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Rup's T6 Transporter

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Been absent for a few years now and just been bitten by the bug again so thought I'd stick a few pics of the new project up.

Got some big plans for this over the coming months, thinking of going down more of a day van route instead of a full conversion as I need to still use it as a van sometimes.

2017 T6 Transporter Startline 102bhp

H&R Deep drop coilovers and Amorak 18" banded steelies wrapped in Falken rubber.

MK6 golf steering wheel 

Panel van spec currently but booked in for kombi windows in the slider and opposite, insulation and carpet lining with LED spots and electrics next month. Picked up a Kiravans swivel base and looking at a re trim on the front seats too.

Planning on running it like that over winter then many more things next year :ph34r:








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Love that!


Your dog is amazing too, so fluffy. :wub: 

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Very nice! I am running the very same set up on my T5.1 (Amorak steels and H&R deep coilovers etc). Out of interest what widths are your wheels?, mines about the same height as yours, but I want to go lower, sadly I think I will need to trim y arch liners due to wheels clipping them.

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