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Ins quotes and companies??

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Hi there, maybe in wrong section... is there any ins companies that do classic modified and agreed value car ins...??

What are you guys are paying??

Iv got a mk2r32 golf, been quoted £850 from HIC which is a joke considering im 37 with 10yrs ncb protected which they were goin to mirror over and i was paying them about £1k for the car previously as a daily and paying £900 for a M3 V8 at the mo...

The mk2r32 is goin to be a second car wk end and show use only... i was under the assumption classic ins should be cheaper...

Would appreciate it if you guys can help with any other companies i should call...

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Hey,  I would be happy to look into this for you. Please PM me your postcode and surname and I will see what I can do. Apologies for the disappointment, Hopefully we can sort something a little better for you. 



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