and new headlights.

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Looking very nice now bro. I've not added anything to my edition thread since first put up. Try remember to keep this updated.

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Shame you didnt get the air kit off Tom, this thing would be sweet lowwwww!


Looks nice Danz!

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Thanks Pete, yeah it's very much in need of air now and that messing about put a damper on the build but I'll carry on saving and get there in the end!

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I'm looking for some suggestions on new headlights guys, I like the look of the anni ones but have seen some cars running the depos, R32 xenons etc but don't know the pros and cons of these?

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Dan the car looks sweet with the new changes mate! Yet to see it in the flesh man.

Are the RS's the Calibre ones? They look really nice.


...Do you know of any local Welsh meets over the summer? il be happy to tag along with you and have a catch up man.



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Hey man, just picked up ya message on your thread! Ha


The cars changed a bit more since above but I don't really update the thread on here, forgot I had one to be honest. It's still updated over on uk-mkivs tho.


Yeah there the vintages, very happy with them and gave it a different look to the 19s.

Seen the car around uni once or twice, been back in Glamorgan the last year but off to Swansea next.


As for Welsh shows there's only really margam where we went a few years back. I went last year and was really disappointed and said I wouldn't bother again.

I've been traveling all over the place for good shows and tend to tag along with some of the London lads.

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This is stunning mate. keep the thread going!

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Thanks mate, it's a pretty neglected build thread. I'll try and find 2 minutes and get some updates sorted

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yeah talk about timing haha.


Il go take a peak, for now you got some updating on here to do ;) lol.


Yeah i noticed ukivs stopped the local welsh meets because no one can be arsed to organise anything lol... are you doing margam this year? Theres little else to attend locally.


Id prob get my car to more mainstream shows this year seen as it'll be looking a lot more show worthy lol.

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Thanks Mark, I'll try and sort something out tonight.


Roxi : Unlikely to do Margam but if your getting the car sorted and up for some miles I'll defo let you know what shows I'm planning mate.

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Ok so as its been pointed out I've forgotten about/neglected this thread ans it needs an update.


Rather than waffling on I'll just get some pics up.........


Interior with air gauges and switches in ashtray:



Few pics from Ultimate Dubs this year, it was on the uk-mkivs stand right outside the main entrance:









And a few pics from Elemental in Essex last month:










I should be picking up some new headlights and US rears at the end of this week.

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Hahaha, you must have been waiting for me to update it mate! Thanks for the comments tho man.

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Danz I saw your car at UD looked awesome mate got some inspiration for mines after seeing yours bro.. Keep the updates coming along.. Well done bud ;-)

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My word, you haven't been messing around bro! What system you running?


looks/sits amazing!! B)

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:blush: thanks Trini, really not at the standard of most of those cars at UD but I'm well happy with how it's coming along as I've done nearly everything myself with no mechanical/electrical background.


Cheers Rox, the air was a complete nightmare and sourced from everywhere. A real Frankenstein system but works well. Pretty happy with how it's worked out for my first air install and learnt a lot putting it in.

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