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Passenger remote central locking not working (any advice?)

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Remote central locking just suddenly stopped working today on our Lupo 1.4s


Door works fine with key. When I use the key in the passenger side lock it activates central locking and unlocks the rest of the car, same with locking also.

When I use the fob it unlocks the drivers door and boot but not the passenger door. Same with locking.

When I use the fob I can hear the passenger door trying to lock or unlock but it doesn't move the pin. 

When passenger door is locked you cant unlock door from inside with the door handle.


Is the whole unit bust and therefore I need to buy one of these:  Lock Mechanism

Or is there something I can do to fix it?




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At £16 id be buying one anyway, i bought one of those copy one's a few years ago when i had issues with a door on my Leon, worked absolutely fine, just remember to disconnect battery before changing 

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