The Team

A little history and some nice cars

The Edition 38 Team

These guys and girls range from ‘scene’ names on the dub show circuit, to the type of enthusiast who live and breathe volkswagen. All of the crew find common ground in that they love dubs, and they love putting the effort in to run a show for the scene, just as much as they love working on their own respective dubs.

Below you'll see a selection of E38 team members with big enough stones to show their pride and joy off on the website

Alice Russell

Who the f**k is Alice

Steve Denton

Dilly's Daily's

Gary Brant

What do we have "ear" then...

Sam McMahon

Air or water cooled, Sam likes it both ways...

Paul Carbon

All things carbon...

Ben Brocklehurst

Hair today gone tomorrow.

Adrian Hassall

Bash for cash...

Georgie Marlow


Paul Mills

The one and only Mugly