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MK2 16v

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This is my original Mk2 Golf Gti 16v in Tornado Red, it’s one of the very last being a February registered in 1992 I’ve owned the car for 2 years and done a few hundred miles in it.

I looked for months to find a 3 Door genuine 16v and I wanted one as original as possible with the correct engine and gearbox which hasn’t been messed with too much.

I found this car and have to say after I am so impressed with the condition of it and it’s not far off mint condition for a 27-year-old car.

It has electric windows and power steering as standard and even has the original head unit and Fischer Cassette box in the centre console and the rainbow interior and in excellent condition

It is a used car and other than the bonnet and front wing being resprayed the bodywork is original Tornado red with an unbelievable 160,000 miles and some 8 owners who all must’ve cherished it, the top end of the engine was rebuilt at 158,000 and the gearbox around 120,000.

The car runs really well with no oil consumption and everything working as it should.

Trying to keep the car as original as possible it does have some uprated parts, coilover suspension, Milltek stainless exhaust, G60 brakes with red painted calipers and inlet manifold painted, mirrors and smoked front indicators everything else is as Wolfsburg intended.

Other mods include painted mirrors, no rare wiper and smoked front (and side) indicators.

I have all of the actual originals with the car as well, even an original exhaust!

I’ve cleaned the car properly and polished and wax sealed it.

It has the registration plate etched in each window as well which harks back to the early 1990’s!

Future plans are quite big, I don’t want to ruin the OEM vibe with the car but I want it as good as it can be so I have decided to get the engine bay even more detailed and the gearbox cleaned and treated so it look as good as the block and a full underseal and powercoating of components.

Hopefully attending a few shows this year and entering into concourse where I can

Thanks for looking!
























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Very smart! I'd paint the inlet mani silver, tidy up the gearbox cosmetically and get out and enjoy it. 


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That's really nice. I'm not keen on the manifold, but the mirrors and indicators are the sort of mods that would have been done in the 90's.

It's quite similar to my 1990 oak green 16V. Similar mileage and unmolested. I've 'upgraded' a few things. Electric windows, 60-40 split rear seat with headrests, leather G60 steering wheel etc, but all the original parts have been packed away for safe keeping.

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Thanks for the comments guys, yes the mainfold is a bit marmite but I quite like it as it finishes the car off nicely but can easily return to the normal finished one, the car is going back to its original orange front indicators soon but I do like the red mirrors so will keep them the way they are I think

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