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Cracking build this mate :D cant wait to see it at shows :) looking forward to updates :)

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great work Nick. keep it up

Cheers Rich. You can't be far off now? Does Neil know a guy that can plug and redrill me Rev centers?




Acquired a mk2 front bumper, in poo state! Perfect for the task at hand..




Cut the bumper recess out.




Offered it up.




It's not going to be as straight forward as I first thought. Shapes completely different. Ran out of time and didn't really accomplish much.


How on earth are you meant to remove the bumper iron?!


And just cos I can, here's the brake shields..





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I don't know if Neil does but I do. Just has my RSs machined down. I will get his details and PM you

Mate! I'd really appreciate it..


Speak soon.

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Managed to get a quick couple o hours in at the unit..




And the girls back in too one solid colour again. Yay for me..








Hopefully going to get some colour down at the weekend, if everything goes to plan..

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I'd say I've used about 3/5's of the tin. It comes as 4ltrs of paint and a ltr of hardner. So five ltr's in total. So 3ltrs, so far. Still need to hit some more but I reackon I'll have a ltr left.

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You're welcome pal.


That upol stuff is touch dry in 20 minutes. That's in an unheated tin shed, in the sun or some where warm it'll be sandable in that time..

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Thanks lads. ☺️


Big day!




How ever started finishing of some body parts with a final bit of highbuild.






On to the body shell, gave it a flat off then a proper good clean..






Just take note of the blazing sunshine and distinct lack if agricultural machinery.


Weren't messing about today, got mixing up and got the flip on with it.




Technical data sheet, for those that don't know what they look like. I didn't.




Pulled a bit if a wrongun to start with, long and short if it on of the guys I share the unit with broke the pressure gauge in the 1.3 gun, tit I know, so I had to change the air cap and nozzle over but neglected to change the pin..






Got on with the tack coat, and my heart sank. Well off the colour I was after. Very nearly through it all in.




Luckily had a bro with me to tell me to stop been a girl and get in with it..






And that's when we had to shut the door, this little sausage decided to start doing shuttle runs past the front door, kicking up a right poo fest of dust.




This, as you see is the result of farmer joes rampage.




DUST! Anyone? Luckily it looked as tho I may have been dry enough to polish out.










This is as far as my confidence takes me. The finish is far from high gloss, I think I may have been too timid with it?




What is people's advice to wet sanding and polishing?

Is this a finish that polish up with megs 105/205 ect?


Or should I bash out the 2.5k wet and dry?


Any advice will be much appreciated.



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i'm no expert, but with all that dust in the paint, surely it's a good idea to flat it back and whack on another wet coat? with the door shut! :lol:

Looks good though mate, nice to see people doing things for themselves and learning by doing!

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I may have to give it another coat, not sure if it's alright to lay down another coat on top coats?!


The dust is sitting on the paint, it seem to had gone off enough to avoid contamination. I could blow it off but didn't want to wipe it for obvious reasons. Lol

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No harm in flatting it down and laying on some more 2k. Will need more than 1 coat though, just incase you break through while wet sanding to polish back if that makes sense.

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Lay down another coat mate, will be much better. Will lay down better also, finish with 1000 and don't be shy with it.


Or rub it down and get a local body shop to top coat it now you've done the hard bit?


A bad finish is very noticeable.


You blocking the paint down with blocks or by hand?

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