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Started from a shell TakeTwo2

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Hey guys 

So some of you may remember this thread as it goes on , But for those that don't I previously had a build on here that got messed up due to photo bucket changing there rules and things resulting in all my images to be messed up, So I've decided to copy my thread and update it from where i left of so hopefully get things going again! 

So Started from a shell Take Two, 

From the beginning, 


I decided its about time to make my own build thread after reading them for years, Spending countless of hours looking at everyone else's builds and wondering what its really like to be doing it all. 

Not really knowing what to write, The story all started about 11 years ago after finding the love in the vw scene at the age of around 12 years old, After 8-9 years i finally brought my first mk2 golf with almost everything id been looking for at the time, For it to only go downhill from then. 


Only driven the car a handful of times.



 I decided to take it off the road this time last year ready for a repaint and a few subtle changes to my liking. after stripping down and starting to sand it down it turned for the worst finding more and more bodges and get bys, and it resulted in a car that was really nice looking and had potential to nothing but a rotten mess and a big disappointment.

After lots of thinking and decisions i decided on a shell change and start from the very beginning. As i hope you guys will see and follow me on my progress to get my golf that I've always wanted back to life and back on the road again.


So thats exactly what i did! i found a shell not far from my house and went to pick it up, shared a few stories and spoke to the guy which turned out that he'd been totally turned over on this shell, as he'd paid to have it all welded up and painted etc so he could rebuild it, This wasn't the case.

so this is the shell,



I quickly set about getting the shell back to bare metal to find out what had been done and what i was up against so i could really figure out what i wanted to do with a blank canvas.





lots of nitromors and scraping.


After getting it back to bare i threw a quick coat of etch over it just to keep the weather off before i got somewhere dry to put it. once that was sorted i wanted to build my own rollover jig and start on the floor. 



More updates to follow

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i figured that once id got the outer shell bare metalled and with a quick coat of etch thrown over it i wanted to start with the basics and get the floor in tip top condition as i mentioned earlier that the guy i got the shell from had been turned over and unfortunately nothing if anything that he was told had been done or had been done very poorly! 

Shame really, as he was genuinely a nice bloke,  



After getting hold of a self build rollover jig, i quickly set about welding it up and getting it built ready for the shell to be loaded up and rolled over, the best bit of kit i have purchased and what an ease it makes things!







Time to let the hard work and the nightmare to start..





With a little bit of elbow grease and some time we started to get there, it really didn't help that it had double the amount of underseal and body shutz but were getting somewhere here!! 





These photos were the last few stages before every little bit on the floor pan was cleaned off and ready for a quick blast of etch primer to keep the weather of it for the time being. 



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Moving day had arrived and id finally found somewhere to keep the golf and work on it, dry and out the way tucked down the end of my works yard.


Looks cosy!! 

So now I'm in a place that its covered and out the way i could start to tackle all the bad bits that i had come across and boy was i in for it! Starting with the arches! 


Here you can see i cut away the rotten outer skin, and rebuilt the inner mounting face out of some sheet metal, 


Some arches bought and delivered from VWheritage, Cut out what i needed and welded in 


Same again for the other side exactly the same procedure and technique. 





Then turned my focus onto the front of the arch.... 





Not sure i like the look of this! but it needs to be done and no one will do it for me lol, 

so once id got the bad stuff cut out from the outer i then decided to cut out and rebuild the inner arch and structure for the sill, again cut out and made out of sheet steel again 





Once rebuilding the inner sill structure and mounting faces i was lucky enough that a friend had a good donor shell that i could cut out the inner arch panel that i needed, so cleaned up and fitted in, i wasn't sure about this as this would depend on how the outer arch sat so it had to be right. 



not looking to bad! better get the outer arch cut and lined up! 




well thats it cut in and ready to be welded in! better get the welder out and do some stuffs! 



all in and not to bad! managed to get the inner arch in the right place, which meant the outer arch went on and was perfectly lined up as you can see by the side profile it doesn't look bad! 

Change over to the over side for exactly the same routine but this time having to make some sill extensions to meet up to the new outer skin, although i never got pictures of this i only got a few once it was done, 



thats the rear arches summed up and ready to move along the sills, cutting out anything bad and replacing with self made up sections. 


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Ok so another update as I'm just going to keep copying over my thread until were unto date from where i left out to where i am now! 

as previously mentioned i had been cutting away the rot and bad stuff on the arches and sills, once id done this i began at back again and worked through to the front! 

So for the rear panel! here goes! 

as some of you'll know these get pretty bad after a while and you'd of guessed it mine was rotten to! 

time to get it cut off and removed! 



Weight reduction? Chaffing big hole? better get it covered up quick lol! 

After cleaning up all the mounting faces and side seams i got the rear panel lined up, trimmed and cut ready to be welded in. 


tacked in and adjusted! 

lets have it


well thats another job done and not looking to bad, really is weird uploading these pictures i took all those months ago to see how much work I've done over the last few months to where i am today! 

The floor in my opinion is the worst part of doing something like this as its dirty to begin with, a nightmare to weld because of all the wax oil in the sills and joins makes welding hard work but i got there in the end. well atleast i thought i was on the home run cleaning and bare metalling all the last bits of underseal and stonechip until i found this! 


ahh man another hole? 

the best way i thought about this was to completely remove the turret and seat belt mount, this meant i could cut away what i needed and clean up the edges to make and fit another piece in! 



ill be honest these are the only pictures i seem to have, when i think about it theres a lot missing, but maybe i was just getting on with stuff and not remembering to pick up the camera, never the less this i got stuff done and eventually cut anything and everything that looked even slightly rusted or corroded from the floor pan and replaced with fresh metal, from start to finish it took me about 7 months, every evening for a few hours and every saturday to finally get the floor pan clear of any rust, brackets deleted and shaved, any un used studs and plugs to be removed. 

This really was a turning point for me after spending the good months of doing the floor after work and only on saturday soon took its toll and believe me i was ready to give up but none the less i pursued the finish and got there in the end. 

I just kid myself for not taking as many photos as i probably should of done with the amount of work and self fabrication i had done to get things looking just how they was from factory. 

which leads us onto the next chapter! 

sealing everything back up watertight again! 


this was the floorpan in an etch primer shot from the gun, 

once this had 24hours to completely cure off, I got out the seam sealer and sealed every joint, floor plugs, brackets or anything with a edge or join. 


masking out for the bag sealer to be applied! 23 bags of 3M bag sealer which isn't cheap to be applied, Once I had finished and was happy everything was covered that needed to be, I left the seam sealer a couple of days to double make sure that it was dry, the reason i did this was because if you apply 3m bag sealer over wet seam sealer it can react or crack and move once the bag sealer had gone off, so just keep that in mind if anyone decides to tackle this job although you would be mad! but it is very satisfying seeing it all shiny and painted. rUIYaHx.jpg



all sealed up and waiting to be shot 

I wanted the floor to look as close to oem as i could hence why i went with bagsealer and you can apply it so looks very much like it did from the factory, very good stuff! 




A friend came down whilst i was shooting the floor and got this cool shot of me :) 


So thats another chapter of my build! the floor all done and waiting to have the running gear bolted back up to make it a rolling shell to crack onto the next part! just waiting for things to come back from the powders! 


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As you've seen, once the floor had been painted it really made a difference to things and helped me achieve something that i thought i wasn't getting anywhere with at times. 

Whilst in the process of doing the floor i had everything underneath stripped, zinc'd and powder coated by a good friend of mine.


First few bits back from the powders, was over the moon so gathered up more bits and sent them off again, Whilst waiting for the powders i put in a big order for, new bushes, drop links, bolts, nuts & washers, and replaced everything all in one go when i got everything back.


Carefully prepped up the steering rack and gave it some paint to freshen it up ready for a quick test fit,



Looks good, time to chuck it on the subframe and get the new bits fitted then...




Nice pile of shiny bits ready to be fitting up so i can get the shell of the rollover jig and on some shoes


Few bits to be fitted and then on for the steels, and rolled out into the sunshine for the first time ever in my ownership on its own wheels.




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Thanks for the kind words jamie! hope to get this one going off like my last thread! lots more updates are coming! as this thread is so far behind, but i shall be updating every evening until i catch up! hope you enjoy the content




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Another update for you guys,

So from the last pictures lets fast forward a few weeks, everything was bolted on and made a rolling shell for me to roll around the yard and into the body shop for the next few months prepping it for some primer.

some hours and many late evenings going into this so i just can't wait to get it in paint! 

it really is true when they say that building a car takes over your life, pulling full shifts at work and then staying late getting things done. 


so anyway heres some pictures for you guys







managed to get hold of another wing which was mint compared to mine as they'd been cut and was pretty rotten on the bottoms, Quick test fit and then onto smoothing out the indicators and trim holes for the euro kids 







My old door put on for test fit, I had to rebuild the bottom front corner of the drivers door as it was rotten, cutting out a fair bit of the outer and inner skin, again another bit of work i didn't get any pictures of as i didn't have much time that day so just got on with it,  also done any dents and fitted it back to the car to check panel gaps and made sure everything was good. 

I got lucky with the passenger side and only had a few dents to do, quick test fit to check panel gaps and a quick look of what it looks like with doors on.  

hopefully picking up another wing for the n/s next week so will do the same and fit it up. 

although it looks like a lot of filler around the car its only a very fine skim across the panels to bring in any repairs that I've done, this will eventually make up for when its prepped and painted so it looks dead straight without any flickers or repair sections showing. 

I'm around 80% done with the bodywork now on the outer car as I'm waiting on a scuttle panel to arrive for me to finish up then its onto the roof aswell as getting the bay finished but that'll be in the next update for you to have a look at. 

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For anyone that knows getting hold of certain panels for these mk2s can be a thing of its own, after waiting four months for a scuttle panel to come in stock only to be told it was damaged was utterly disappointing but anyway i managed to get hold of one, but being the wrong time as it was Christmas and new year, family and friends had to come first so unfortunately nothing got done until yesterday so were back on!



some measurements made and jotted down i began drilling out the spot welds and cutting the panel lower than the new panel which will allow me to fit the new panel and cut it into the existing a posts.




i had to rebuild the joining face for the scuttle to lay on, but i wanted to clear all the sealer and get the top deck smoothed and ready for primer before i refitted the scuttle, this made things a lot easier for me on the prep stage as it allowed me a lot more room to sort stuff out and get things done. Volkswagen didn't go short on the sound deadening they used! but with some slight heat and a scraper it come off lovely! as for dragging the sealer of the joints below the hinges was another thing! they didn't scrimp on putting it in but i just hope it'll be worth all the hard work and time consuming pain lol, for anyone that knows can feel my pain whilst smoothing the bay! 


anyways up for some photos, one corner done and ready for some smoothing, so same procedure really, i removed all the sealer and blanking plates to which i measured and cut plates for a snug fit, tacking around to get it almost dead flush to make things much easier to finish off. 




Fast Forward a little bit and the top decks smoothed off and having some etch primer thrown over it to check for any imperfections, make sure the lines are right and everything looks ok whilst its still wet! of cause i got some pictures for you :) 








so thats the top deck, smoothed, filled and ready for high build once the rest of the engine bay has been done! means i can start rebuilding the joining face for the scuttle panel and get it on during the week! this will be a challenge for me as I've never tackled a scuttle panel and theres so many things to get wrong but I'm hoping it'll be ok 


cutting out the pieces that are rotten or have a mottled surface


the best way i found to do this was to cut into the metal to the bend at both ends and fold it towards to back of the car, then gentle grinding away on the edge, this meant i got an even surface for the new plate to sit on and be welded on the joint as such.

im useless at getting pictures guys but i got it in and welded up lovely!



this is a picture from the other side which was much worse to begin with



so thats the joining face rebuilt and ready for final face clean up before welding in the scuttle panel,



So anyway onto the job, Quick dry fit with adjusting to make sure its all square and all the measurements i took are correct.

Can never have enough clamps thats for sure! 


These reproduction panels never fit correctly and always need a bit of work to get them right! being a panel beater/ sprayer by trade i despise reproduction panels! but being as old as she is its not often you can buy genuine new panels anymore so had to pull my skills out on this one! it wasn't as bad as i expected but it needed to be right! 


I decided that id run a cut down the a post and overlap it here as the panel wouldn't of fit correctly anyway as there wasn't enough metal to allow me to cut it in. 


Some gentle shaving up to let the panel lay how it needs to be! 


shaving done and ready to be cut in,  :mellow: i don't like taking sharp objects to this shell but i should be used to it by now lol


As you can see the panel is just laying over the top of the A post's slightly this allows me to cut through both panels new and old to get the perfect fit and gap for welding! 


Heres a snap of me butchering the other side lol! 


so once the scuttle had been cut in i simply unclamped it and removed any of the old panel that was underlapping under the new panel, clamped the new panel back on lining up again and checking all measurements and cut lines for the final time before any welding! 


irst bit of welding done, lovely :)

going well, so once the a posts were welding in, time to plug the panel along the flitch trying to replicate the original pattern,


And again along the joining face, i had to unfortuanly plug weld the window flange as our slim spot welding arms are busted!  :angry:




just a simple process of drilling the plugs out and plug welding them in. 



all welded in and ready for a grind down and clean up :)





a quick dust over with some etch primer and onto the next batch off work to do, one day it'll be done lol but as for the minute the work commences.




I was slightly worried about doing this job as theres a quite a few things to get wrong with this such as the screen not fitting although you have tolerances in the rubbers, wing and bonnet gaps but being slightly out on the panel means other panel gaps and alignment won't be quite right but after checking i got it spot on, so not bad for my first attempt at doing a scuttle as its not the normal job in a panel shop anymore lol and only being in the trade a few years it was something i had never tackled! But anyways it was all good and once i started i couldn't stop until i was finished! 


Thats it for this update guys, hope you enjoyed it and kept you busy for 5 minutes! 

I have something slightly different coming for you lot in the next update so stay tuned! 



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Back in for another update! I'm trying to update as quickly as i can to bring this thread back up to where i left it and carry on with updates! so please stay tuned! 

So this is one the things i least was looking forward to as it could of been make or break but I'm so glad i did it, after reading lots of threads and going to shows i wanted to be different! i tried researching this and didn't come across a lot and I'm not sure but it doesn't look like theres many in the uk doing this! so i grabbed hold of the disc cutter and went for it!


This can only mean one thing right? 



Oh :wub:


I can only imagine was this is going to look like with a new trim and paint!

I know theres going to be mixed reviews but personally i love it! I'm so glad i went for it, after plucking up the courage to cut the hole as its again nothing I've ever tackled before! but it was either beginners luck or maybe something I'm good at as i could of got it any better! so another thing to add to the shopping list this year  :mellow:


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Bay Update! 

Some of you may of noticed in previous pictures that i had started the bay but only covered work in the top deck area! this was because i wanted to do a big update on the bay alone! not only this but because over the christmas period and waiting for panels for the scuttle etc, i took some time out and spent it with family and friends, only to discover that the bay had actually got wet in the container and had flash rusted over! this meant that i had to pull all the filler out of the bay and start all over again! luckily it held back on the top deck as i had covered it in primer! 

so anyways on for some pictures of when it all started with the bay! 



Bare metalling the n/s leg and turret and across the firewall ready to remove the lower scuttle panel... 


scuttle panel gone and cleaning up the rest of the bay! 


sideshot sunday? 


after the bay had been mostly ground back and metalled off! i decided to pull all the sealer out of the joints! what an absolute job! using many different tools and scrapers to get the job done! the best way i found was the wire wheel most of it and with some heat from a heat gun and a right angled pick the literally pull the last minuscule bits out of the joints! 




clean lines :wub:

so, thats the sealer dragged out and primed over! 

Onto replacing the battery tray! 


Old one cut out and the new one being fitted in and adjusted! 



all welded in and some filler put in around the bay! 


cleaning up the flitch panel, and getting some primer on it before being cleaned off and filled! 


This is the o/s flitch panel with the last skims being put in and etch primed over the top ready for high build 



O/S turret final skim and etch coated! 



Onto the firewall and work my way back round! 



so once id finished all the filler work and was happy with it after re doing a few bits and shaping up the odd line here and there, it was ready to have the etch primer nibbed over and flatted back ready to be masked up in the oven and have the high build put on. 



Ready... Shot.. and result! 








Well thats the bay summed up for you! hope you enjoy it! got some cool updates coming over the next few evenings which will pretty much bring this thread back up to date! and then i can carry on where i am now! 






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Quick update again! covering a very busy weekend! but its in primer! 

here goes! i managed to get hold of a good n/s passenger wing after hunting around for ages to find a good solid one and it was worth the wait! although this one was damage and needed repairing it wasn't something i was to fussed about! 


you know what time it is! 



so thats the indicator holes smoothed, aerial and arch trim holes all welded up and smoothed off :D


ground down the repair sections ready for a skim of filler! 


all skimmed and ready for a test fit! 


was super happy as i had to rebuild and shape the back edge leading on the door as in transport the top corner had been folded over! Nothing i couldn't fix though! 


fitment looks good 


took a few quick shots the day before we rolled it into the over :wub:



first time since the bonnet had been put on since the scuttle repair! 


all looks good and happy with all the gaps and lines! 

get it in the oven then

Patiently waiting!!  





Lets have it then! 




Looks straight! :wub:


Smooth rear panel :)



So thats shell all primed up onto the panels to close this update! 




smooth wings!!! look so much better in my opinion and should good with the plan I'm going for! 





Quick small repair on the tailgate 





So thats everything primed up! 

Ready for a huge flatting session to bring it up ready for paint! 

shouldn't be too long now! 





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Update inside! 

I figured once id got the car and panels all in primer i might aswell sort the inside and get it painted! I wanted this shell to last another 30 years or so as i plan to keep hold of it for as long as i can! so i went over the top with the build and decided to make it as water tight as i could! 

A few of the boys at work had asked what i was doing as towards the insulation etc of the inside! I wanted to lay down as much sound deadening as i could where ever i could! but thought it would be a good idea to stone chip the inside as some of the original sound deadening was loose and breaking up in areas, i figured not only would it keep it watertight it would also act as a small amount of sound deadening to which i will add sound deadening before i fit the interior and wiring! 

anyways heres some pictures 






Maybe some of you will think its criminal, maybe some of you will think its over the top! but i figured this car would be watertight inside out and hopefully keep it going for years! 

Throwing some primer down on the inside parts that wasn't stone chipped, 



this was all flatted down and prepped as it was the outside, even though you don't see it, i know I've done it properly! 




All sheeted up and masked out, ready for some colour! 



like glass! 







So thats the inside wrapped up! looks so good in colour and was nice to finally see some paint going on! was starting to feel so daunting! but i persisted and came through! 

On to getting the bay prepped and get it ready for shooting it! 


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Tuning back in! 

so heres a big update that I've been so patiently waiting for myself and to show you guys! 

The bay! 



the dreaded task of flatting everything down! 

Plenty of chilled evenings and sore fingers! 



it soon started to come round though! and was pretty relaxing enjoying the last of the summer evenings outside flatting the bay down! 



all flat and ready to have the seams washed in with sealer, 


seams washed in and left overnight and then rolled in the oven! 







Time to let the magic happen! 



base coat on and looks so good! wait for the drop of clear! 






the shot of all money shots! :wub:


I just couldn't wait to de mask it and roll it out in the sunshine the next morning! 








I know the last few pictures the bay looks dusty and it was! it wasn't the morning after lol, i never got chance to take them as everyone came into work on monday morning to see me and many others standing round it in the sunshine, these where taken a few days after! 

i was very proud at this moment as all my hard work had finally shown itself and had shown it really was worth it! never the less i needed to crack on with the rest of the car which brings you guys completely up to date with me! 

I have started the prep stage on the shell as of today so keep watching and ill be updating over the next week! 

I also got spotted and got shouted out over instagram and Facebook by shaveallthebays! so that was a big thing for me! 


anyways hope you enjoyed the update! 




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Ok so now you guys are up to date with me! so another update for you! 

Thanks for the comments guys and for those who are wondering the colour is a custom tinted colour! 

cracked on this week and got some bits done! finally found a good bonnet, so got it sanded back to bare metal as the paint had blisters in, so bare metal was the only option none the less i got it done in an evening and primed up! 




all bare and ready for some primer

Skip ahead 24 hours and i thought id better get some colour on the backside ! 



so thats the bonnet metalled, primed and had the underneath coloured! 

i also got started on flatting some primer down! up until today I've managed to get the wings done ready for some paint! few more panels and then onto the shell! 



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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates! i haven't had chance to touch the mk2 due to work and other commitments! but i am hoping to get a solid day on it this weekend and carry on from there.

Although i managed to pick up an absolute steal this week and the first bit of the puzzle to the interior so should be back with some updates next week! 



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Phenomenal work. You should be very proud of that! 

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Hi there, the new colour looks superb. Amazing work on the bay. I am slightly confused though, the calypso green coloured small bumper in the first pictures. Was that previously a BAM engined big bumper? It just looks familiar?? :huh:

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Hey guys! thanks for the kind comments! 

Im really struggling to get any time on the golf at the minute with so much going on! but I'm hoping to get back on it solid again over the next few weeks and hopefully get some more colour going on! 

Kev the mk2 your on about i know the one and mine was very similar! I'm sure theres a video on youtube of the one you mean! but no its not my one! 

Thanks guys! 

Stay with me 


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